Will Gibbons... Welcome to the family.

I'm happy to announce the addition of Detroit's Will Gibbons to the Black Market Family. Mr. Gibbons will be riding fixed for Black Market and since I really don't know my ass from my elbow about the fixed gear scene I decided to look for someone who knows the scene to more or less be the face of Black Market Fixed (B.M.F.)... that person is Will. 

Here's a quick edit and bike check Will threw together before packing his car for the drive from Detroit to the West Side... Good luck in the Rockies Will!!!

So it's been a while, but I'm on a new bike. I now ride for BLK MRKT Bikes. I'm testing the Street Fiend FGFS bike right now and it's sick. As apparent in my video, it'll take a bit for me to get used to the new setup, but it'll be way more comfortable once I am. 

This video was a bit rushed, sorry, but since I'm in the process of moving to California, it'll probably be a couple weeks before I'm situated and able to ride and film again. I just wanted to get this up before I moved. This bike is light, snappy and solid! Here are a list of parts. 

Hubs: Profile Fixed (32h, 3/8" female axle)
Rims: 26" MTX 29 (32h)
Tires: KHE Mac 2 (2.125")
Pegs: Eclat machine slotted (3")

Drive Train
Crank Arms: Profile Magnataniums (175mm)
Sprocket: Profile splined (28t)
Cog: All City (13t)
Chain: Eighthinch half link 
Lock Ring: All City 
Pedals: BLK MRKT C4 Plastique
Retention: Finn Zygowski Customs (comfy)

Fork: BLK MRKT Tech 9 (395mm ATC)
Stem: BLK MRKT Underboss
Spacer: Carbon FSA
Headset: BLK MRKT Cartridge
Bars: BLK MRKT Molly Hatchet (3"rise)
Grips: ODI's 
Bar Ends: Kink

Frame: BLK MRKT street Fiend
Seat Post: Unbranded
Seat: BLK MRKT Brass Knuckles


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