Come visit Black Market Bikes and Profile Racing... 2013 Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter Classic this weekend!!!

It's time for the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey. Be sure to stop by the Black Market / Profile Racing booths ( we're located at 556 & 557) for your chance to check out the Roam, the first frame to ever allow the rider to use any wheel size on the market... 26", 27.5" or 29" while keeping your geo in check!!! 

The Killswitch, Edit1, Malice, Contraband and NSF will be there too if that's more to your liking. Come grab some Bada Booms, stickers, t-shirts or maybe even some insane Profile Racing Elite hubs to dial in your ride.

Then... come back Sunday at 12PM to test your hopping skills against some of the best riders on the planet at... 

Blkmrkt & Profile Racing's "Yo, I got Mad Hops" Bunny Hop Contest... Sunday 12PM
Booth 556

Black Market and Profile Racing will also be holding our 2nd underground "Yo, I got Mad Hops" Bunny Hop contest. This is your chance to pitt yourself against anyone & everyone who thinks they've got the hops to take down or go higher than the rest of the field. Open to anyone who wants to give it a go... 

This year we're stepping it up...

Pro's and Am's... Head to Head Sunday for $300 beer money & bragging rights...

Who's gonna take down the Champ, Martin Soderstrom and his record of 49.50"... he went over the bar on top of the height posts.

Martin Soderstrom wins Black Market bikes bunny hop contest on Vimeo.

Bring your best game if you want to take down the Champ!!!


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