New trails in Las Vegas?!?!

Apparently they have some new trails in the Las Vegas area. (At least some I have never seen in my travels to LV) And they look pretty good! Would definitely like to hit these up sometime. I just happened to stumble across this GoPro edit of Tucker Norman riding them on his Contraband. 

Memorial Day...

Some Gave... Some Gave All

Thank you to all my Brothers In Arms... Semper Fi!!!

BLK MRKT and the Lyons Outdoor Games

We are helping to sponsor the Lyons Outdoor Games which happen on June 8-10 in Lyons, Colorado. The games will feature the Vitamin Water Jump Jam with a $2000+ pro purse as well as the Freelap Pump Track race. You can get all of the details from PlusSizeBMX (who's running the events) here or get the full event details at htttp:// ... That's Jerad Fischer putting in some pump track practice on his Killswitch above.

Matt Jamieson Ghetto Wallride

This is such a killer shot of UK rider Matt Jamieson getting tucked up hard in a full on ghetto spot.

Chicks and Tricks

Check out Lisa and some other shredders talking about shredding and pushing it to the limit !

Going Big at the Red Bull BERGLINE

The BERGLINE event during the Winterberg Festival had an amazing course designed by Darren Berrecloth. Sam Reynolds ended well with 94 points but Andreu ended up beating him with a 95. So close! 

The S-Woods with Team Wolf

A quick edit with Takayuki Sugisaka and some friends at the S-Woods trails.

A Gloomy Glaze with Jake Kinney

While on his recent trip to Colorado for Ranchstyle Jake Kinney met up with his Index Ink teammate Andrew Bigelow to shoot a co-edit with filmer extraordinaire Shelby Smith. They hit a small park somewhere in Denver to film 'A Gloomy Glaze"

Jake Kinney with a cup of Happy

While in Colorado recently Jake Kinney did an NSF photoshoot with Chris C Olivier from PlusSizeBMX, became addicted to Happy Coffee and was approached on the street by a stripper on a Segway. 

Lisa Coaches at Dixie Trix

At Ranchstyle this year Tammy Donahugh ran a Womens Only slopestyle event called Dixie Trix. The event included clinics taught by fellow women riders. One of which was BLK MRKT's Lisa Myklak-Tharp.  This is a few of the highlights shot by Miller Event Studio.

Steeze Bikes BCN Leftovers...

Our boy in the UK Matt J and friends ride what the can find that's dry in Barcelona...

Gagel Escapes on his Killswitch

The Easter weather was less then bike friendly so Michael Gagel (striped shirt) grabbed his Killswitch and went with a friend for a good session at Radquartier. Which is a fun looking park in Germany. Filmed and edited by Moritz Hornung.

BLK MRKT at Ranchstyle

This last weekend was a good one for the Black Market crew at Ranchstyle MTB Festival in Grand Junction, Colorado. The wind was a hassle all weekend but plenty of good riding got done. 
Congratulations to Justin Wyper for winning the Pinkbike Best Trick contest. He threw a Double Barbara, a double Saran wrap and a cordova flip to win the fan voting on Pinkbike.
Pic courtesy of Pinkbike
We also had a podium finish in the first Dixie Trix Womans Freeride event. Lisa Tharp ended up in Second place right after Tammy Donahugh. Good Job Lisa!!!
Lisa Tharp on board the Dixie Trix podium in 2nd place
Jake Kinney was also at Ranchstyle and will be posting his own full update soon...

Check out the highlights and some good comedy from our friends at

Walkin' the dogs...

It's awesome how a simple act of taking the dogs to the river for a run can turn into something like this... Thanks to Suzie and the IPhone 4S...
Perfect timing for berm blast...

Pepper not stoked after the roost to the face...

But that soon changed... Ha!!! Missed me bitch!!!

 Suzie did her best to take cover behind that rock to the right while in the direct line of fire for this
7-10 Split.

Nows she's got the speed figured out to avoid another sand blasting.

 Meet Lilou... she's a strutter...

Keep trying...

Body English...

All photos by Suzie Morales

Colorado trip Update from Jake Kinney

So I have been in Colorado these last couple day and it has been great. My game plane was to come to Colorado about a week and a half before the Ranchstyle contest in Grand Junction and hit up as many different jump spots, skateparks and shops to just ride with all the local CO kids and give out some fun free product. And to spread the word about Woodward West and all the companies that support me. Then just have fun riding and put smiles on kids and other riders faces by hanging with them in their hometown areas. 
The trip has been great so far, we have ridden some amazing places. I also entered a fixed gear race around Denver which was awesome. Yesterday we went to Valmont Bike Park to do some filming and riding. One of things we have been battling with here is crazy winds these last couple days. When we arrived to Valmont it was beyond windy. Boulder MTB Association started a Tuesday night dual slalom race series that night. So why not enter...right?! ( Take in mind I was there to jump and I was on my mob with micro knobbies, one brake and 28/12 gearing). Perfect bike for dirt jumps but made it work for some racing. We had a full rack of 32 guys. I loved the course and ended up putting down the fastest times which I was really pumped about. Then the racing started and was going great and made it to round of 8 while still winning my heats and won the first race of 2 in round of 8. In my second heat of round 8 I slid the front tire a little in a corner that had been getting broken up so I lost the time I had gained coming into that heat. I was extremely stoked to be able to make it that far and put the times down on my dirt jump bike. I am looking forward to the next couple days and then we hit Ranchstyle. It has been a great trip so far I have made lots of new friends and met so many cool young rippers and also many fun good riders in general. Its truly great to be part of the MTB community. Also Chris from has been great. Thanks to him and his wife for letting me live on their couch here while showing me around this state. More to come from the trip. Thanks to everyone who has helped out... 

Thanks  -  Jake Kinney

Coming in after my first lap in the Chain Chase fixed race in downtown Denver on my NSF. (pic by Casey Etheredge)

Me and my little friend Little-D Feitinger. Who will get his first experience at Woodward West this summer.

Jake Kinney No-Cans over a mile high

Jake Kinney is out in ColoRADo preparing for Ranchstyle and spreading the word about Black Market and Woodward West. Chris from PlusSizeBMX captured this shot of Jake at the Denver bike park.