Karl Benesmann is burly...

So, on top of the Farm Jam photos Karl sent me this morning... they were closely followed by 2 other e mails. First was the one with these 2 pics...

 Karl is definitely one of the only if not only 26" riders to hit Cam White's trails and he did it during
 Cam White's Hillside Jam. 

Karl sends a backie over the 35' trick set... no thanks.

pics by Simon Makker

Then he sends these!!! As it turns out... Karl has been riding the Giants of Dirt project trails with Dane Searles

 Karl hits the Giants of Dirt pack ... 
pic by Simon Makker 

Karl gets steezy on Dane Searls monster sized trails. 
Pic by Shane Allchorn 

One last blast from Karl...
pic by Scott Irvine 

Nice work Karl!!!


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