NSF's and all other Black Market goods on the water...

This has been one of the most difficult years to get thru due to all sorts of behind the scenes BS that has ultimately caused our shit to arrive late in the season again!!! Fuck... 

But, I'm really happy to say it's finally on the water and headed our way. Most Black Market distributors have already received their orders or as in Germany's case, will receive this week. If you live near Germany, Sports-Nut.de is your best bet on locating the new Killswitch or Bada Booms as they become available. 

NSF's Arrive in Japan

I just received an e mail from our Japanese Distributor who recently received their Black Market shipment recently and I'm stoked to see riders have already got their bikes built up. Check it out...

Can't wait for everything to get here... BTI received their goods last week and immediately sold out of Killswitches. Looking forward to seeing those builds as they start to happen! 

blkmrkt * NSF-奥村君700cレポ-

TKC Productionsよりサポートを受けてるOKUMURA(SFC)のblkmrkt * NSFが届いたので早速組み上げてみました!!




早速Bike check!!!!

Frame: blkmrkt * NSF * RAW * 47cm
Fork : blkmrkt * 40oz.FORK * BLACK
Headset :blkmrkt
Stem : blkmrkt * Underboss * 22.2mm * BLACK
Handle :blkmrkt * Molly Hatchet Bar 22.2mm * 3"ライズ * CP
R/Wheel : JALCO DXT-439
Cranks : PROFILE
Cog : 14T
Chainring : TREE 36T
Seat Post : TIOGA
Pedal Strap : HOLD FAST
Grip : blkmrkt * ADAM HAUCK GRIP * BLACK
Barend : Odi * アルミタフプラグ

blkmrkt * Molly Hatchet Bar 22.2mm * 3"ライズ * CPはノーカットで使用!!736mm!!











blkmrkt NSF

blkmrkt NSF



サイズは47でフォークはblkmrkt Tech9
Fタイヤ:ランドナー40c Rタイヤ:MAXXIS38c






While I'm aware some of you don't like the fixie scene, but... everyone's got their opinion. I'm just stoked to see more people riding and Freestylin' any type of bike and we'll continue to support riders from all rides of life with quality Black Market projects when it fits into what we're doing...
Don't forget where this all stems from... Dudes in neon glasses with fannypacks, berets and goofy pants hoping up and down on fold-down pegs. Shit's gotta start somewhere in order for it to grow and develop into something... kind of like Freeriding...

The Pit Jam Highlights

Pavel threw a contest at their local spot in Russia last weekend... Pavel ended up taking 2nd overall and winning best trick stomping a 360 whip to bars. Check the edit out... 

Pit Jam Results

1st Ruslan Kutlubaev
2nd Pavel Alekhin "Vishneviy"
3rd Denis Antohin

Best Trick

Pavel Alekhin

360 bar to whip

Cartel... New Zealand... Conor McFarlane

New Zealand shredder Conor McFarlane will be landing Stateside to hit up the North American Slopestyle and Dirt Jump contests for the next few months supported by Wide Open Distribution and Black Market.

The guys at Wide Open sent over a few pics so we'd know what to expect and I'm looking forward to seeing him ride.

One of Conor's ride for the season...

Size Doesn't Matter

The other day, Kevin Sorichetti and myself were asked to go shoot a photo to be used in the window of our local shop. The only issue is, they don't sell 26's, so, we ended up shooting a BMX pic. Never the less, Kevin produce a huge flair with a little table in there. Enjoy!

Valmont Bike Park

This is awesome... that's all.

Valmont Bike Park Opens on pinkbike.com

Cartel... Germany... Martin Kieswetter

Kesi just sent over some photos from a recent Scott On Air 2011 contest in Germany where he placed 
10th in the Finals.

Big superman seatgrab.

Good work Kesi...

Pics by Karsten Grobe and Stefan Oschmann

Jim Tharp at Red Rock Canyon...

Jim Tharp throws a downside footplant on natural terrain while on a roadtrip to Colorado. Stay tuned for the web edit coming soon. 

This is also VitalMTB's Daily Shot for today... check it out...

Pic by Lisa Myklak

Toff iphone clips...

Some techy street from Toff in the UK...

Erik Vehmeyer for BLKMRKT

This is Erik's winter edit that somehow got past me. This kid knows how to shred his NSF. His banger makes me want to go ride street now!

Barg Winning run

Bonded By Blood

Check out the newest video in “The Lost Footage” series, “Bonded by Blood”. This vid has a few years worth of slam footage featuring riders Aaron Chase, Adam Hauck, Jeff Lenosky, Dave Smutok, George Ryan, Seth Lolli, Justin Wyper, Clint McMahon, and more! No pain, no gain!

The Lost Footage - Bonded by Blood from George Ryan on Vimeo.

Your lesson for the day

Brandon Semenuk shows you just how to win a dirt jump contest. Here is his first place run at Jump Ship........ So Flawless!

Destin Cantrell for Best Moto Whip

Check out the edit from our boy Destin Cantrell as he makes a bid to get in the 
2011 X Games: Best Moto Whip...

I think he's got what it takes, do you?

Blk Mrkt's Mail Box

Jump Ship in Victoria, B.C.

Jordie Lunn's newest contest "Jump Ship" is going down today, and it's sure to be a wild event. It's essentially a DJ contest, just on top of a floating barge. Justin Wyper is up there reppin hard for Black Market today in the qualifiers. This should be one hell of an event. Best of luck Justin!

