Who wants an EDIT 1

Check out some sexy seat tubes for the EDIT 1. Such clean machining. These frames are gonna be sick! Yeah, you know you want one!!!

JumpShip Highlights

Jumpship is such a crazy event. Not many people have ever rode jumps on a floating barge before!!! Even without being able to use the full course this year the riders were throwing down!

Go Wyper Go

Justin Wyper was riding the Jumpship event in Vancouver Harbor last weekend. He ended up 12th overall. But took the win in best whip and got this cool tailwhip pic by Ian Hylands. Nice work Justin! 

A true blast from the past

Matt Jamieson worked hard on this 180 over the rail at the Brooklyn Banks during the last Thrashbike jam held there. Which is almost 4 years ago. Everyone went nuts when he landed it. We should be seeing a new edit from Matt soon and rumor is that the banks may be opening back up early. But we will just have to wait for both...

Trails Is Shouting: A run thru Stephen Murray's yard.

Here's a quick run thru Stephen Murray's new line during the Trails Is Shouting jam last weekend...

Trails Is Shouting Part 2

Here are a few photos from Suzie Morales' P.O.V. during yesterday's jam at Stephen Murray's...


Stylish seat grab nac by Andre Ellison 

 Fernando Sabat snaps invert 3's at will...

No one does this better... Luke Parslow. 

Flashback by T.L. 

Jake Kinney took the day off as Woodward West's Mountain Bike Director to come shred with the best BMXer's in the world.

Stephen Murray's Trails Is Shouting Jam Pics...

Yesterday was the first jam at Stephen Murray's Trails Is Shouting Jam at his new dirt playground in Riverside, Ca. and the turnout was insane... Here's just few of the names I can recall from yesterday's mayhem.

Stephen Murray, Jake Kinney, TJ Ellis, Drew Bezanson, Adam Saunders( Good Luck recovering from knee replacement surgery!), Joey Cordova, Luke Parslow, Andre Ellison, Shawn and Nick Terrant, Ricky Mosley, Arrash Sadie, Neal Wood, Kris Fox, Fernando Sabat, Nasty, Hucker, Slayer, Wildman, Big Daddy, Biz ... ok, I give up... easier to say who wasn't there. There were at least 50 riders min.

On to the pics...

 Unknown 1 hand table 3... but he is on a Hoffman if that helps.

 Cory Bohan canon ball!!!

I missed the trick and got DGAF'd... 

 270 X-Up 3 by Joey Cordova

Unknown Superwhip... 

A manly nac (Grrr.... NAC... LAND) Vs. 

A pointy toe seat grab nac (whoosh, grab, pointy toe, land...) which do you like more? 

I had a great day even though I misjudged my first and on only attempt at the front yard hip to sweeping right into the S Turn Long & Low.  Instead of the more successful line choice of slight popping the lip, finding backside and cruising on in style... I choose to racer the fuck out of the lip, diving headlong into the backside of the landing. Luckily, I was able to tuck and roll out and avoid the concussion but broke my right thumb for the 100th time it seems... Looks like I'll be spending more time on my N.S.F. in the next couple of months.

This was all I got before I traded my 7D for my Edit1... I'll post more from Suzie's point of view later...

Trails is Shouting Jam

Yesterday was the Stephen Murray Trails is Shouting Jam. A huge crowd came out to hit some huge jumps. It is now the 5th anniversary of the crash that changed BMX forever. Make sure to support Stephen Murray and STAY STRONG. Go get yourself a tee or four at this link http://staystrong.co.uk/

30 Seconds of Happy

Some of have called Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado the happiest place on earth. It is definitely an insane park for a city owned and maintained park that is FREE to the public. This is just 30 seconds of the dirt jump line from Matt Russell's perspective. 

Spring Trippin in Colorado

Jake Kinney and his Index Ink Teammate Andrew Bigelow went out to Colorado this spring to hang out and hit the ranchstyle slopestyle. Now thanks to PSBMX you can see a bit of what happened.


Happy #tabletoptuesday everyone. Here's Connor Tieulie getting flat at The TEVA games in Vail. Pic by Jody Grigg

Jake Kinney Tucking it Big

This wedge to wedge gap at Woodward West is insane. It offers no lip and is about 30 feet across. Few photos could do it justice. But this shot of Jake Kinney's tuck over it by Paris Gore comes close. And BTW...Jake has also Tailwhipped it!!! 

Real Talk Riders at Woodward West

After the campers go to bed at Woodward West the Hanger stays open for visitors and staff to have a little time alone. This is a quick edit of a recent late night session with Jake Kinney and the Real Talk Riders Crew.

Interview with Adam Hauck

Catching Up with Adam Hauck from PSBMedia on Vimeo.

Adam Hauck has been out of commission lately due to some knee problems. But he has kept busy and should be back riding soon as you will see in this quick interview. Produced by PSBMedia at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado.

Some well loved Molly Hatchets

Spied these slightly scratched but well loved Molly Hatchets on Andru Fleets' bike at Gypsy yesterday. They looked so good I had to snap a pic.

Please Vote For Black Market... Mission Small Business Grant Contest

Black Market is calling on you to help us... We're entered into a contest where 12 U.S. Small Businesses have an opportunity for a grant to help them grow.

Please follow the link and search for Black Market Bicycle Co. in Orange, Ca. and submit your vote. 
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Thank you...


BMX and Zombies...What more could you want?

This should be fairly entertaining! Filmer Dylan Pfohl is getting together with Chris Hughes to film a BMX and Zombie edit. This is the teaser for for teh full length which should drop this fall. 

Matt Jamieson on DIrt?!?!

Who says UK rider Matt Jamieson is just a Street rat?! This is a sweet pic of Matt steezin over some nicely sculpted piles of dirt.  

Valmont Bike Park with Jake

Jake Kinney had a very productive trip out to Colorado recently. This is the third edit featuring him from that trip. This one was shot at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder by Shelby Smith.

Best of Ferdi Fasel

This is a sweet best of from German rider Ferdi Fasel. Ferdi has a cool technical style. He rides a Beddo equipped with BLK MRKT components.  

TEVA MTN Games Highlights

You  might not have made it to the TEVA Mountain Games this weekend but you can check out the highlights from PlusSizeBMX. Stoked that pro Dirt Jumper for Redline Josh Hult got 3rd in only his second ever contest on a 26". And he did it with Black Market parts on his Redline Device frame.