Crankworx Colorado... Done.

The events are over and the rain has started but it was a good weekend... Unfortunately none of the Black Market riders made the Super Finals though we did have a few shining moments for sure. Justin Wyper was riding well but couldn't put it all together. Our New Zealand shredder Conor McFarlane rode very solid and was the ONLY rider to truely trick the high speed berm to berm thingy by some how he was able to 3... It was fast & gnar!!!!

Reece Wallace did well on his polished Killswitch and Kevin Sorchetti also rode well but had a hard time putting together a complete run with his very limited experience at big contests...
Look for Kevin & Conor to be killin' shit soon. 

On a better note, I managed a 3rd place finish in the Air DH on my extra small Roam prototype... man, I can't wait until Aug. 31... hint, hint.
This is going into the last turn after about 3:30.... my lungs are burning from the 11,000' altitude... 
seriously burning.

Thanks goes out to Winter Park Trail Crew Member Pauly Weston who showed me the way down the mountain at Mach Speed but gave me the confidence to run a good lap even after showing up with a front flat and missing all of practice. No way I could have even come close to that time with out his help.

One more race under it's belt...

We're headed for Moab!!!!! But first we're stopping in to Santiago's sweet new store... A Culture Of Speed A.K.A. aCOS in Dumont, Co. then to the Fix and Valmont bike park. 


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