Matt MacDuff @ Joyride 150

Matt came on the scene a while back with an amazing, hard-hitting street edit. Well since then he has made more of a transfer into the park side of riding. Honestly, in my opinion, he is one of the best skatepark riders that i've seen.............and his bike control is phenomenal. Enjoy his great tricks and amazing combos!

Spinnin Sorichetti

A few weeks ago myself (Kalin Law) and Kevin Sorichetti headed up to Da Compound in Perris, CA for their Trail Opening Jam. I happened to be riding more than I thought, and taking very few photos. Although I did manage to get a shot of Kevin doing a wild, dipped, 360. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the split edit that Kevin and I are working on very soon. Enjoy!

Double Trouble

Our friends at just released a video of some "Doubles" action at the now-closed Denver indoor park. Just a short, fun edit, filled with good times and synchronized freestyle action! Riders: Andrew Kajfosz and Nick Soloninka

Index Ink Welcomes "DGAF" Dan Norvell

Dan is now riding for our friends over at Index Ink, and has come up with a great welcome video. It amazes me how many bangin' videos this kid can produce in such a short time! He difnitely doesn't disappoint in this one.

INDEX INK - Dan Norvell Welcome To The Family from index ink on Vimeo.

Dirt Bros. Welcomes Jeff Sadler

Dirt Bros has added Jeff Sadler to their 2011 team. This is personally a favorite edit of mine; it's got a big guy that shreds and he is from San Diego. What else more could you want?

Mike Dekonig... Winter Shred

How-To: Build a Bunnyhop Bar

The guys over at just posted up a video on how to create a simple bunnyhop bar. Winter is still around and this is just a fun way to get some riding in, in a parking garage or otherwise "boring" places that are still dry. And at $36, it's a cheap thrill for sure!

Andy Buckworth is Unstoppable!

Andy had release a video last week of him doing a double frontflip-no hander..........Well I guess that wasn't enough for him, so he got back up on his Mini-Mega and laid down a double frontflip-SUPERMAN! He washes out on the landing but it looks like its a resi-type covering so I don't blame him.

Dean Cueson and Ryan Taylor

Dean and Ryan lay down some serious moves here and great combos. Creation is a great looking English park with plenty of things to give these two the air time they need. Enjoy!

1' With Yannick Granieri

Great filming and smooth solid riding from Yannick Granieri for Commencal Bikes. Why does this guy have to make truck-drivers look so easy????

Timm Wiegmann Demo Reel

German BMX videographer Timm Wiegmann put together a demo reel of his best clips captured during the summer months of 2010. Lots of great looking clips and awesome tricks edited really well…

Timm Wiegmann Showreel 2010 from timm on Vimeo.

Andreu Lacondeguy "We Are Family"

Blackmedia's "We Are Family" has officially kicked off with a bang! Andreu Lacondeguy stars in the first episode, and in true Andreu style, he doesn't disappoint one it. A custom built drop, the worlds biggest long-N-low and a FMX kicker all add up to some INSANE trickery. The filming is top notch and has some great super slow-mos in it. So sit back and enjoy!

We Are Family Films: Episode 1 ft Andreu Lacondeguy from We Are Family Films on Vimeo.

Cartel... Japan- Miya"G"

Yutaro Miyamoto or Miya "G"... Tuck-No Handed Flip Sequence

Fujimi Panorama Resort, Nagano Japan
Contest: KONA King Of Dirt Competition

Shot by Hiroyuki Nakagawa.

A contest or the Weight Watchers out there.

Our distributor in Norway, sent us this light weight project build by fellow Norwegian, Joakim Dalland. And this gave me an idea... who has the lightest Black Market on the planet? Is it Joakim? Is it you???

We'd like to know... break out your cameras and scales and remember... we all know how parts weigh and thanks to the Internet, if we don't... we can always look it up somewhere.
Be honest and no one will call you out...

Post your pics of your lightest build on our Facebook page by 2/28/11.

Winner will receive a complete Black Market steering system:
Bada Boom 1.5" or 2" x 31.8mm bars
31.8mm Underboss stem
Hauck grips &
BlkMrkt end plugs

Happy Building!!!

