Pics From The Homegrown Tour Stop 1

Martin Kiesewetter (our German pro) rode in this weekend's Homegrown Tour Stop #1 in his hometown of Wuppertal and the Wicked Woods Skatepark. 

Martin whip the box during a run at the Homegrown Tour.

Martin sent over some pics from his runs but bunged his foot up in practice and bent his seatpost during one of his runs which continued to give him problems throughout the day. 

During the Best Trick contest Martin stomped a huge Superman Seatgrab, 

a 3 whip, 

a Superwhip and a few tech footjams. 

Hendrik Tafel won with a 3 tap to bar over the street spline.

 But Martin looked good...

More pics in the new MTB Rider Mag when it hits the stands.


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