Roam Update!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I'm stoked to say the Roam is now taking it's final shape and testing has been going extremely well!!! Our only complaint's been that we're riding an XS with a super short 20.5" TT... this problem was solved with a 70mm stem but it's still to small. The benefit to this is now there will be a 6.3" travel All-Mountain frame with a 26" stand-over.

Here are a few of the renderings I just received from Pablo who has been putting in lots of clicks to make this happen for us... Thanks Pablo, nice work! Can't wait to touch the new version... until then, I'm gonna keep banging out the miles on the current proto.





The Roam's new wider shock box with ISCG'05 mounts. 

Another nice touch is our new improved sliding drop out system which uses a 3mm allen to dial in the chainstay length from a super flickable 16"/ 406mm to 16.45"/ 418mm

Moves are being made... the Roam is coming...


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