Watch for Gypsies!

Vishneviy and friends lay down some great riding in their Gypsy Trip video. I am thoroughly jealous of the spots they have to ride!

Tougher Than Heck

This is steven, he loves riding bikes...

I few months ago, I was looking for someone to ride the Street Fiend proto and I wondered into the Long Beach, City Grounds bike shop and that's where I found Steven... or should I say, he found us...

I was talking to the manager and turned around to see Steven, who is a pretty big kid with a dirty baseball hat on kind of crooked and dirty pink Crocs with feet drawn on them in gold paint marker, talking to Suzie about "her" bike. She was riding the small red fixed Street Fiend proto with 26" Atomlab rims and 2.1" tires. Steven was already asking to take it for test ride... he was amped on the bike because he was coming into fgfs from BMX and found fixed frame geometry pretty wack for the most part...

I wasn't expecting much from this big ass dude in pink Crocs, no socks on a fixie with toe straps but Steven immediately threw a hop-bar with 29" Molly's while still getting his toe straps to fit his Barney Rubble looking cartooned Crocs. As he was getting used to the bike in the middle of Main st. downtown 
Long Beach, he did a high speed 180 to slider but he over-cooked it a bit and it spun him super fast to where his foot popped out of his toe strapped in Croc and slapped his barefoot flat to the hot pavement with a pop! He still continued to ride for another 15 minutes... 
I was sold on having Steven test the Street Fiend.

Long way to get to this... but Steven's been working on this edit and released a short one in the mean time but to tell you the truth, I'm not sure this one's done yet either but it's full of good riding so enjoy and we'll have to help Steven with his edit endings... 

Roam Update!!! New Front Triangle Photos

This is the redesigned Medium Roam front triangle from the drive-side...

and the non-drive.

 Tapered 1.5" pinch-bolt head tube

 This is the new Medium Roam front triangle... ISCG 05 and front derailleur compatible...

and 6.3" of travel someone under 5' can ride. 

 Basic idea of the DT graphic... 

I really dislike waiting... but it's gonna be so worth it!!!

Lisa & Jim: Engagement Edit!!!

Since the start of Black Market, I have always chosen to support both male and female riders in a mostly male genre of riding which can lead to some interesting events... Such as 2 of our riders actually getting engaged to be married. That's right... 2 of the raddest blkmrkt shredders are off the market.
Jim put together a cool edit of their engagement party/BBQ/jam... enjoy!!!

I can't tell you how stoked I am for Jim and Lisa... definitely 2 of my favorite people.
Best of luck!!! Go ride!!!

Nothing better than a dirt bowl, bikes, beer, BBQ and the bubbly to celebrate the coming together of two bike riders. Thanks everyone for coming out to celebrate our engagement. 
Your presence made it truly enjoyable.

Adam Hauck Speaks on Riverrock

This is a cool behind the scenes feature on Adam Hauck competing in the Native Freestyle Bikes competition at the 2011 Dominion Riverrock event in Richmond, Virginia.

Video by Alexander Williams

Richmond River Rock 2011

Jake Kinney is the Man!!!

Digital Media Camp: "Jake Kinney 2 Day Edit" By Tyler Leach

Digital Media Camp: "Jake Kinney 2 Day Edit" By Tyler Leach from Woodward West on Vimeo.

A Killswitch weekend

killswitch weekend from adam hauck on Vimeo.

my first self edit .......

Final Adjustments on the Roam

Final Adjustments to the Black Market Roam

via VitalMTB & Chris Olivier:

Black Market has long been one of the most popular hardtail brands within the dirt jump, street, park, and slopestyle scenes. They first made the move into the full suspension game with their slopestyle frame dubbed the Killswitch - several riders were rocking it at Colorado Crankworx, including Justin Wyper and Conor Mcfarlane. Then late last year they announced an all-mountain frame called the Roam. Even though it's classified as an all mountain bike, we know this machine is capable of much more. Recently we saw Carter Holland launch it off the huge step-up at Woodard West and take 3rd in the Crankworx Colorado Air DH.

