Cartel... Manila, Philippines

I'm always amazed at how small the world has gotten thanks to the Internet and Facebook is now the source of constant multi-national communication and networking. The other day I was contacted by a guy out of Manila in the Philippines named Jg Gaa who started out riding a Riot and now rocks a Mob.

Here's a few pics I jacked from his Facebook page. Thanks for the support to Jg Gaa and the Dirt Bros. Manila, the group of riders Jg rides with in Manila.

 Meet the Dirt Bros. Manila

 Gettin' Loose...
 Jg Gaa... Mobbin' in Manila...

 Jg's Mob


Here's a little treat to start your week of with a bang. Charlie Gumley has just done the first ever (outside of a video game) barspin and tailwhip at the same time. He calls it the "Twix" and this is just simply madness! Only video I've found is from a cell phone, but it doesnt matter, the trick speaks for itself!

Plus Size... Lost in Las Vegas

Lost in Las Vegas from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

The best part of editing trip video is getting to relive the trip. We had such a great time! Great weather and even better spots. Thanks to all of the LV locals who helped us find our way. Riders in this edit are: Tim Gooden , Kalin Law, Tony Golenz, Matt Wilkin, CJ Wilder, Tammy Donahugh, Jon Faure and a host of others... Hooray Bikes!

More With Jim & Lisa

I slapped together a little edit from last weekend's sessions with Jim & Lisa around a few local spots.


Burbank Trails Petition... Please Sign Today!!!

Hey guys, if you have some time to spare today, please hit up this online petition and help us keep the Burbank trails running. Click HERE for full details and then click the link that says “SIGN THE PETITION.”

Paul Langlands "Disposition"

This is one of the best web-videos I think I have seen. The riding is amazing and the filming is straight up DVD quality. Langlands lays it down in here for New Zealand, and proves that even when you think that you have "nothing" to ride, just use your imagination!
Seen on VitalBMX

Theory26... New Blog On The Block.

I was contacted today by Daniel C. over at Theory26, a new blog focused on big bike freestyle of all types from 26" Flatland to Brakeless Trials and Fixed Gear Freestyle and everything else in between. The crew running the site has widely varied riding styles not to mention years and years between them. Check out this video from Sean Watson and I know you'll want to know more...

Dylan Stark "Street Time"

Dylan is simply a phenomenal bike rider, no matter what he rides. I have had the privilege of being friends with him and riding with him for a few years now, and this kid isn't slowing down anytime soon. This is his latest edit fork Index Ink, and if you don't know who they are, you only need to know 2 things: 1) They also sponsor BlackMarket's own Adam Hauk, and 2) enough said! Enjoy Dylan's edit, there is some straight up DVD quality tricks in this video!

Dead Of Winter

Even in the dead of a Russian Winter, Vishneviy is still popping huge airs & flairs...A guy's gotta stay warm some how. Pics by Seer

Gettin' Loose...

GRIME TV 1 from GRIME BIKES on Vimeo.

I love this...

Wonka doing some in field testing of the Molly Hatchet's as well... this shit is nuts!

Part of a weekend with Jim & Lisa...

Lisa Myklak and Jim Tharp decided to rent a car and drive to So Cal for the weekend to shred the waves and dirt. They drove to Ventura to hang out with VitalMtb's Sean Spomer and surf... then they headed to Orange County, getting here just in time for an epic evening of bombing my river berm, riding the cuttie track, shooting photos and video followed by carne asada tacos & PBR's... good times.

The next day we went over to the step-up which has suffered a lot of rain damage with 3' of the landing falling off making the gap longer but thanks to Chad and Brent it's running great. I hit it a few times so Jim could see the way as it's a 6' step-up and a 12' gap and a 4' tall landing that's not exactly forgiving... but don't worry, the roll-in gives you plenty of speed now that it's dry. After a few runs Jim was ready and started to ride... once Jim was comfortable, Lisa couldn't resist the urge to pad-up and drop-in. Before lunch Lisa was doing tables and one handers in a train with Jim and following me close as I spun inconsistent 3's in front of her...