  1. Frame: Black Market MOB 22"
  2. Fork: Fox 32 Float RLC 2011
  3. Headset: FSA Impact
  4. Brake: Avid XX
  5. Crank: Shimano XTR Trail
  6. Sprocket: XTR 25t
  7. Pedals: Nuke Proof Proton Mag-Ti
  8. Chain: KHE Halflink Hollowpin
  9. Bars: Controltech SUP DH Scandium
  10. Stem: Point One Racing Split Second
  11. Grips: Animal Edwin
  12. Seat/Post: KHE Loyal
  13. Seatclamp: Homemade
  14. Wheels:
  15. Hub: Mavic Crossmax st
  16. Rim: Mavic Crossmax sx Ust
  17. Spokes: Mavic Zicral
  18. Tire: Schwalbe Furious Fred Ust
  19. Tube: Tubeless
  20. Rear Wheel:
  21. Hub: Mavic Crossmax sx
  22. Rim:Mavic Crossmax sx Ust
  23. Spokes: Mavic Zicral
  24. Tires: Schwalbe Furious Fred Ust
  25. Tube: Tubeless
  26. Cog: 12t custom
  27. Rotor: Avid XX 140mm

> Weight: 19.6LBS 8.99kg 

An Oldie, But a Goodie

Found an old shot of BlkMrkt Flow rider Kevin Sorichetti from nearly a year ago. Kevin Learned Nac-Nac's in one day and this was the final result. Keep an eye out for this kid, I know I say it a lot, but he will be a destroyer in the game!


Adam told me a while back that the Fuel TV show SLAM! had come out to Jersey to shoot an episode.

Well, as it turns out that episode just played and I was able to catch it on my iphone just in case you didn't see it or don't get Fuel TV where you are... either way. Here's the SLAM!

Liberty Skatepark Bike Pics

I headed to Westminster for the Liberty tonight's evening sesh... Our local locked cog jock, Erik Vehmeyer was there hitting some cool lines. He almost pulled a clean hop 3 from the deck of the small quarter but came up a bit short on the rotation in the dark... that can't be fun strapped to your pedals.
Next time!

Kyle Strait also cruised by to ride for the last few minutes of light... look for more of Kyle on the contest circuit this year too, that will be rad!

Erik Vehmeyer about to land half of that 3 he's been working on...

There's always something happening at Liberty... Mike Dinh throws a T-Bog on his fix while Parkour guy gets down in his own way... I think...

Strait made a rare skatepark appearance but only had a 5 minutes to ride before it was completely dark.

Vertical or Horizontal... your choice.

Vancouver Autumn edit from Ross Measures

Dan Rawsthorne A.K.A. "Toff" sent over this edit from Ross Measures. They filmed most of this during the Fall in Vancouver... Ross shows off lots of cool street moves. Dan kills an elevated flat bank and fun was had by all... enjoy.

Amir Kabbani's Greatest Hits

Amir Kabbani has put together an edit of his greatest hits from 08'-10'. This guy has some big time moves in this video. Flip-Whips on lockdown! Park, Dirt, DH, and some contest footage are all there. Seen on

Cartel... Germany

German rippers Tony and Karl teamed up again for this edit with solid riding out of Dresden, Germany.


Mike Dekonig Launches New Blog

One of our Canadian riders, Mike Dekonig has a new blog up and running... Go check out:

Mike will be updating on a regular basis and gets to ride some of the best terrain on earth.

Pic from a recent update on Mike's new blog while filming for an upcoming web edit. 
Good stuff coming for sure... 

Japan's Yutaro "Miya G" Miyamoto

Japan's Miya G is Down Unda training in Melbourne and killing it... 

Time to take it to dirt Miya!!! 

You can also follow Miya G's blog if you can read Japanese... or you can just look at the pretty pictures here: Miya G's Blog

Lear Miller in Utah

Good friend of mine, Lear Miller just released a mostly self-filmed edit while on a trip to Utah. It seems that slow-mo videos are making quite an impact lately, thanks to a great editing program called Twixtor. Lear lays down some great lines and smooth style in this video. Enjoy!

Erik Vehmeyer shreds the NSF...

Here's Erik Vehmeyer's first full edit aboard his NSF... 

More soon... enjoy.

Driftin' for Jesus...

Jake Kinney... Gettin' Loose for Zack Carman's lens and Jesus of course.