55 Seconds with Steven Dunnuck

Holiday Warehouse Sale!!!

Come on down to Black Market's first ever Holiday Warehouse Sale!!!

Save on the parts you've been looking for... one day only!!!

See you there!!!

Busy, Busy...

It's been a bit since my last blog post thanks to having Benny Phillips in town, followed by the SF Expo, the South Ridge Challenge, Roam testing and development and house painting so here's a quick update.

While Benny was here we went to Woodward for a few days so he could train for the SF Expo but thanks to shit weather we were relegated to the Hanger for 2 days. To make things worse the Hanger hadn't been mopped in weeks so the dust was gnarly and traction was pretty much non-existent. To the point where as I was pedaling hard at the big hip my front wheel washed out 10' before the lip sending me sliding on my back all the way up the 4' lip and back down.

Benny was having his own issues with the dust, taking it hard twice on a 3 double-down whip when he should have ridden away but washed out totally unexpectedly... not fun. Still looking for photos from this trip as the card is missing.

The following weekend was the trip to SF for AT's Showdown and the SF Bike Expo... Suzie and I packed up a U-Haul full of BlkMrkt goodies and

SF Expo day 1 at the booth. Thanks to Rob from Calabazas Cyclery who came down to help Suzie and I out... He also brought some cool custom builds including a sweet all purple Malice and a Boss 24" with Tuff II's.

Double back... sort of.

Local fgfs ripper took 3rd in Am out of 40 riders on his Molly Hatchet's and picked up a spare on his way out. Good job riding... I'm checking your edit...

 Andreu mid flip or 3 whip... not sure but it's still dope...

 And he won best trick with a double back under side by side competition pressure... nuts!!!
Nice bars!!!

Kevin's been working on this inverted table 3's and they're pretty f'n sick when they work out...
this one did.

This one didn't apparently...

 Another view of the booth space and sweet U-Haul.

 BlkMkrt fgfs rider Payton Schwartz stopped by to talk about his up coming edit.

 Justin had his share of good and bad moments and unfortunately this is the only photo I found of him so far but I heard good things about him while I was in the booth...

 The OG Scrappers were in full effect...

 Wild Style fo' sho'...

Greg Watts throws another perfect suicide 3 into 1st place...

Southridge Challenge... 9th Vet Pro DH

AT's Showdown 2011 #4: Best Trick on pinkbike.com

2011 Ray's MTB Cleveland Grand Opening

With a huge list of pro riders in attendance, the 2011-2012 Ray's MTB Season kicked off with a bang! Cam Zink, Adam Hauck, Neko Mulally, Kirt and Lindsey Voreis, Clint McMahon, Emily Batty, and Sam Schultz were all jumping, pumping, and cruising around Ray's the entire weekend.

Day Late Dollar Short | Vital MTB

Vitals ender Contest

Check out the video contest and don't forget to vote for Day Late Dollar Short !

Jake Kinney and Skeletal Lightning

Jakes new edit for Skeletal Lightning (his fixie group). Being the MTB director of Woodward West has it's serious perks, and then it just also allows you to goof off when otherwise not allowed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do think this is the first fixie at W.W.!

Black Market Product Launch New Zealand 2011

Just as Fall has begun here... Spring has sprung in New Zealand and our NZ distributor, Wide Open, finished a sweet little product launch video with Black Market NZ shredder Conor Macfarlane.

Anthem Pics

When we were in Vegas last we met up with Chris Olivier and Seth Beckton from PlussizeBMX.com at Anthem for a short session. Seth got some good shots and sent them over for me to share.

Enjoy! We did!!!


 Adam in the middle of a line.

 Just go fast...

 Local boost.

Hop whip. 

Thanks Seth...