We even tried out my homemade dolly and got some pretty cool panning shots using just my GoPro Hero HD... Thanks Jaymo! We took a lunch break and then came back for a sunset session on a step-down to jump-berm-jump set-up that was really fun and produced some nice photos. On a side note... usually I shoot most of our photos but I recently discovered my girlfriend's talent for photography and photoshop... I actually knew she was a photoshop wizard and now this...

Here's a few of the photos... the web edit is coming soon.


 My new favorite passtime while Zeus chases bunnies...

We know this looks NOTHING like the Jim Tharp we all know and love but trust me... under that fullface is a steezy coffee lovin' bike rider. Don't believe me... look at those pants.

Lisa takes a run on the Roam and came back all smiles...

24's... Not Just For The Cruiser Class...

We get a lot of e mail's with comments... most good, some not. But, almost solely aimed towards 26" stuff. Every once in a while we'll get a cool e mail about the Contraband which reinforces why we offer it in the first place. It has it's place with both younger and smaller riders who feel a bit limited by the size of the 26" in the park, dirt or street. And here's a perfect example...

to all at black market bikes!
You guys did a great job on the contraband, it is the best bike Ive ever rode. I am 14 so big 26'' dirt jumpers never feel right. clean welds, great paintjob, light and strong. its the perfect bike. i love how its light and small enough for street/park but strong enough for big hits. its so nice that two of my ride buddies are saving up to get one! all mine needs is some badda booms an underboss stem, 25t sprocket and a new fork (just a few more lawns to mow). 

alenation hoops (red)
halo djd hub rear
kore hoochie front hub
marzocchi bomber exr comp 2003 fork (replacing with manitou circus)
sputnic integrated headset (red)
stolen bob cranks
stolen red BB
black ops 28t sprocket 
avid juicy three brakes
oddesy atken seat
truvativ holzfeller stem (pulled of my old bike, replacing with purple underboss stem)
marin oversized bars (replacing with  white bada booms  2'' rise when i get enough money)

thanks, Connor

Thank you Connor!

NSF Update... Erik Vehmeyer

Erik is one of a small group of riders and skaters that shred the Liberty Skatepark and hang out at the local shop Epic BMX in Westminster, Ca.. They have formed a co-op called Heist & Co. film, edit and are now shooting photos. 

It's been a while since we've mentioned the NSF ( Arriving April ) but that's gonna change... We've had local Fixed shredder Erik Vehmeyer secretly thrashing his NSF all around the OC and LA. Here's a few pics of Erik throwin' down on a bike I can barely ride...

Check it out...

 I have no idea how they do this yet...

Erik and Kenneth Young ride bikes... 

More from Erik and Heist & Co. soon...

Loop Magazine In Adam's Garage....

About a month ago Tak from Loop Magazine in Japan stopped by the Back Gnar at Adam's house in Jersey for a scene check... here's the out come, I hope you've been working on your Japanese.

I Made It!!!... Old Guys Who Ride Interview on

41 y/o Black Market Owner/Rider Carter Holland

Carter Holland – 41 y/o– Orange, CA
Owner of Black Market Bikes and Man with Mad Bike Skills!

Photo: Sven MartinOGWR: How many years have you been riding and what is your history in the sport?
Carter: I've been a die hard BMX'er since I saw Bob Haro ride Marina Del Rey in 1980 when I was a Vertical Roller-skating Grom. I rode BMX street and some dirt and my 80's vert 1/4 pipe in Brooklyn, NY with guys like Glenn Miligan, Brooks Manbeck, Wayne and Richie Poole and even Robbie Morales from time to time when he was like 13.
Photo: Nick Brandreth

OGWR: Who are your current sponsors?

Photo: Justin BrantleyOGWR: Give us a basic bike check?
Carter: Frame: Mob 21.5" - Fork: X-fusion Velour 80mm - Bar/Stem: Bada Boom 1.5" and 31.8mm Underboss - Grips: Lock-Downs - Cranks: Saint 175 with e*13 – sprocket - Wheels: Atomlab Pimplite 32h with Pimplite Hubs - Tires: Intense Mk2 - Pedals: Shimano DX - Seat and Post: BlkMrkt Oney and Slim Seat - Brakes: Saint 140mm rotor - Chain: Shimano IG
Photo: Carter's girlfriend Suzie Morales.... I'm teaching her to shoot action. She doesn't flinch in the line of fire... but I haven't run into her yet either... lol.OGWR: What style of riding do you enjoy most?
Carter: Mostly I like dirt but also flowing around going fast and high... not too many tricks. I love my All Mountain bike most right now though... specially turning!!!
OGWR: Where are your favorite places to ride?
Carter: Sheep Hills, Gavilan, 9th Street in Austin... Laguna Woods and Santiago Oaks.