Graham Agassiz with a view of the whole course

2011 Claymore Challenge

Claymore Challenge Expands for 2011

2 hours ago

(Northfield, NH) – Highland Mountain Bike Park is proud that the expansion of the 4th Annual Claymore Challenge for 2011 will include two additional events, the Battle of Hellion presented by Vitamin Water and GT Bicycles Best Trick Contest. The stage is set for an epic weekend of festivities, with over $30,000 in cash and prizes to be awarded. The fun starts on June 22nd and continues through Sunday June 26th.

“The Claymore has continued to grow over the years in both spectators and participants, so we figured we’d bring some new excitement to the table” says Dave Smutok, VP of Business Development.

The Battle of Hellion will take place on Highland’s signature jump trail, Hellion and pit 6 riders against one another. “I’ve been after Smutok to do this race for a year, finally we tested it out and he made it happen” says Pro Rider and Highland local, Aaron Chase. Am’s will run single timed run and Pro’s will do single run qualifying and top qualifiers will then battle it out- 6 riders at a time, with the top 6 moving on. The Battle goes down on Sunday June 26th.

The GT Best Trick contest will be held on the Claymore’s final jump, the Red Bull Freebird. Riders will throw down in a jam format while live music, beers and BBQ’s will make for a great kick off to the weekend.

Saturday’s Slopestyle will kick off at 4:30 pm with the Pre Game show with finals starting at 5pm. All events are completely FREE to spectators, take a seat in Highland’s “Backyard” kick back in the beer garden, grab a burger and watch the madness go down. Tradition is the word at Highland. The winner of the Claymore is traditionally “knighted” by owner, Mark Hayes, then thrown into Highland’s infamous beaver pond by his fellow competitors. “It’s an honor to be the guy knighting the best freeride mountain bikers in the World. They are exceptional athletes that are pushing the limits of what is possible on a bike. Every year they put on a show for thousands of fans and that is driving the growth of the sport. It’s great to be sharing a part of history with them.”

If you can’t make the trek to Highland to check out the action, not to worry, DH-Productions has you covered with a LIVE webcast Saturday starting at 4:30pm EST on your favorite mountain bike website.

Visit www.claymorechallenge.com or www.highlandmountain.com for additional spectator, athlete, and webcast information.

Red Bull Freebird
Red Bull Freebird

Vital's Coverage of Teva

Short, sweet and to the point. Justin Olsen compiled his footage of Teva for VitalMTB, and it came out great. Some good clips of Adam Hauck ripping it up in there!

Plus Size BMX's Teva Mountain games Edit...

Chris at PlussizeBMX.com sent over this edit from last weeks Teva Mtn Games where Adam's luck did not work out for the best. He went down on the tailwhip at the end of the clip due to wind and tweaked his knee a bit. Hopefully he's feelin' better soon...

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

My buddy Brett is the manager of the Laguna Niguel Skatepark in South O.C. and he's been working hard to get BMX and Mountain bikes allowed into what was and has always been a "No Bikes" park.

They did it and this Sunday is the official BMX/Bike Grand Opening... Black Market will be there with some give-a-ways for the coolest stunts thrown. If you're local, this park is pretty rad... the back bowls generate amazing speed for the box jump out.

Grab your bike, gear and come ride...

Teva Re-Cap

Adam had bad luck on the last jump and went down pretty hard in the Teva Mtn Games Slopestyle Finals due to wind. Paul Bas attempted an insane double-flip, but crashed and was KO'd for quite some time. Despite that he landed in 2nd place. No big surprise that Mike Montgomery took the win. Mike managed to trick every single obstacle on the course and ended his big run with a huge 720. Congrats to all competitors!

More from Teva

Black Market's Adam Hauck Qualifies 6th out of 17 for the slopestyle finals at the Teva Mountain Games. Finals should be kicking off at 6pm (5pm pacific), and we'll keep you updated as info is released.

Teva Mountain Games This Weekend...

It's time for Teva...
Adam Hauck and tons of your favorite outdoor athlete's will all be competing this weekend in Vail, Colorado to see who will be King of the Mtn Games for 2011. 

Adam has won both the Speed Trials and Slope Style event in the past and we wish him luck in re-capturing his titles back from Paul Basaigotia. 

I haven't really seen any coverage yet so we'll see what happens next...

Links for Teva Games:



Vishneviy Bike Check # 2

With the start of the new contest season comes new bike checks... 

Here's the newly crowned Russian BMX Freestyle Champion, Pavel, A.K.A. "Vishneviy"'s new
Pink Profile Racing equipped Mob...

Thanks to Nathan at Precision Powdercoating for prettying Pavels bike up for us.

I know he looks a bit disheveled here but take my word for it... he's dialed on the bike... 

I think this Super Seat might be further extended than Andreu's but it could just be their height difference...

That's no fish story either... it really was this big...

Damn... glad to have you on board Pavel.

Pics by Alex Bivol

Lessons from the legends

Summer's here, which means 2 things; contests and roadtrips. Now we all know that spending time on the road with a bunch of smelly bikers can really suck at times. So, Allan Cooke and Anthony Napolitan show you an amazing way to spicy things up and prank your friends. Just remember, if it happens to me, I have greater ways of pay-back planned out!