Edit 1 Graphics are hot!

Check the hot new graphics for the Edit 1 frames!!! So sick! You know you want one of these frames even more now. Graphics were done by Suzie Morales. Check out more below...
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New New Matt Jamieson Street Edit

Keeping it tech on the streets of the UK for BLK MKRT!!! Matt Jamieson just dropped his new edit for the season and it is so damn good! Tons of solid tech moves and some solid big hits as well! Check out the edit below...
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Bro Down Show Down

Highland Mountain Bike Park - 2012 Brodown Showdown - More Mountain Bike Videos

The talented Highland Mountain Bike Park trail crew are hard at work revamping the new location for the mountain's jump park area. The first line debuted at this years Brodown Showdown along with a beginner line and start of the new pumptrack. Riders were on hand for a laid back jam filled with tricks and mini-contests like pumptrack races and some 'friendly' games of Foot Down, followed up by a session on the Red Bull Ayr Bag and Freebird jumps. Credit: Lucent Productions look for Adam Hauck in his yellow Edit 1

Come Ride MTB's at Woodward West

This November 16-18 is the MTB Weekend up at Woodward West hosted by our own Jake Kinney. I was there last year and it's the best $200 you could possibly spend. It was a blast for sure. Call the number on the flyer (661-822-5581) to reserve a spot. Check out the PlusSizeBMX edit from last years event below...
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Want a bulletproof new seat?

At Interbike we rolled out the all new all Kevlar wrapped seats in 3 versions. All of which have a BLK MRKT logo embroidered across the back right corner. You can get it in a railed version (above) as well as in Pivotal and the new onesy version with a built in post. Check those two out below...
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Are Old Tricks the Best Tricks?

Such a cool shot of Adam Hauck doing an old school bar ride somewhere in the wilderness. Saw Adam at Interbike this week while he was getting interviewed by riNICKulous from PlusSizeBMX. Check out a pic below...
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Kevin Sorichetti 2012 Edit

Kevin Sorichetti has had a rough year as far injuries go. But he managed to shoot this banger edit with videographer Joey Wendorf in and around San Diego between hospital visits...
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Adam just finished filming his first edit aboard his Roam... you gotta love the street influence in Adam's big bike riding. 

Love this!!!

Thanks to Lucent Productions and Highlands Mountain Bike Park.

Adam Hauck :: Roam Shredding at Highland - More Mountain Bike Videos

Miya-G Mob's Japan

Yutaro "Miya-G" Miyamoto rides for BLK MRKT through our Japanese Distributor TKC Productions. And he is definitely a good choice to have repping a MOB. Miya-G kills it in this summer recap edit...
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5 reasons not to ride Red Bull Rampage

This edit reminds me why I would never want to ride the Red Bull Rampage course but why I want to watch those who do. Such a nutty edit of the top 5 crashes in Rampage history...
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Mile High Steezin'

Jake Kinney is headed to the high country this weekend. He and  Loaded USA teammate James Visser are headed to Colorado for a Jam at the Frisco Bike Park and to do some demos with PlusSizeBMX in Boulder. Make sure to follow Jake on twitter and instagram at @xjakekinneyx to catch the latest from the trip. Look below for details on the jam...
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Come See us at Interbike

Come see us next week at Interbike in Las Vegas at booth #27113. You will get a peek at the Roam Plan B. Which we expect to be one of the most talked about bikes at the show. Because we are are totally partial and the bike totally kicks ass! And you never know who you will see in the booth like this visitor from last year...
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What color do you want yours?

Some freshly built in the USA Edit 1 frames. A few 21.5" and 22.5" frames just waiting for some paint. Then they just need new owners and some well placed transitions!!! 

Super Happy Fun Day Jam

If you are in Colorado this Saturday make sure to swing by the Frisco Bike Park for the Super Happy Fun Day Jam. Say hi to Jake Kinney who's headed out to Colorado for the jam. You may even score yourself some BLK MRKT goods! Hit up chris@plussizebmx.com for more details...

Ricky's Got Nothing

Stoked on this Nothing from Ricky Crompton on his Mob during a recent Clan team trick show. 

Here Comes the Rampage

The Red Bull Rampage is coming up on October 7th. That teaser should get you good and ready for the biggest stop on the FMB tour. Which will be webcast live on Redbullusa.com. This should be an epic year at Rampage. So make sure to tune in and watch the action. I know we will be!

This is Ricky Crompton

(pic by Kirth Ferris)

Some of you might not be familiar with team rider Ricky Crompton so I decided to post up a few pics for you. Ricky is from Manchester, England and is definitely a shredder on all things with two wheels. He does shows with The Clan Stunt team on his Mob and he won the Red Bull Mini Drome race in Paris last year on an NSF. He is currently working on a new edit as well. Keep up with Ricky through his fb fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ricky-Crompton-official-fanpage
Check out some more pics of Ricky below...
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Morris on a Mob...Coming Soon

This is an awesome edit/teaser for a movie that's never gonna come out about a boy named Morris and his pursuit of the perfect 360 on his MOB. Check it out by clicking read more...
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Welcome to Tough as Hell

It's over three years old now but "Tough as Hell" was a great DVD release. So much great riding was in this from both the BLK MRKT and Atomlab team. Check out the hilarious intro and Carter's section below
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