Wayback Wednesday w/ Lost Hauck

I stumbled across this older edit of Adam Hauck earlier today. All of this footage was shot by George Ryan and was lost for a while. But George found it and put this together. This is a couple of years old now but Adam has always been killing it.  Remember to follow Adam on instagram at @admhauck1 for the latest.

Luana Kills the Line

You have all seen and heard about how fast BLK MRKT rider Luana Oliveira has been on her Roam this year. She has been flat out killing it. I spied this great pic of her from this weekend and had to share. Follow Luana on facebook HERE (Pic by Mike Lord)

Luana Oliveira rides the Roam AWD System B to Win #3 in Fontana

Congratulations to Luana Oliveira, who after missing last week's Southridge USA Winter Series race because she was in Brazil, made her return in a big way. Luana crushed her closest competitor, former world champion Anneke Beerten by almost 15 seconds on her way to her 3rd win in a row aboard the Roam AWD System B. 

 Top spot again for Luana Oliveira

Can you feel that Specialized??? 

Luana and her Roam AWD System B on their way to Win #3!!! 

Luana warming up her Vee Rubber Trail Taker and Flow for Sunday's DH race in Lake Forest on friday...

Wonder if Luana can close out the Winter Series with 4 wins in a row??? 
We'll find out in 2 weeks!!!

KNS.LO Quickie

One solid clip from Yushi who rides his Edit One with the KNS.Lo crew out of Japan. Check out a pic of his new build below...
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BMX The Game

Downtime due to bad weather or injury is a fact of life for bike riders. In the distant past we had Dave Mirra 2 to help pass the time. But that was a while ago. Now a company out of Spain is working on a new BMX video game. Because if you can't go actually ride you might as well pretend to. Wonder if we could get a Contraband or an Edit One in the game?

Airbag Sui at Progresh

This is a cool shot of Matt Swenson throwing a suicide into the airbag on his Edit One at a new training park in Colorado called Progresh. Check it out at Progresh.com.  We will post up some pics of Matt's Edit One build soon. Pic by Rich Vossler.

Bombing a Riot

Nic Muller may want a new BLK MRKT Roam but he seems to be doing fine bombing some trails on his Riot. It so much fun to bomb trails on a hard tail. If you haven't done it before go do it now!!!

From The Top with Carter & Pinkbike

So stoked that Pinkbike chose our own Carter Holland to launch a new interview series called "From The Top". The article will be a monthly interview with key players in the industry. Go check the interview and get the latest on BLK MRKT and Carter... Read the great article HERE Huge thanks as always to Pinkbike!!!

Epic Taka...

Japan's Uchida Takafumi A.K.A. "Taka" moved here a few years ago from Japan to study english, fish, ride bikes and make the best damn Japanese pastries in OC... and we love him for all of it!!!

From the Land of the Rising Sun to the So. Cal. setting sun... Taka is always stoked and shredding!!!

 If you're in Tustin... make sure to stop by Cream Pan and try it yourself. 
Taka might have made these...

Matt Jamieson's Brakeless Edit1 Bike Check...

~  Bike Check: Matt Jamieson Brakeless Edit1  ~

More photos of Matt shredding to come soon...

May the Schwarz be with You

So pumped on this (almost) Spring edit from BLK MRKT FGFS rider Payton Schwarz on board his 26" Street Fiend. Great riding to a sick soundtrack. Shot and edited by Ronnie Garcia.

Kevin's New Edit One

Looks like Kevin Sorichetti just got a brand new Edit One built up for the up-coming season. Such a killer Rat Rod look to this build. The raw frame with a bit of chrome and white looks sick! Look for a full bike check at PlusSizeBMX.com and watch for Kevin at slopestyle events all year.

Wyper Riding to Some Tunes

This is a hilarious quickie that Justin Wyper shot for Boom Botix speakers on board his Killswitch at AT's Showdown. So go ahead and rock out with the Wypdaddy ss he takes a run thru the massive AT's course.

RedBull Snow Shredding in Jersey...

Join Aaron Chase as the Mountain Creek resort in New Jersey (ex-Diablo) once again lets him and fellow riders Mislav Mironovic and Adam Hauck loose for a day on on a snowy course with some purpose-built features by Jeremy Witek (GASS - Global Action Sport Solution).

 Credit: RedBull

Can you see the Jumps?

I can't believe they pulled off any kind of event at Whitestyle this year! The mist, snow and fog were nuts. Several of the riders do not look to stoked in this. But  the first event of the 2013 FMB World Tour is now in the books. Check out the official highlight edit below...
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New Hats Available Now...

We just added new FlexFit 8"Logo Beanies and 210 Fitted Logo Caps to our hat line...

Hope you like them...

 FlexFit 210 Fitted Logo Pro Style Cap with large raised Logo.

FlexFit 8" Logo Beanie

 FlexFit 210 Fitted Logo Pro Style Cap.

Damn I Miss The Banks!!!

The Brooklyn Banks is one of the most iconic street/DIY spots in the world. This spot has been terribly missed while the bridge gets repaired. This edit from the last Thrashbike jam held at the banks does not help me miss them any less. But the riding is so good! Including a bunch from Adam Hauck...
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