Jake Kinney Finishes 2nd Overall At South Ridge 2011 Winter Series

A big congratulations goes out to our own Jake Kinney whose 3rd place finish on Saturday's Pro 4X Final
took him up a step on the podium from 3rd to 2nd overall in the 2011Southridge USA Winter Series.

Here's Jake's Race Report:

So this was the last race in the Fontana winter series, there were 8 pros signed up and again we had another pretty stacked group. In my first moto I had Blake Carney, Jarrod Jakubiak, Lear Miller and myself. In this heat donnie was only taking first place to the final, the other 2 would have to race again...

Out of the first corner Blake had the advantage, and no room for passing, that's the way it would gown down to the hill with Blake moving to the finals. We pushed back up for the moto 2. 

In my second moto, I had Mark Shaw and one other rider who's name I never got. Again Donnie was only taking one to the finals. I had a great snap out of the gate and secured the inside line in the first corner and took the lead and ran it all the way down the track. 
Blake leads with Jake sliding into 2nd out of turn 1...

In the Finals Blake Carney choose the inside... lane 1, Alan Hudson lane 2, Lear Miller lane 3, myself lane 4. The gate droped and Blake had pulled the inside line so I came over from lane 4 and ended up 3rd out of corner. Blake led the race down the track but with Alan in fornt of me I was looking for any open line to take. It came real close with a sprint to the finish, Just almost getting Alan by half a wheel. So it ended up 1 Blake, 2 Alan, 3 Jake, 4 Lear. 

With that placing I ended up taking second overall for the Winter Series. Overall standings went 1 Blake Carney, 2 Jake Kinney, 3 Jarrod Jakubiak.  I am very happy with the podium finish and excited for more to come this year.


Blake leads the men's final thru the rhythm section. 
BTW... 3 out of the 4 pros in the final were blkmrkt mounted.
Southridge USA 2011 Winter Series #4 Pro Men's Podium 
1st Blake Carney
2nd Alan Hudson 
3rd Jake Kinney
4th Lear Miller

Southridge USA 2011 Winter Series Pro Men's Overall Podium
1st Blake Carney
2nd Jake Kinney
3rd Jarrod Jakubiak

Lear Miller  came out from AZ. to lead a moto on his Killswitch and make the Series Final.


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