Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival Wrap-Up...

Just a few weeks past was the first annual Santa Cruz Bike Festival, and Black Market was on hand at the scene. The festival was established to gain funds to open a permanent Santa Cruz bike park, and it seemed to be a great success! It was more than just a vendor gathering, there were events such as a 46 mile XC race, a 30 minute short track race, a massive pump track race, and of course, a Jump Jam at the famous Aptos dirt jumps. We raffled-off a Soldier complete, which was won by David from Aptos. He won the bike for his son, to get him into MTB's. All-in-all it was a great weekend with a huge turnout and a sure thing to return to next year. We would like to give a big thanks to Epicenter Cycling in Aptos for helping us sponsor the event, and for their support.

Highlights include:

Lisa Myklak winning Pro Women's pump track

Jake Kinney taking 2nd at Pro Men's pump track, 4th at Jump Jam, & 2nd in best transfer

Our new "Roam" gaining wide popularity at the festival

1 man named Scott winning the XC, pump, and short track races. He won the Pro Pump race with no brakes, no chain/sprocket and with Motocross bars on his bike

It was just great to meet so many new people and spend time with good old friends

Just loading up for the long trip ahead

BlkMrkt booth at the festival, always reppin' hard

EVERYONE loves some BlkMrkt gear!

Lisa Myklak with the win on the pump track

Congrats David!


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