Luana Oliveira rides the Roam AWD System B to Win #3 in Fontana

Congratulations to Luana Oliveira, who after missing last week's Southridge USA Winter Series race because she was in Brazil, made her return in a big way. Luana crushed her closest competitor, former world champion Anneke Beerten by almost 15 seconds on her way to her 3rd win in a row aboard the Roam AWD System B. 

 Top spot again for Luana Oliveira

Can you feel that Specialized??? 

Luana and her Roam AWD System B on their way to Win #3!!! 

Luana warming up her Vee Rubber Trail Taker and Flow for Sunday's DH race in Lake Forest on friday...

Wonder if Luana can close out the Winter Series with 4 wins in a row??? 
We'll find out in 2 weeks!!!


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