24's... Not Just For The Cruiser Class...

We get a lot of e mail's with comments... most good, some not. But, almost solely aimed towards 26" stuff. Every once in a while we'll get a cool e mail about the Contraband which reinforces why we offer it in the first place. It has it's place with both younger and smaller riders who feel a bit limited by the size of the 26" in the park, dirt or street. And here's a perfect example...

to all at black market bikes!
You guys did a great job on the contraband, it is the best bike Ive ever rode. I am 14 so big 26'' dirt jumpers never feel right. clean welds, great paintjob, light and strong. its the perfect bike. i love how its light and small enough for street/park but strong enough for big hits. its so nice that two of my ride buddies are saving up to get one! all mine needs is some badda booms an underboss stem, 25t sprocket and a new fork (just a few more lawns to mow). 

alenation hoops (red)
halo djd hub rear
kore hoochie front hub
marzocchi bomber exr comp 2003 fork (replacing with manitou circus)
sputnic integrated headset (red)
stolen bob cranks
stolen red BB
black ops 28t sprocket 
avid juicy three brakes
oddesy atken seat
truvativ holzfeller stem (pulled of my old bike, replacing with purple underboss stem)
marin oversized bars (replacing with  white bada booms  2'' rise when i get enough money)

thanks, Connor

Thank you Connor!


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