Luana Oliveira Takes Southridge USA Winter Series Title!!!

Congratulations to TNT Energy / Black Market's Luana Oliveira, who rode her Roam AWD System B to her 4th win in a row at today's Southridge USA Winter Series Finals. 

With today's win in the books Luana also took home the Winter Series Title with 4 out of 5 event wins, missing the 3 race while in Brazil selling everything she owned to come back and race in the US...

Your 2013 Pro Women's Champion, Luana Oliveira!!!

Southridge Winter Series Photo Gallery

Here's a few pics I shot today while waiting to see Luana's run... way too many pic snappers on the course for anything really cool...


The only person I recognize is Eric Carter... 

Rider 149E  

 Rider 28F

Rider 662A

Rider 60E 

Rider 665A 

Rider 697E 

Rider 726A 

Rider 767A 


Rider 709A

 Rider 233E

Rider 176F... as in FUCK!!! The Wall is coming!!!


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