Woodward MTB Weekend...

Event: Woodward West MTB Thanksgiving Ride Weekend

Event: Woodward West MTB Thanksgiving Ride Weekend

Who: MTB riders of all ages that want to come and enjoy a fun filled weekend of riding at Woodward West.  Riders under 18 years of age must be accompanied but parent the entire weekend. 

What: A chance to enjoy MTB facilities including The Hill, trails and indoor riding area, ride with friends and visiting pros.

Where: Woodward West, Tehachapi CA.

When: Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 25-27. Check in Friday, Nov. 25 at 2:00 pm, event ends Sunday, Nov. 27 at 2:00 pm

How Much: $199 includes a shared room (Fri. and Sat. night) and access to the riding areas for the entire event.

Please contact Jake for further details, questions, comments. Email: jake.kinney@woodwardwest.com

Go shred these spots!

Big Jumps Down Unda...

Aussie dirt sculptor and shredder Karl Bensemann is up to his old tricks again... 
Building big ass jumps!!!

 Karl and Scotty have a plan...


Can't wait to see more...

Smylee Clothing Promo

Smylee just released a short video with their bike team to promote the brand. Riders include Kevin Sorichetti, Chris Sorichetti, Pierce Howell and Parker Heath.

native caption contest

go to the native eye wear Facebook to caption this photo

Red Bull Mini Drome Glasgow

One of our more versatile riders on the team is the UK's Ricky Crompton... Ricky not only rides dirt and park but helps with community projects, teaching youths and now racing Mini Drome.

Looks like fun and death all rolled into a tight little package... go fast turn left Ricky Bobby!!!

Bonus Video from Russia


Happy Ride Weekend with Vishneviy

I just received an update from Vishneviy who is in Barcelona for a month right now... He just rode the Happy Ride Weekend Jam with the likes of Andreau Loncondeguy (Rockin' his new Bada Boom/ Underboss bar/stem combo) and Yannick Graneri. Vishneviy is throwing combos of every nature imaginable and wound up winning the Best Trick comp with a 360 bar to whip.

Check it out...

Brandon Means + Kevin Sorichetti

Brandon Means is a SoCal photo master in the BMX world, and he managed to snag a shot of Kevin with a hefty flair in a backyard mini.

Bunny Hops for Breast Cancer

If you're in the San Diego area next weekend or want something cool to do that actually matters... pack up your bikes and head south for the 

Fast Five w/ Adam Hauck

VitalMTB has just released the Hauck edition of "Fast Fives". Always enlightening to hear Adam answer questions, and be sure to watch the video from years back with Adam trying some unsuccessful flips!

Big things are coming.......

Here's a little teaser vid from Kevin Sorichetti's upcoming edit he's putting together. Look for some serious MTB bangers!!!

Woodward West Pics

I've been slacking on the post lately but this one should be a good one...
I've made 2 trips to Woodward West over the past 2 months and shot a lot of photos with Adam Hauck, Jake Kinney and Kevin Sorchetti. 

It's time to share... enjoy.

Kevin Sorchetti: Just say fuck.

Kevin Sorchetti has been stepping up his riding level quite a bit lately and now has flairs and vert-wall handplants on lock... but he says things like "Oh my!!!" a lot... 

Kevin sends a perfect flair in the Enterprise.

Kevin makes another fan...

Kevin's more than a park rat...

Adam Hauck: Jersey Hot Sauce
Precision barrier foot jam.

Adam's Killswitch with my front wheel and a rusty chain was seen chillin'.

Adam's also been working on new stuff since getting back to 100% and has added fronties and semi-corked backies to his arsenal of tricks. I've even seen video of a dialed tuck-no frontie ;)...

Sweet early morning no foot can.

Jake Kinney: Shredder for Jesus

 Jake's bag of tricks is so deep now, you'd never guess he's one of the fastest dudes in America's huge 4X scene... photo by Suzie Morales

Blasting nightly superman seatgrabs at height are the norm for Jake...

Jake got steeze.

Carter Holland: Same ol' shit...

I got to hit the bank to jersey barrier... always my favorite type of obstacle.
photo by Suzie Morales

High speed turndowns on my Killswitch are scary and the Woodward step-up is definitely high speed.
 photo by Suzie Morales

Gotta love morning sessions with the park to yourself.
photo by Suzie Morales

This was scarier than the step-up at 30 mph...
photo by Suzie Morales

Tim Gooden Bike Check

Black Market has recently decided to co-sponsor PlusSizeBMX's team, and the first rider with their fresh new whip is Timmy Gooden out of San Diego, CA.
Tim has been with PlusSize for quite some time now as one of their flagship riders. So, be sure to keep your little eyes peeled for big things out of him in the near future!!!
As usual, Timmy is in full-serious mode.


Frame: Black Market Malice 22.5"
Wheels: Azonic Outlaw
Fork: Marzocchi DJ1
Bars: Black Market 2"
Stem: Black Market Underboss
Grips: Black Market Hauck
Brakes: Avid Juicy
Seat: Black Market
Cranks: Deity
Pedals: Odyssey
Tires: Kenda Small Block

Jake Kinney and James Visser at Woodward

James Visser recently made a trip up to Woodward West to ride with our man Jake Kinney. They managed to ride almost everything that Woodward has to offer and thankfully captured it on film. Looks like Jake has been learning some fresh new moves since moving up there, and his riding is always improving and looking solid. Enjoy!

Vishneviy in St. Petersberg

Pavel Alekhin Vishneviy was recently at a Jam in Russia and these are just some short clips of his runs throughout the day.