The Edit1 becomes a reality...

Since the day we stopped producing Mobs with S&M getting an American Made frame had become my quest. I had no idea the issues I would face in having frames made here versus Taiwan other than price and material availability.

Everything from builders wanting $400.00+ to weld a frame, to incorrect angles and mis-aligned frames or just not returning phone calls for months. What's the deal with manufacturing here? Why is it so difficult to do here, what gets done overseas in days... and done correctly the first time? The U.S.A. was good at this shit at one point... Henry Ford wrote the book on manufacturing didn't he?

That's what I miss about S&M... Chris and Jason have built a manufacturing shop in the states that can build quality straight and true frames the first time. Props to them for that...

So, after literally years of trying to find a frame builder in the US that I could count on for the following: 

A. Getting material when needed
B. A builder who can build straight and true frames consistently
C. Reasonable cost
D. Availability

... I'm stoked I finally have some real progress in my quest... 
I'll get off my soapbox and on to why we're here... 

Black Market Bicycle Co. is proud to introduce the Edit1.

The Edit1 is American Made, designed and built in Orange County, Ca. featuring a Black Market Basic H/T Chromoly tubeset, laser cut drop-out and bridges, CNC'd integrated headtube and BB, integrated seat collar & BlkMrkt stamped DT gusset.

Optional Mid or Euro BB and super tight 15" chainstays 

At 4.9lbs/ 2.2kgs. it's the lightest BlkMrkt to date...

Edit1 Specs ~

HA: 69*
SA: 71*
BB: 12.5"/ 317MM
CS: 15"/ 381MM
Weight: 4.9lbs. / 2.2kg
Max. Tire Clearance: 2.1"
Seat Post: 27.2mm 

Sizes: 21.5", 22", 22.5", 23"

MSRP: $500.00 USD *Updated 8/1/12*

Euro or Mid BB

Raw, Flat Black, Ferrari Yellow ( Adam Hauck's Signature Color )

*Requires Integrated 42mm Headset

Estimated Release Date: 

Contact for further info. or questions.


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