The original version of the Roam by Black Market Bikes

The original version of the Roam by Black Market Bikes

The Roam is getting ready to go into final production and should be available soon. They've made a few tweaks since the initial version that you should be aware of:

As seen in the images below, the top tube is losing most of its curves, which will have the biggest visual impact on the frame. Instead of the top tube making two bends, it will now go straight from the headtube to the seat tube, with a curved tube providing strength between the two. This change does not impact standover hegith and will provide even more rigidity and strength.

Geometry for a Large Roam Frame (Click to Expand)

Geometry for a Large Roam Frame (Click to Expand)

Black Market Roam Production Changes

Black Market Roam Production Changes

The original version provided 5.7" of travel via Black Market's Hammer Link suspension system. The final version will have 4.3 or 6.3" of travel using the included "Shock Shuttle." This will make it a bit more fun on the downhills and a bit more enjoyable on XC rides or major climbs on epic adventures.

Also new are the mechanical sliding dropouts. You simply loosen two bolts on each side and use an allen wrench to adjust the drops horizontal position. This allows for a wide range of setup options.

Black Market Roam Sliding Dropouts

Black Market Roam Sliding Dropouts

Steven Dunnuck's Street Fiend Edit...

Hope you enjoy Steven Dunnuck's first fixed edit... Nice work Steven.

CAmp of Champions... Best gig in the world???

Justin Wyper and the rest of the C.O.C. crew tell it...

Whistler Joyride

If you haven't seen this video by now, you're definitely missing out! Jordan Olthuis spent some SERIOUS time filming this, and even more time in the editing room. This is by far the best video I've personally seen covering a contest. Enjoy!

Fixie Friday!

"Matt Reyes aka Slumworm flat out kills it thru this entire edit. To me it just looks like fun on a bike. And that's what it's all about! Nice Work Matt." As seen on

Martin Kiesewetter's New Malice Build

Our German rider Martin Kiesewetter just finished his new Malice build. I think it turned out pretty good...
What do you think?

Frame: Black Market Malice 22"
Fork: SR Suntour Duro DJ-E 20QLC 100mm
Bar: Black Market Bada Boom 1.5" 31.8mm
Stem: Black Market Underboss 31.8mm
Headset: Fly Bikes Internal Headset
Grips: Black Market Adam Hauck
Brake: Avid X-0 160mm
Rim Rear: Spank Subrosa EVO 30AL
Rim Front: Spank Oozy EVO 26AL
Hub Front: Atomlab Pimplite DJ 20mm
Hub Rear: DT SWISS 240s 
Tires: KHE MAC2 Dirt
Chain: Spank Tweet Tweet Halflink
Crank: Truvativ AKA
Bottom Bracket: Truvativ GXP
Seat + Post: KHE Pluma
Weight: 11.0kg

Crankworx Colorado... Done.

The events are over and the rain has started but it was a good weekend... Unfortunately none of the Black Market riders made the Super Finals though we did have a few shining moments for sure. Justin Wyper was riding well but couldn't put it all together. Our New Zealand shredder Conor McFarlane rode very solid and was the ONLY rider to truely trick the high speed berm to berm thingy by some how he was able to 3... It was fast & gnar!!!!

Reece Wallace did well on his polished Killswitch and Kevin Sorchetti also rode well but had a hard time putting together a complete run with his very limited experience at big contests...
Look for Kevin & Conor to be killin' shit soon. 

On a better note, I managed a 3rd place finish in the Air DH on my extra small Roam prototype... man, I can't wait until Aug. 31... hint, hint.
This is going into the last turn after about 3:30.... my lungs are burning from the 11,000' altitude... 
seriously burning.

Thanks goes out to Winter Park Trail Crew Member Pauly Weston who showed me the way down the mountain at Mach Speed but gave me the confidence to run a good lap even after showing up with a front flat and missing all of practice. No way I could have even come close to that time with out his help.

One more race under it's belt...

We're headed for Moab!!!!! But first we're stopping in to Santiago's sweet new store... A Culture Of Speed A.K.A. aCOS in Dumont, Co. then to the Fix and Valmont bike park.