Black Market Product Update Spring 2011

Product Update Spring 2011

I've been patiently waiting for our samples to arrive after the Taipei Bike Show so we could get some photos out to the world... Here's my first real chance so here goes... Hope you like we we have to offer...

Easily the most sought after BlkMrkt product of 2010... The Killswitch, makes it's return for 2011 in all new Shock & Awe graphics. The Killswitch features 100mm of progressive travel, take the edge off your landings without taking the edge off your riding.

100mm of travel provided by our own Hammer Link Suspension
and the Black Market Tuned X-Fusion 02 RCX.

Horizontal drop outs included... Vertical or Maxle optional.

73mm Euro BB Shell doubles as massive replaceable axle/ main pivot. 
All threaded inserts are easily replaceable too.

The popular Bada Boom bars have received a new look and a lot more colors to chose from... 
Here's the all new Bada Boom Way Low to show the new graphics and colors:

Bada Boom Features:
Made from custom drawn and butted 7075 T6 Al. with bead blasted center and polished grip area.
Incremental cut marks and bar centering/rotation marks for easy accurate installation. 

Bar Dimensions:
31.8mm Bada Boom 1.5" x 30"/ 762mm
31.8mm Bada Boom 2" x 29"/ 736mm

25.4mm Bada Boom 3" x 28"/ 710mm
25.4mm Bada Boom 2" x 28"/ 710mm

Bar Sweep:
8* Back
6* Up

 The new 22.2mm bar clamp Underboss with 6mm hardware is our latest offering in stems making the Underboss available in all known bar sizes. Fully CNC'D from 6061 T6 Aluminum with massive internal machining and M5 hardware with 6mm heads to keep'er light and strong.
6 colors to chose from...

Underboss stems available in 22.2mm, 25.4mm or 31.8mm bar clamp sizes.

Next is the Speed Collar... this little piece comes standard with the Killswitch and will also come on the Roam. Available sizes 27.2mm and 34.9mm...
Features: CNC'D from 6061 T6 Al. with 6mm hardware and replaceable nut.
6 Colors

 The new Molly Hatchet heat treated, butted 4130 chromoly 22.2mm bar 
available in 2" or 3" x 29" wide...


Black (2")
Chrome ( Shown with last year's art. 2" )

The long awaited debut of our NSF is finally going to hit the streets with another interesting project hot on it's heels. The NSF is geared at being an fixed/single speed commuter/ bar bike with an attitude and stout enough to trick ride on without fear of folding under you.

The NSF will come in Clear Raw only for the first run with the 40oz. fork coming in Clear Raw, Black or White.

The NSF's only markings are the Canadian Made pewter headbadge and dual stamped head tube and down tube gussets.

Laser cut bridges and our Chopped seat tube allow 700c x 50c tire clearance & short 15.7" chainstays.

Clean, short Taper Lock drop outs and enough clearance for a 700c x 50c tire.

100% Full Heat Treated Chromoly
Taper Lock Drop Outs
Intergrated 45/45 Headset
68mm Euro BB
73* Head Angle
73* Seat Angle
65mm BB Drop
400mm/ 15.7 Chainstay
120mm Wheel Spacing
Brake Mounts: No
Dual stamped "blkmrkt" head tube and down tube gussets.

47c TT 558.5mm
50c TT 574.6mm
53c TT 590.5mm
55c TT 600 mm
58c TT 615mm

This next project (the Street Fiend) was originally going to be the first of the my designs for a fixie, but  I was nervous about releasing a brand new frame into a new market that we knew nothing and start by pushing a new lower sloping top tube fixed gear design and using 26" wheels to boot.

I decided to go with the NSF first and continued working on this next design on my own. I am the first one to admit I don't fully understand how to ride these bikes but with the Street Fiend, I'm at least starting to understand it a bit better because the frame is small enough for me to get off of when shit gets ugly and when my feet can't stop rotating and are strapped to the pedals shit gets ugly almost immediately.

There are a few very minor changes that will be made to production but other than those this is what you're going to see. Here is the Street Fiend.

Small Street Fiend shown with 26" x 2.1" tires

Large Street Fiend with 700c x 35c tires and the new 40oz. fork...
Full info and photos for 40oz. forks coming soon.
*5mm BB Drop for perfect double peg height...

Street Fiend BB/ Seat Tube junction with our Chopped seat tube.

100% Full Heat Treated Chromoly
Taper Lock Drop Outs
Intergrated 45/45 Headset

Fits 700c or 26" wheels and up to 2.1" tires
73* Head Angle
75* Seat Angle
5mm BB Drop
381mm/ 15" w/ 26"
400mm/ 15.7 w/700c
Brake Mounts: No

Dual stamped "blkmrkt" head tube and down tube gussets.

Small/ 14" Seat Tube / 22"/ 560mm Top Tube
Medium/ 16" Seat Tube / 22.6"/ 575mm Top Tube
Large/ 18" Seat Tube / 23.22"/ 590mm Top Tube

Mob, Malice and Contraband images and update in a few days...


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