Happy Holidays from Black Market!!!

American Made 31.8MM Underboss Stems back in stock...

I'm stoked to let you know our American made 31.8mm Underboss stems are now back in stock featuring some new colors like you've never seen before.

Check out the pics and see if one of these bad boys wouldn't look better on your bike than that Run O' the Mill chunk you've got holding your bars now.

We hope you dig our new Rat Finished Underboss stems... each Ratted stem in hand distressed by me here at our Orange shop. 

The new hand distressed Rat Royal 31.8mm Underboss stem.

Ratted Underbosses are available in Rat Black, Rat Royal Blue, Rat Gold and Rat Red thru your local shop or our webstore.

You'll love the finish on these stems!!!

We've updated our blue... so good.

Give your ride some style & support American Industries like machine shops, polishers and anodizers...

~ Carter ~