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Adam Hauck is back!

pic by Nick BrandrethInterview: One of the best all around riders in the MTB scene has been sidelined for 8 months. In those 8 months Adam Hauck (Black Market) has had 2 surgeries on his wrist and spent the majority of that time in various casts and off his bike. Just this last Tuesday Adam's doctor gave him clearance to get back to riding. I spoke with Adam yesterday to see how his wrist is feeling and what his plans are for 2011. Adam told me that after his first long session the wrist was solid and felt back to normal. Although a full day of pumping the ramps in his backyard wore him out a little quicker then before. He also stated that, "I still have most of my tricks." Which is a testament to how good of a rider Adam is. (Editors note: After 8 months off I might forgot how to bunnyhop!) Adam is working on a welcome back edit that should be out on the intrawebs within a week or so. Currently Adam is working out his plans for 2011 and I gaurantee we will be seeing a lot from him this year! Welcome back Adam!   
Click below to check out a couple edits from Adam...

Thanks to Chris Olivier for sending this over...


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