2012 Sea Otter Photo Rama

Suzie and I got home from the annual Sea Otter pilgrimage late yesterday afternoon and I've found some time to catch up a little on the blog. 

Profile/ Black Market 2012 Sea Otter Classic

Termite and his lovely wife Sue helped us out tremendously this week... thanks so much, always great to see you!!! 

Termite and the only 2 Profile Team riders shorter than him...

Trevor Perelson came by and shared some words of wisdom and some banjo pickin'...

Termite and Tammy Donahue 

Cedar Keys, our Nor Cal sales rep was in helping from time to time giving us a precious break to go check out the  that is Sea Otter.

Nor Cal BMX legend and event announcer Al Roybal chats about the days of BMX past with Gus from Profile... Huge thanks to Gus and Profile for help making this weekend successful. Profile kicked down prizes for both this weekend's Bunny Hop Contest as well as the Contraband raffle give-away at the Santa Cruz MTb Festival last weekend.

Jake's Killswitch takes center stage at Loaded 

 Jake Kinney, Justin Wyper and Adam Hauck all helped out this weekend... thanks guys!

Jake Kinney rode well in the both Rain or Shine Jump Jam ending up 8th and 9th in the Nativ Eyewear Speed and Style event with stylin' suicides like this...

I managed to ride my Edit1 into 16th out of 32 qualifiers and ended up 13th overall... not too shabby.

Justin Wyper made the SRAM Jump Jam Finals but couldn't put together a clean run. 

We threw and impromptu Bunny Hop Contest on Friday that ended up with an amazing turnout of over 20 amateur riders and 7 or so of today's top MTB and BMX pros all competing for Pro Bragging Rights or P.B.R.'s.

Thanks to Profile Racing and Nativ Eyewear who threw down prizes for the Am's and saw a rider known only as the Unicorn take home a brand new set of Profile Racing cranks for his work. 2nd Place walked away with Black Market Bada Booms and Lock-Down grips while 3rd took home a sweet pair of polarized Nativ sunglasses.

Lane Daniels came by the booth on Thursday and first to set the bar at 36" Fixed!!!

I don't even get how he does it...


The Bunny Hop bar was great to just get people riding and having fun on their bikes...

Getting in some warm up before the contest later...

 Whoa... hold on... she's gettin' away from you...

Goin' up...

 I got stuck on 32" on day 1 but cleared 36" and just missed 38" on Saturday... Still no where near Martin's 49" hop for P.B.R.'s ( Pro Braggin' Rights)

This is the amateur who won the first ever Black Market/ Profile Bunny Hop Contest... He was known only as the Unicorn named for the pretty decorations you can see on his frame. His steed helped him be the only unpaid rider to clear 36" receiving a set of Profile Cranks for his hopping efforts.

Martin Soderstrom's P.B.R. Winning Hop of almost 49" on a 26"... Taking out fellow MTB Bunny Hop Specialist Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Cody Gessel, Ben Glassen as well as a slew of BMXer's including Mike Grey, who all thought they had the 26"er's number. They were wrong...

Some coverage from the Otter by PlusSizeBMX.com... Enjoy!!!

PSBMX at Sea Otter Day 1 from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

Sea Otter Day 2 from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

Sea Otter Day 3 from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

Sea Otter Speed and Style from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

It was a great weekend with great weather friends and bikes... what more could you want???

See you next year!!!


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