Kevin Sorichetti @ Crankworx Colorado

Kevin layin down a HUGE whip on the last booter at Crankworx!

Photo: Connor Walberg

Crankworx Colorado Day 1

Cool edit from that starts with a course run through with Kevin Sorchetti.
Bike issues kept me from racing dual but I've got my Roam dialed from tomorrow's Air DH and even got in some fast laps thanks to local trail crew member Paulie. Thanks Paul... I've never gone that fast on a new trail and hit everything right. It pays to follow the right guy but 10,000' still hurts the lungs plenty.

Time for some rest...

Carter Holland Bike Check

Chris Olivier over at just finished a bike check on Carter's new 2012 Killswitch. This thing looks INSANE! Check the link for the full write-up.

Mike Dekoning shreds the River Jumps in Whistler.

Mike Dekoning just sent over this short & sweet edit by Jamie Ledson. On a side note... Mike also won the
Senior Mens Giant Slalom on his Killswitch set-up SS and one brake. Nice work.

Untitled from jamie ledson on Vimeo.

Orchard Trails with

I've been trying to make it down to Danny Daffer's place in San Diego for at least 2 years now and today i finally make it happen. Suzie and I drove in hellish 30mph 5 South traffic for over 2 and half hours but it was well worth it once we got there. 

Danny's Orchard trails are small to medium sized with 3-4' steep lips and stepped up landings that start in his backyard with some pump track sized and style rollers and a table to get you started. Once in the pack you have 2 choices... the straight line consists of 3 sets into a 90 berm to pump bump to small step up( watch out for trees ). The other choice is to hip left after the first set the a bigger hip deep in the orange trees to a final small step-up... both lines terminate in the same 135* berm that serves a small pump track/warm-up section. 

Quite a few of the Orchard locals came out to ride and Chris from was there shooting photos and grilling various meats. Danny and his other half, Leslie showed Lisa Myklak and I the hotlines
around the yard while locals Jimmy Visser, Timmy Gooden and Kevin Sorchetti were spinnin' and flippin' 
 about the place. It didn't hurt that the Crankworx Super Finals were going on line in the living room whenever we needed a break. 

 The sculpter/ resident shredder, Danny Daffer gets all kinds of flat on his rigid SuperCo.

While his other half, Leslis Slagle throws her Mob around the yard. Different strokes for different folks...
Thanks to Danny and Leslie for letting us invade their spot!!!

 I had a great time flowing around and was throwing some clicked turndowns on this hit when my one secure foot blew... it all went horribly wrong taking a rather large deep chunk out of my palm. Good times...
 Kevin Sorchetti had the place dialed and was killing it. Look for him, Adam and me at Crankworx Colorado next week too.

Lisa drove in from Barstow where she was visiting her sister with A. No helmet and B. No bike...
Do you think it phased her to ride new trails on a new bike ( the first production Mob to roll off the line in over 2 years) in a new helmet??? Nope... not a bit.

On a side note, I'd like to officially congratulate Jim Tharp and Lisa Myklak on their recent engagement and wish them all the best in their future together. So stoked to have you both riding for us.

Thumbs up on Jim and Lisa's engagement!!!
All photos by

Lisa, Suzie and I had a great time riding and visiting with everyone... I was specially happy to see Danny Meadows show up to hang out. For those who don't know, Danny Meadows is a long time SD BMX scene member who also had a backyard BMX playground that was always open to friends and new riders. He was also the track director at the new Olympic BMX training center and BMX track in Chula Vista, Ca. Danny was recently diagnosed with multiple scleorsis and is no longer able to ride a bike but with the help of Stephan Murray's Stay Strong Foundation he may soon have his very own full suspension dh wheelchair to fly on. Can't wait to see that... 

Stephan Murray presents a check to Danny Meadows at the Chula Vista BMX National.

Street AND Style???

Kevin Sorichetti lays down an invert on street as stylish as most people do them on trails. Kid's got talent!

HIghland Ayr Camps

Here is a compilation page of all the video from the first week of Ayr Academy! Everyone had a killer week. The campers were stoked and everyone progressed leaps and bounds from when they showed up! There is still room in the next three sessions for campers so If you are interested don’t hesitate to visit the Ayr Academy page at

Ayr Academy Session 1 Day #3 from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

Day#4! It was an action packed day. A group went up in the morning with Aaron Chase and Adam Hauck and learned how to dig and reshape a trick jump. Then they sessioned it and learned some new tricks. The other group went up the lift with Slim and Geoff Gullevich and raged some downhill runs! Then at the end of the day everyone met up at the HTC and had an editing lesson from Justin at Lucent Prod. After all that some bike rope-swinging and dodgeball was in order!

