B.I.K.E. by RockShox

On September 16th, RockShox pros Ryan Howard and Red Bull Rampage winner Kurt Sorge played a best of three game of B.I.K.E. up in Kamloops, B.C. RockShox put up $5,000 for the winner, as long as the game was played over Facebook on the RockShox wall so everyone could watch and participate.

What they didn’t tell you was in addition to the low-res webcams they shot the live game with — RockShox also hauled a full film crew and a mini-helicopter up to the 'Loops to catch the action in full cinematic quality. (You didn’t really think they’d let Howard and Sorge throw down and only take a few camera phones, did you?)

And now RockShox has released the full game, along with extended footage, the Vegas segment of the loser's henna chest tattoo, and they threw out a little teaser for what they have planned next year.

Starring Ryan Howard (Trek) and Kurt Sorge (Giant), judge Graham Agassiz (Kona), and “Mulligan” stand-ins, Adam Hauck (Blk Mrkt), Justin Wyper (Blk Mrkt) and Sam Dueck (Norco).  

May the Worst Speller Win.


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