2011 Fontana City National... A Bumpy Ride.

We're ok here...
Last weekend was the Fontana City National in scenic Fontana, Ca. where the weather and dirt were perfect and I was ready to race... or so I thought. You may or may not have read or heard about last weeks National DH course but Donny and his crew did a great job of the new course.

The DH course had a bit of everything... fast, flowy start with a nice jump that is you picked a bad line you ended up in a bush 7 seconds into the race. After about 60 seconds of fun, it was time for the technical section. The Southridge guys cut a line straight down the face of the rockiest part of the hill. This section challenged everyone to be precise and on point or pay a heavy price.

Luckliy, I never had any real issues here but due to my crash in 4X in the photos below, I never hit it at race speed ( but close ) or under racing pressure... So, I was always fairly relaxed.

 Still good...

Hmmm... something seems to have gone array at this point.

Here's my 4th practice run on the Roam on Saturday before my crash. It was a bit hectic on the steep face with under 6" of travel front and rear but I made the best of it and had a blast. I would have loved to have raced on Sunday instead of spending it recuperating from my first turn pile-up but that's the way racing goes. Next time...



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Well done, sir.

April 1, 2011 at 7:49 PM  

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