Ayr Academy Session 1 Day 4, A Day In The Life from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

Day #5 was an epic day for campers. Right after breakfast they got on the hill and lapped some early morning downhill runs. Then midday the campers and coaches began the hike up the slope style course. The rest is history! Check out the footage below!

Ayr Academy Day5, "Learning to freebird" from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

Day #6 marked the second to last day of camp for the campers. They were all rip roar’n ready to go bright and early. The majority of the day was spent on the lift. The kids had been slaying jumps all weeks with no problem and had even stepped it up to the freebird; but they wanted to get more drops in so they spent the majority of the day sessioning the bigger drops on the mountain. By mid day with the instruction of the coaches they were flowing off all the biggest drops on the mountain with style!

Check out the video of thursdays action below!-

Ayr Academy Thursday "A Day In The Life" (Drops and Rocks!) from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

There are still 3 Ayr Academy sessions left! Go to to find out how you can attend!

A Custom Mob for yo ass...

I just finished building a custom Mob for a local dad who wanted a dialed bike to keep up with his kids...
Kevin, here she is... pretty dope except the 183mm rear rotor but that's what Hope says to use with this brake.

My patented overhead shot... you really don't want to see this done, scary.

Hand carved by Robertti Customs

 No slippin' here

Or here...

AND... here... definitely no slippin'...

Lisa & Jim: 3432 Miles

Here's a new web edit from Lisa Myklak and Jim Tharp's recent road trip to the front range of Colorado.
Lots of great characters and riding. Specially love the section on Jared Fisher who suffered a broken leg that was broken so badly that after a year and half of surgeries and therapy Jared decided to have it amputated... 7 weeks later he's shredding the opening of Valmont bike park. That's gnarly but he's finally able to ride again... Look for Jared to be shredding his own Killswitch in the near future.

Thanks to Lisa and Jim for putting this together... enjoy!!!

The game never stops changing!

This past weekend was the NASS comp in England, Todd Meyn was there with the banger-of-all-bangers.............1080-no-hander! WHAT?!?!? The progression of freestyle riding is never ending it seems.

New Black Market Products only days away!!!

I can stand it no more!!! The container with all the new Black Market goodies is due to land on the 11th of July... so, with customs and delivery we should have the entire line in the warehouse and shipping by the end of next week.

Killswitch: Check

Malice: Check

Contraband: Check

NSF: Check

Tech 9's: you get the idea...

Bada Booms:

Molly Hatchets:

Lock Down Grips:

Look for the entire Black Market line up to finally be available at your local shop or online in the next week... 

Athlete Recovery Fund Auction

Hello everyone, 
PlusSizeBMX and Joe's Bike Shop in Colorado are auctioning off a signed Protec helmet on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds to go to the Athlete Recovery Fund( ). Here is the link to the auction ...

Below is a brief description of what we are doing as well as the names
of everyone who signed it...

Two crews of Etnies riders came through Joe's Bike Shop
( ) over the last couple of weeks. So we
had all of the guys sign this Protec helmet and we are now auctioning
it off for the Athlete Recovery Fund. ( ) The riders who signed the helmet
are: Bobbie Altiser (Tree), Lloyd Wright ( Kink ), Tony Neyer (
Sputnic ), Corey Martinez ( United ), Sean Sexton ( Kink ), Tom Dugan
( Fit ), Aaron Ross ( Sunday ), Geoff Slattery ( United ), Nathan
Williams ( United), Bruno Hoffman ( Federal ) and Seth Kimbrough
(Hoffman).  100% of the proceeds of this Auction will go to the
Athlete Recovery Fund. Which is an amazing organization that has
helped a ton of riders. Special thanks to each of the riders, Cinema
Wheels, Blackout Distribution and Etnies for making this possible...
Chris - ( )

I have also attached a pic with a few of the riders posing with the helmet.

Please help us spread the word on this auction so we can raise as much
as possible for the ARF. The auction will end on Monday July 18th.

Thanks you all very much!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Cheers...

Tank Top Sale at Index ink

Chad and Index sponsor a few of the Black Market team riders including Adam Hauck, Jake Kinney and Vishneviy and they're having a sale. Go get yourself the ultimate V neck and stay cool.

The Battle Of Hellion....

This looks amazing...

Greetings from Woodward West

I just recently returned from a week trip to Woodward to council/instruct with the MTB campers, and it couldn't have been more fun! As most of you know, our very own, Jake Kinney is the MTB director at camp, and the two of us teamed up to get these kids shredding. After only a few hours on the first day, these kids were tearing down the DH/slope course, and nothing could stop them. I managed to snag a couple shots when I wasn't working, and look for more to come.
Jake is part Cherokee with this Indian Air
Night time, no shirt & a jump built by Nastazio? Ok, shoulder buzz it is!
The AMAZING week 4 campers!

Happy Birthday America!!!