Luana Oliveira takes the Roam AWD System B to Win #2 in Fontana, Ca.

Black Market would like to congratulate Luana Oliviera on her 2nd Pro Women's DH in a row at today's SRC #2 in Fontana, Ca.

Luana Oliveira and her Roam AWD System B/27.5" on their way to win #2 in a row at this weekend's Southridge SRC#2.
photo: susan morales

Pro Women's and Vet Pro Results

After ditching yesterday's rain laden practice ( which ended up being a much better day than we had thought it would be when decided to go home at 10...) Luana gapped 2nd place by almost 30 seconds
Rainy snot... Booo!!!!

Barry Nobles rails the wallride to rock-hop on his way to 6th in Pro Men.
photo:Called To Creation

BMX hero Barry Nobles showed he can hang with the MTB Pros this weekend, finishing 6th in Pro Men aboard Black Market's first Roam Prototype from 3 years ago...

Pro Men's Results
Barry was only 4 seconds off the winning time... damn!

I wanted more than 2 runs at this... this is number 2 and my race run. I look as confident as I felt ;).
photo:Called To Creation

I managed my cleanest run so far, still unclipped at the most inopportune time costing valuable seconds as I struggled to get clipped in again across a fast downhill off camber jumping section into an off camber rock drop to off camber landing with a granite boulder in the landing I had to clear one footed...  it was interesting to say the least...
photo: susan morales

Bryan Decker was looking good in his run until it all came unglued in the off camber section I described earlier...
photo:Called To Creation

Unfortunately for BD he ended up with a dislocated right shoulder and broken left collar bone...
Get well soon buddy!!!

We had a great day racing... be back in 2 weeks!!!!

Thanks to Suzie for waking up early on her days off to shoot photos and everything else!!!


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