I Made It!!!... Old Guys Who Ride Interview on PlusSizeBMX.com

41 y/o Black Market Owner/Rider Carter Holland

Carter Holland – 41 y/o– Orange, CA
Owner of Black Market Bikes and Man with Mad Bike Skills!

Photo: Sven MartinOGWR: How many years have you been riding and what is your history in the sport?
Carter: I've been a die hard BMX'er since I saw Bob Haro ride Marina Del Rey in 1980 when I was a Vertical Roller-skating Grom. I rode BMX street and some dirt and my 80's vert 1/4 pipe in Brooklyn, NY with guys like Glenn Miligan, Brooks Manbeck, Wayne and Richie Poole and even Robbie Morales from time to time when he was like 13.
Photo: Nick Brandreth

OGWR: Who are your current sponsors?

Photo: Justin BrantleyOGWR: Give us a basic bike check?
Carter: Frame: Mob 21.5" - Fork: X-fusion Velour 80mm - Bar/Stem: Bada Boom 1.5" and 31.8mm Underboss - Grips: Lock-Downs - Cranks: Saint 175 with e*13 – sprocket - Wheels: Atomlab Pimplite 32h with Pimplite Hubs - Tires: Intense Mk2 - Pedals: Shimano DX - Seat and Post: BlkMrkt Oney and Slim Seat - Brakes: Saint 140mm rotor - Chain: Shimano IG
Photo: Carter's girlfriend Suzie Morales.... I'm teaching her to shoot action. She doesn't flinch in the line of fire... but I haven't run into her yet either... lol.OGWR: What style of riding do you enjoy most?
Carter: Mostly I like dirt but also flowing around going fast and high... not too many tricks. I love my All Mountain bike most right now though... specially turning!!!
OGWR: Where are your favorite places to ride?
Carter: Sheep Hills, Gavilan, 9th Street in Austin... Laguna Woods and Santiago Oaks.

OGWR: What keeps you riding at your age and how do you stay motivated?
Carter: I love it and can't wait to ride everyday... that's it... simple!
OGWR: What do you do that you think has a positive impact on our sport?
Carter: I guess I put my heart and soul into riding.... I've pretty much devoted my life to riding if you really look at it and I try to support riders who deserve support and design bike products that I think have a place in our respective sports... 

OGWR: Anything else you would like to tell us?
Carter: Go Ride Your Bike!
If you have a story to tell, product to review or anything else you think will inspire more old guys to get out there and ride, please contact me at jon@plussizebmx.com - Jon Faure


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