Liberty Skatepark Bike Pics

I headed to Westminster for the Liberty tonight's evening sesh... Our local locked cog jock, Erik Vehmeyer was there hitting some cool lines. He almost pulled a clean hop 3 from the deck of the small quarter but came up a bit short on the rotation in the dark... that can't be fun strapped to your pedals.
Next time!

Kyle Strait also cruised by to ride for the last few minutes of light... look for more of Kyle on the contest circuit this year too, that will be rad!

Erik Vehmeyer about to land half of that 3 he's been working on...

There's always something happening at Liberty... Mike Dinh throws a T-Bog on his fix while Parkour guy gets down in his own way... I think...

Strait made a rare skatepark appearance but only had a 5 minutes to ride before it was completely dark.

Vertical or Horizontal... your choice.


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