Wedding Bells are ringing this weekend!!!

Two of Black Market's favorite supporters/ riders/ friends... Jim Tharp and Lisa Myklak will be tying the matrimonial knot on Sunday in Santa Cruz. I'll be heading up to share in the festivities and hopefully get you a full report...

Until then here's a couple of pics from their engagement party weekend... thanks to Mike Honish for letting us ride!

I'm very happy for Jim and Lisa... we wish them the best of luck...

and trails!!!!

Roam Update

I'm stoked to say that so far we've had no issues with the new Roam protos that arrived the day before Interbike. Adam and I had a chance to get in a few good rides before he headed back to Jersey and now we'll just continue riding the poop out of them every chance we get.

Here's a few pics of the Small and Medium Roams built to shred...

 This is the medium Roam.
 Medium again...
 I'm riding the small frame and love it so far.

 Small Roam with 160mm fork.

 The addition of an X-Fusion HILO 125 adds a whole new dimension to your ride.

The HILO compressed.

More info soon.

dream line

Kesi Checks in from Kabbani's Fade Away Session

Martin Kesiewetter sent over some photos and an action packed edit from Amir Kabbani's Fade Away Session at Amir's spot in Boppard, Germany. Looks like a great day. 

Pics by Daniel Roos
Sweet new facebook photo... 

 Brat anyone?

 Kesi gettin' stretched...


Kabanni's Fade Away Session Edit by
Lukas Tielke/Peoplegrapher.

To Inter bike and beyond

An adventure out to interbike and down to southern california with Adam Hauck and Carter Holland hitting up a bunch of stop and testing out the new all mountain bike The Roam.

Timmy Gooden's got hops!

While shooting a bike check with Tim, we decided to hit a little street spot up, and Tim hit the boost button on this ledge hop to big drop.

Folsom Fam Jam 2011

While Mondo, Adam, Suzie and I were at Interbike in Vegas, Jake Kinney was busy getting steezy as fuck at this year's Fam Jam in Folsom, Ca.. Jake went out there on behalf of BlkMrkt and Woodward West and threw down. 40+ 26" riders showed up and made for a real deep talent pool to make the finals.

 Jake ended up taking Best Whip honors and 2nd overall behind Paul Basagoitia and having a great time in the process...
 Jake collects his winnings from Heath.

 Super Seat in the Folsom sky.

Lucky winner on a Contraband frame...

 Make this one for your list next year if you're in the area, sounds like it's always a good time. I've been there in the past and as long as it doesn't fall on IBike week next year, I'll be there again as I'm sure Jake will too!

Smylee Clothing with Kevin Sorichetti

Just a quick, stylish slo-mo video of Kevin at the Clairemont skatepark, thanks to Tony @ Smylee Clothing


Our session got cut short by schedules and heat but Adam still put in some work. Anthem is such a fun park out in suburban Las Vegas. We had a good time and Shelby Smith managed to get enough clips for this edit

Will Gibbons... Welcome to the family.

I'm happy to announce the addition of Detroit's Will Gibbons to the Black Market Family. Mr. Gibbons will be riding fixed for Black Market and since I really don't know my ass from my elbow about the fixed gear scene I decided to look for someone who knows the scene to more or less be the face of Black Market Fixed (B.M.F.)... that person is Will. 

Here's a quick edit and bike check Will threw together before packing his car for the drive from Detroit to the West Side... Good luck in the Rockies Will!!!

So it's been a while, but I'm on a new bike. I now ride for BLK MRKT Bikes. I'm testing the Street Fiend FGFS bike right now and it's sick. As apparent in my video, it'll take a bit for me to get used to the new setup, but it'll be way more comfortable once I am. 

This video was a bit rushed, sorry, but since I'm in the process of moving to California, it'll probably be a couple weeks before I'm situated and able to ride and film again. I just wanted to get this up before I moved. This bike is light, snappy and solid! Here are a list of parts. 

Hubs: Profile Fixed (32h, 3/8" female axle)
Rims: 26" MTX 29 (32h)
Tires: KHE Mac 2 (2.125")
Pegs: Eclat machine slotted (3")

Drive Train
Crank Arms: Profile Magnataniums (175mm)
Sprocket: Profile splined (28t)
Cog: All City (13t)
Chain: Eighthinch half link 
Lock Ring: All City 
Pedals: BLK MRKT C4 Plastique
Retention: Finn Zygowski Customs (comfy)

Fork: BLK MRKT Tech 9 (395mm ATC)
Stem: BLK MRKT Underboss
Spacer: Carbon FSA
Headset: BLK MRKT Cartridge
Bars: BLK MRKT Molly Hatchet (3"rise)
Grips: ODI's 
Bar Ends: Kink

Frame: BLK MRKT street Fiend
Seat Post: Unbranded
Seat: BLK MRKT Brass Knuckles

Matt The Rat"s First Flip

Nasty talking about trails !

