Athlete Recovery Fund Auction

Hello everyone, 
PlusSizeBMX and Joe's Bike Shop in Colorado are auctioning off a signed Protec helmet on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds to go to the Athlete Recovery Fund( ). Here is the link to the auction ...

Below is a brief description of what we are doing as well as the names
of everyone who signed it...

Two crews of Etnies riders came through Joe's Bike Shop
( ) over the last couple of weeks. So we
had all of the guys sign this Protec helmet and we are now auctioning
it off for the Athlete Recovery Fund. ( ) The riders who signed the helmet
are: Bobbie Altiser (Tree), Lloyd Wright ( Kink ), Tony Neyer (
Sputnic ), Corey Martinez ( United ), Sean Sexton ( Kink ), Tom Dugan
( Fit ), Aaron Ross ( Sunday ), Geoff Slattery ( United ), Nathan
Williams ( United), Bruno Hoffman ( Federal ) and Seth Kimbrough
(Hoffman).  100% of the proceeds of this Auction will go to the
Athlete Recovery Fund. Which is an amazing organization that has
helped a ton of riders. Special thanks to each of the riders, Cinema
Wheels, Blackout Distribution and Etnies for making this possible...
Chris - ( )

I have also attached a pic with a few of the riders posing with the helmet.

Please help us spread the word on this auction so we can raise as much
as possible for the ARF. The auction will end on Monday July 18th.

Thanks you all very much!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Cheers...


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