Conor Macfarlane: The Quite Achiever

Our man in New Zealand, Conor Macfarlane has been quietly working on his his new freeride edit... Here it is for you to enjoy!!! 


The Quiet Achiever - Conor Macfarlane from Tim Pierce - Director / DOP on Vimeo.

Pinkbike's VOD 04/30/13

Street Fiend in Japan

Okumura looks like he's got something in the works on his all black Street Fiend. Be on the lookout!

Come visit Black Market Bikes and Profile Racing... 2013 Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter Classic this weekend!!!

It's time for the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey. Be sure to stop by the Black Market / Profile Racing booths ( we're located at 556 & 557) for your chance to check out the Roam, the first frame to ever allow the rider to use any wheel size on the market... 26", 27.5" or 29" while keeping your geo in check!!! 

The Killswitch, Edit1, Malice, Contraband and NSF will be there too if that's more to your liking. Come grab some Bada Booms, stickers, t-shirts or maybe even some insane Profile Racing Elite hubs to dial in your ride.

Then... come back Sunday at 12PM to test your hopping skills against some of the best riders on the planet at... 

Blkmrkt & Profile Racing's "Yo, I got Mad Hops" Bunny Hop Contest... Sunday 12PM
Booth 556

Black Market and Profile Racing will also be holding our 2nd underground "Yo, I got Mad Hops" Bunny Hop contest. This is your chance to pitt yourself against anyone & everyone who thinks they've got the hops to take down or go higher than the rest of the field. Open to anyone who wants to give it a go... 

This year we're stepping it up...

Pro's and Am's... Head to Head Sunday for $300 beer money & bragging rights...

Who's gonna take down the Champ, Martin Soderstrom and his record of 49.50"... he went over the bar on top of the height posts.

Martin Soderstrom wins Black Market bikes bunny hop contest on Vimeo.

Bring your best game if you want to take down the Champ!!!

Adam Hauck Signature Grips in stock now!!!

It's been a while since we had the American made versions of Adam Hauck's Signature logo grips in stock but they are here now!!! 

Get your hands on some of the most comfortable grips you'll ever touch featuring Kraton "Soft Touch" rubber for the ultimate "gloveless" ride...

Hit up your local BlkMrkt dealer or click the link...

 Look for Adam's new grip add on this weekend...

Super Session Recap

Vital MTB Super Session was a blast this past weekend. The recap video proves it! you'll see Carter Holland shredding the big hip step down and Justin Wyper getting steezey on the dirt jumps. 

Super Session Bunny Hop Won on a Blkmrkt

While Clayton Shank was in the hospital with a broken foot, local Jake Leiva borrows his bike to win the bunny hop comp at Super Session. Jake Hopped a total of 41 inches on Clayton's Edit 1 and took home 250 bones!

Vital MTB Super Sessions is This Weekend!

This Weekend Vital MTB is hosting Super Sessions at Woodward West. Black Market has a stacked crew heading out for the event. Our riders include Adam Hauck, Justin Wyper, Carter Holland, Clayton Shank, and several more! Riders are heading up for some fun riding and entertaining contests like bunny hop and foot down. Stay tuned to to check out the event coverage.

Check out last years event coverage from

Nasty's House

Last week I (Clayton Shank) had an amazing opportunity to ride Cory Nastazio's house.This was a dream come true to me. I have always seen his jumps in magazines and edits. Never have I gotten to see them in person until now. Check out a few photos got of me and a gopro run through below.

NSF Build

There's true joy in building up your own bike. I really enjoy seeing the hard work to make this NSF build with Profile goods.

Adam's Instagram

Adam Hauck doing a huge Tbog rail hop in Brooklyn. be sure to follow him on instagram @adamhauck1