VIDEO: Chaselife 20 - Home

Aaron Chase, Smutok and Hauck shred Highland Mountain in this fun, action-packed video. Filmed with GoPro Hero HD in R3 setting.

Chaselife - Home - More Mountain Bike Videos

Kevin Sorichetti for Smylee Clothing

Kevin Sorichetti was recently picked up by Smylee Clothing for their team. Smylee will be supporting Kevin and they'll have him looking fresh throughout the year.
Check out
Photo: Kalin Law

9/11... Never Forget

It's been 10 years since the terrorists attacks on NYC and Washington D.C. 
Never forget those who perished or aided in the recovery and rebuild... 
Thank you for your sacrifice.

Wam Bam Jam

The 2011 Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam just ended, and Nick Genovese whipped up a solid edit for it. Be sure to check out Black Market's Justin Wyper holding it down in there.

Tony Baude is a killer...

Jake Kinney south of the border.

Jake recently spent some time in America's Playground: Mexico, for a riding demo trip. Here's what he had to say: "so i was down in la az mexico for 8 days to ride with all the kids and bmx crew down there then we built them a brand new dirt jump park. it was an insane trip we have so much film so this is the first edit "

Martin Knorr's Contraband Review

Martin Knorr from PlusSizeBMX has been riding a Contraband for quite some time now, and he just released his full review and bike check. As seen on

About the frame:

- the frame has super short 365mm chainstays

- neutral bb height with a 430mm a2c fork

- the only 24" specific frame available in 2 toptube sizes: 21.5" and 22"

- super low seattube for a lot of clearance for tricks: makes the bike easily
turndown-able and gives you more clearance to pull your bike up higher or
gives you more feel clearance for tricks like cancans and tailwhips.

- 2.5kg. It's not extremely light, but it's not heavy aswell. It's a bit heavier
than the latest superlight-trendy frames are, but it's also a lot stronger.
Also a good geometry is way more important than the weight of a frame:
an extremely light frame with a bad geometry will feel heavy while riding,
while a heavy frame with a good geometry will feel light during the ride.

- retail price: 399.99 USD

Some more specs:

The guys at Black Market Bikes definitely had a good thought about every single
small detail in this frame. The integrated headset is light and very easy to install.
The frame has an integrated seatpost, which has some nice features aswell:

First of all the part of the seattube on top is very low, which looks nice,
saves weight, and gives you the opportunity to slam your seat even more.

Second of all they didn't put any thread in it, but you can put a bolt in the other side,
so if the thread dies you don't have to replace your whole frame.
Exactly the same is done at the bb. The frame has a mid bb, which means
you don't have any thread in the bb-shell which could die. Small but clever details
like this prevent your frame from becoming useless.

Next to that there are all the details to create the total 'pimp-factor:'
The gusset underneat the headtube has written 'BLKMRKT' into it,
and the dropouts are very small and clean, and have nice lasercuts in it.
It looks great and it shaves off all unnecessary weight.

While riding:

First of all I loved how this frame is also available in a 22" toptube length.
It seemed impossible to find a frame with a chainstay length under the
370mm with a longer toptube than 21.5". The possibility of getting this
frame with a longer toptube makes it great for taller riders like me.

The 365mm chainstays are really short and I love it! It makes the bike
so easy to throw around. This makes manuals, hops and spins very easy:
it's really flickable!

But only a flickable frame is nothing special in my opinion. I had several
flickable frames before, but the Contraband has another riding feature I love:
even tho it's really flickable, it still feels stable while going big: airing
quarterpipes and riding dirts feel dialed on this bike. I never owned or rode
a frame before which was good at both: those bikes were flickable and unstable,
or stable and not flickable. This makes the frame great for street AND dirt,
and not only for one of those. I love how the Contraband feels and handles while riding.

Is it strong?

The strength of a frame is very important.
So how is the Black Market Contraband holding out?

For the last three-quarter of a year I have been doing all I can to tear the
hell out of this frame. Not only on the streets (as me being a street rider),
but I took it everywhere: skateparks, dirts, even rode a DH race with it
(..please get yourself a DH bike if you ride DH lol..),
took it to Bikepark Winterberg where the suspension fork died on me,
hit many high drops and big gaps, and had some bad crashes,
but I was unable to break or bend any part of the frame.
So I can confirm that the Contraband frame really is strong.

Long story short:

- The Black Market Contraband feels really flickable for street,
but also still stable in the air for dirt and park.

- The 22" toptube option is perfect for riders over +-183cm
who want to rock a decent 24" bike.

- The frame is definitely strong

- In my honest opinion this is the best (/ my favourite)
24" specific frame on the market.
I actually turned down 2 sponsor offers because I didn't
wanna ride any other frame, I think that says enough :)