New Black Market Products Reviled In Taipei

I had all intentions of heading to Taipei for last week's bike show... that was until about 12 hours before my flight was due to board when I decided to wait a week or two for the nuclear situation in Japan to stabilize a bit... the last thing I need is to get caught a some random 30 day quarantine flying to or from Taiwan. It was a tough decision to stay home as I knew I had a couple of long awaited prototypes that would be ready to show for the first time.

 The first item on this list is our fgfs specific frame: The Street Fiend... I have been keeping this one under wraps since I first decided to draw it. This is the frame I wanted to build when we built the NSF but decided to go a bit more traditional with our first offering but still burly enough to thrash on without fear of buckling.

The Street Fiend features low slung fgfs geometry, butted chromoly tubing, super-short chainstays with heat-treated Taper-Lock drop outs, plenty of barspin clearance in all sizes, a mid bb and 26 & 700C compatible. 

Colors: Flat Blue, Flat Red or Semi-Gloss Black. 
Sizes: Small (14"/355.6mm seat tube)
Medium (16"/406mm seat tube)
Large (18"/457mm seat tube)

More details soon as we get to ride it!

The 2nd item on this list is the 22.2mm Underboss stem. Features full CNC'd 6061 T6 construction, 6mm washered hardware and 6 colors.

Finally... an actual photo of the new bar graphics and colors.

This is still one of the original Roam proto's but we just wanted to show the clear raw finish that will be offered when production rolls off the line.

Molly Hatchet's in Raw... 2" or 3".

Now at least the samples are on their way to the States for proper photos and shredding... can't wait!!!


Blogger o-l-a-v said...

Nice. 2 bad you haven't made the underboss in 40mm yet, i think that would go super popular :/

March 21, 2011 at 12:21 AM  

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