Cartel... New Zealand... Conor McFarlane

I just got word from our distributor in New Zealand that their Black Market supported rider, Conor MacFarlane will be coming to the US and Canada to compete and see what we have to ride and from what I've seen from Conor, he's not scared to throw down.
Conor Mcfarlane almost rode alway from this frontie off a flat drop during his win of the
2011 Unit Farm Jam in NZ.

Wide Opens Product Launch & Road Trip

WideOpen Road Trip around North Island from firstfloor on Vimeo.

New Zealand's Black Market crew:
Bret Frew, Karl Benesmann and Conor McFarlane ride the Unit Farm Jam.

Unit Farm Jam 2011 - MTB Highlights from Unit Clothing on Vimeo.

Some more links to Farm Jam coverage:


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