Fences Can't Hold Matt Jaimeson

Another cool shot of Tom Peters UK BLK MRKT rider Matt Jaimeson putting in a serious hop over someones garden fence. Matt also runs Steeze bikes when not working in his day job. Check out their coolest shirt below...
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Kevin Sorichetti is Back!

BLK MRKT rider Kevin Sorichetti has had some rough luck with injuries this year. One crash left him in the hospital for a few days with a few broken ribs and a collapsed lung. But he is back on his bike and getting up to speed. Read about his plans in a mini interview and see more the So Cal shredder by reading below...
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Thrashbike Dirt and Street Jam

Get stoked up for this one! This years Thrashbike jam goes down at Highbrigde park in NYC on September 16th. Good times gauranteed!!! 

Another Sweet Build!!!

Here is another really clean looking build. This time its a Mob that belongs to on the people at Dream Sports Media in Mexico City. Looking so good in mostly black with just a bit of bling! Get a bigger shot below... 
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Adam Hauck's Acl Edit

Adam Hauck back on his bike after the dreadful cal and while he was down he put together an edit with some left over footage so check it out and enjoy

Acl Edit on Pinkbike

He's Back! Adam Hauck back on a bike...

Adam Hauck has been plagued with a bad ACL for a while now. But he recently got the ok to get back on his bike. Here is what Adam had to say about the injury and what he has been doing: "I recently came back from Highland Mountain Bike Park where I was the Camp Director of the Highland Ayr Academy, so basically the "make it happen" guy. While I was there I received the okay from the doctor to ride again. Yes! My ACL injury is now a thing of the past. This gave me the opportunity to be a coach and pass my love for riding to others which was an awesome feeling. Since getting back home to Jersey I've started riding again full force and even started putting together a new web edit which should be out by the end of September.  I hope you enjoy it when it drops." Check out Adam's interview over on Pinkbike http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Adam-Hauck-Interview-2012.html And watch one of my favorite edits of Adam below...
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So what do you guys think of Jake Hidgon's Malice build? I would have to say it looks pretty damn dialed!!!

BLK MRKT and PSBMX at Woodward West

Carter and a few friends went up to Woodward West for a day to hang out with Jake Kinney and the PSBMX crew. Well they dropped an edit from the trip and both Jake and Carter have some nice clips in there. Check it out below.
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The NSF is really what you want...

Just because you're riding around town or commuting doesn't mean you can't rock a BLK MRKT bike. Just climb on board an NSF and start dodging traffic. Check out a really sweet NSF build below...
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Jake Kinney on Fox News

A couple weeks back FOX News went by Woodward West to do a quick story on camp. And our own Jake Kinney (who is also the MTB Director at Woodward West) got a little air time on and off his bike in front of the camera. Check out the full report here http://video.foxnews.com/v/1796714485001/woodward-west-sports-camp/ 

A little Contraband Shredding

A short and sweet edit from Russian rider Sergey Frolov getting busy at his home park. Sergey definitely has a sweet looking Contraband build! 

The Best of Joyride

Another Red Bull Joyride is in the books. Congrats to Thomas Genon for taking the win. Some ridiculous stuff was getting thrown down throughout the event. Check out this best of edit from Pinkbike.

Super Happy Fun Day Jam

The guys at PlusSizeBMX are throwing a little jam to say goodbye to summer. The Super Happy Fun Day Jam will be on September 15th at the Frisco Bike Park in Frisco, Colorado. There will be a Dual Slalom race in the morning and then the jump jam starting at 2pm-ish. Jake Kinney is headed out there so you probably should to! 

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Most of you know that Jake Kinney is the MTB Director at Woodward West. A job that allows him the chance to ride one of the coolest spots on earth all the time and get it really dialed. Here he is tucking up and over the cereal hip in Enterprise in a pic I spied on PlusSizeBMX. Make sure to follow our boy Jake on twitter and instagram: @xjakekinneyx

Adam's Edit 1 is so Dialed

Adam Hauck already has his new Edit 1 (in his signature Yellow of course!) already built up. And it looks so damn sick. The Yellow pops so good with the Maxxis gumwalls and green accents. He also building up his new Killswitch. Although not finished yet you can see it below...
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Which EDIT 1 color do you want?

Which color do you want for your sexy new Edit 1 frame? Semi Gloss Black, Hauck Signature Yellow, Tranny Red or Clear Raw? I will take a Hauck Yellow one please. Make sure to get your Edit 1 orders in today!!!

Woodward West Week 10

Jake Kinney is a Pro on the BLK MRKT team and the MTB director at Woodward West. Each week he drops an edit of the kids from camp. He had 6 campers last week. All of whom were shredding hard as you can see in this edit. 

BLK MRKT now on Rock Shox

It's now official that the BLK MRKT Pro team will be rocking for Rock Shox. You will now be seeing Rock Shox suspension on Carter, Adam Hauck's and Jake Kinney's rides. Sweet!!!

Carter at Woodward West

Carter and a few friends made a quick stop at Woodward West the other. Just about long enough for Carter to boost the hell out of the double jersey barriers in Enterprise.

Who wants an Edit 1 ???

You know you do!!! Check out this one in raw. Make sure to call us today and get your Made in the USA EDIT 1 ordered!!!

Shaun Palmer DVD Teaser

Stoked to see that this is finally on it's way to our DVD players. Shaun Palmer: The Miserable Champion. After finally getting the full funding for music and such this should be available soon. Love him or hate him Shaun Palmer did a lot for action sports. What do you think of Shaun?

Jake Flippin the Roam

Jake Kinney ain't scared of the big bikes. Here he is flippin a Roam on the Mega Step up at Woodward West. Which is where we will be next week!

Matt Jamieson has hops

UK BLK MRKT rider Matt Jamieson has mad hops as this shot shows. Not easy to hop table this high!!! Don't believe me ? Go try it and send us your pics!!!