OGWR: What keeps you riding at your age and how do you stay motivated?
Carter: I love it and can't wait to ride everyday... that's it... simple!
OGWR: What do you do that you think has a positive impact on our sport?
Carter: I guess I put my heart and soul into riding.... I've pretty much devoted my life to riding if you really look at it and I try to support riders who deserve support and design bike products that I think have a place in our respective sports... 

OGWR: Anything else you would like to tell us?
Carter: Go Ride Your Bike!
If you have a story to tell, product to review or anything else you think will inspire more old guys to get out there and ride, please contact me at - Jon Faure

Pics From The Homegrown Tour Stop 1

Martin Kiesewetter (our German pro) rode in this weekend's Homegrown Tour Stop #1 in his hometown of Wuppertal and the Wicked Woods Skatepark. 

Martin whip the box during a run at the Homegrown Tour.

Martin sent over some pics from his runs but bunged his foot up in practice and bent his seatpost during one of his runs which continued to give him problems throughout the day. 

During the Best Trick contest Martin stomped a huge Superman Seatgrab, 

a 3 whip, 

a Superwhip and a few tech footjams. 

Hendrik Tafel won with a 3 tap to bar over the street spline.

 But Martin looked good...

More pics in the new MTB Rider Mag when it hits the stands.

GIANTS of Dirt

Dane Searls has made, without a doubt, the BIGGEST bmx jumps ever. The fact that he is easily flowing these 30+ foot jumps is amazing, but to throw a 360 Indian Seat-grab, mid-pack, is astonishing! Unit Clothing also sponsors a MTB rider who is no stranger to massive jumps, Kelly McGarry. I can only wait to see if/when Kelly gets his hands on these doubles!

Fontana Winter Series #1....

Saturday 4X

Danny Caluag in a familiar spot... 1st.

Last weekend was the kick off to the 2011 Southridge Winter Series... Jake Kinney and I showed up and raced 4 Cross on Saturday. There were 9 pros signed up... Jake and I were in Heat 1 with Brian Schmith taking the top 2. The gate dropped and it's a sprint between Brian (lane 1), me (2) into turn 1 with Jake on the outside. Brian takes me high and leaves me in the new soft material at the top of the turn while Jake dives under me and into qualifying position. Brian goes on to win Heat 1 with Jake and I in tow. I'll have to try again next round. 

In round 2... I get lane choice with US Olympic BMX speedster Travis Orazda and Joey Jakubiak, another BMX'er turned MTB. The gate drops and the race is on... I take Joey high in turn 1 ( in similar fashion as was done to me in Heat 1) as Travis dives under both of us. Travis opens up a small 5 bike gap on me and Joey but I hold on for the 2nd and move on to the semis.

Here's where the fun starts... not to mention 50% of the Pro Class were riding Black Market's.

Semi 1
Danny Caluag ( Mob )
Travis Orazda ( Riot )
Brian Schmith
And I 'm not sure who the 4th player was... maybe Jarrod Jakubiak.

EC leads Semi 2

Semi 2
Eric Carter
Blake Kearny
Carter Holland ( Mob )
Jake Kinney ( Mob )

In Semi 1, Brian lead into turn 1 with. Then in our Semi, I had lane 1 with Blake in 2, EC in 3 and Jake in 4. 

The gate hits the ground and everybody snaps out. Blake and I are elbow to elbow with Blake slightly ahead... but out of nowhere... EC pulls into the lead as we exit turn 1. From there the race became pretty much single file with very little chance to pass. That's how we finished Semi 2...

1. EC
2. Blake
3. Jake
4. Me

On to the Final!!!

It's all down to former 4X World Champ Eric Carter, 07 ABA #1 BMX Pro Danny Caluag, former top BMX Pro Brian Schmith and up and coming Blake Kearny.

