The Social Network....

One of my favorite things about today's technology is the ability to connect with any number of people world wide instantly thru social networking avenues like Facebook, Blogger and all the other action sports network and video sites... the problem is, that takes time to create original content like photos and webedits which takes time away from all the other aspects of running Black Market. 

That being said, I'd like to introduce you to Kalin Law... he's from the San Diego area and has been riding for over 10 years. He started out racing and riding BMX for 7 years and made the switch MTB for the last 3. Kalin has an original riding style that's more style than tricks that's entertaining to watch.
Kalin will be helping me keep our Blog and Facebook current and exciting as well as shooting some photos and video.

I'm also stoked to say this is finally looking to be the year we can actually get out and travel to some more events and races as well as sponsoring a few events. Mondo is at the Keysville Classic this weekend with our E-Z-Up, one of the Roam Proto's and his Killswitch supporting one of the industry's longest running events .

Keep an eye out for Kalin to be content lurking or fastplanting his way into your hearts.

Photo: Kevin S.


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