Gate drops... all 4 sprint into the insanely close to the starting hill Turn 1 with Danny pulling off a perfect  4th to 1st Low High pass and pedaling his Mob right on to the top spot of the Podium followed by Brian Schmith, Blake and EC.

Congrats to Danny on his first Pro 4 X win!!!

Jake and Carter practice lap at Fontana... watch me get snapped... this time.

 Sunday Downhill... 

That's right, I decided to race DH again... and again with minimal practice( One Lap ). Had a great time just wished I could have keep it out of the course tape... better luck next time. The Roam did great, can't wait for the next race.

My Fontana DH Run from carter holland on Vimeo.

You can hear my lungs explode on the wall... fun!


It always seems to be the relative "unknowns" that are coming out with the latest and greatest tricks. This is no exception. A rider named Bienve (with the help of a dirtbike), lays down a massive double frontflip-no hander. I was just simply amazed by how long he held the tuck, very impressive.

training doble front - Bienve (Dylan backyard) from bienve on Vimeo.

Playing in the Dirt...

I love turning...

I'm lucky enough to live on a street that ends on one of the only undeveloped riverbeds in Orange County... And thanks to the recent weeks of rain the dirt is PRIME. And the Roam is a turning machine!!!

So, during the daily Zeus runs to the river, I spend a lot of time doing cutties or bombing down the riverbed and drifting thru the rocks and river sand... good times!!! I've even been teaching my girlfriend Suzie some bike handling skills seeing as how she's recently been forced to become a mountain biker just to keep up with me, Zeus and her dog Pepper...

So, today during Zeus' walk... I was cutting in a new cuttie course and I guess I got a little over zealous and ripped my tire off the rim... scaring the crap out of Zeus and Pepper.

I was having fun...

Kick rocks...

Matt Jamieson's ride get a fresh look...

Over in the UK while the weather's not cooperating Matt Jamieson took advantage of the downtime and repainted his Mob. His new set-up looks very clean and simple. Gotta love new paint!!!

Odyssey 2011 Happy New Year Video

This is simply the BEST web video I have ever seen. Odyssey BMX put together a New Year edit with some of the best clips from 2010. They have included everyone in this video, Pro and Flow riders. And when I say everyone, I mean it.......Aitken is BACK! Some highlights include Adam Banton's Fastplant-Backflip on a dirt spine, and Matthias Dandois' 180-halfcab nose manual-180-half cab hang 5-180. Flatland is making a big comeback in 2011, I can feel it. So, sit back and enjoy 12 minutes of insanity!

Check This Out...

This little shredder is Jackson Goldstone from Canada... He was one of the campers at last week's Winter Camp at Woodward West. I had no idea he was as big of a name as he was... but you never know who you'll ride with at Woodward!!!

Roam Update!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I'm stoked to say the Roam is now taking it's final shape and testing has been going extremely well!!! Our only complaint's been that we're riding an XS with a super short 20.5" TT... this problem was solved with a 70mm stem but it's still to small. The benefit to this is now there will be a 6.3" travel All-Mountain frame with a 26" stand-over.

Here are a few of the renderings I just received from Pablo who has been putting in lots of clicks to make this happen for us... Thanks Pablo, nice work! Can't wait to touch the new version... until then, I'm gonna keep banging out the miles on the current proto.





The Roam's new wider shock box with ISCG'05 mounts. 

Another nice touch is our new improved sliding drop out system which uses a 3mm allen to dial in the chainstay length from a super flickable 16"/ 406mm to 16.45"/ 418mm

Moves are being made... the Roam is coming...

Kevin Sorichetti Likes to Play on the Freeway

Kevin Sorichetti is a very talented up and comer from San Diego, and has recently joined the BlkMrkt Flow Team. Recently Kevin and myself went out to shoot a "unique" photo. The barspin is ordinary, the fact that is on the leg of a bridge, over the biggest freeway in San Diego is the unique part. Not to mention the fact that 30 seconds before the shot was taken, a nice CHP officer showed up to question us. Thankfully after an explanation and some charm, he decided to let us "Get the one shot and get the hell out of there." (Note: he's still in the photo, making sure we don't stay too long.) Enjoy!

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An Oldie, But a Goodie

Just dug through some random photos of mine and came across this old one of myself. Table at the Da Compound trails in Perris, CA. Nothing like a good old flatty to keep trails alive!