Singapore BSX Nationals

UnSprung's leader... Ian Krempl leads the Singapore BSX Nationals.

Ian leads ...

I think this is Justin Patch throwin' a table and some serious hair...

I woke up to an race report from Ian Krempl, our distributor in Singapore. Ian raced and won the BSX Nationals last weekend and spotted quite a few BlkMrkt's both on the gate and the podium. If you're in Asia and looking for BlkMrkt the folks at UnSprung can set you straight.

Here's a few photos from the race.

Thrash Bike Jump Jam Video....

Wish I was flying the bike right now instead of the desk... Thanks for the inspiration Nick!!!

Thrash Bike Jump Jam from Nick Brandreth on Vimeo.

Completes are here and shipping!!!!

Malice and Soldier here at last!

The 2010 Soldier

Holy shit the gymnastics for getting the new Malice and Soldier completes in the building have finally officially ended and they are here!!! I spent the entire day and night building and shooting these 4 actual production bikes that arrived at Dirtec Direct yesterday.

This is your first chance to get your hands on a very limited run of Black Market complete bikes, so get to your local dealer and check one out if they stock'em. If not, give us a call and we'll find a dealer for you.

Without further a du'... here's what's in the stores now...

The Soldier U.S. M.S.R.P. $999.99

The 2010 Malice U.S. M.S.R.P. $1299.99

The Malice... check out the Malice page for specs and more details.

Series Negro includes a 30t and 32t for the track rat in you... my personal gearing 32/14
Gunmetal Series

Purple Series

Blue Series


Reader's Rides Section Up & Running Now....

Well, we finally have the new Reader's Rides Section fully functional and ready for you to load a photo of your build as well as full spec.

Let's see what you got???

Here's my Mob for 2010:

Frame: blkmrkt mob 21.5"
Fork: X-Fusion Velour 80mm
Headset: blkmrkt Cartridge 42mm
Bar: blkmrkt BadaBoom 1.5" x 30"
Stem: blkmrkt Underboss 31.8mm Proto
Grips: blkmrkt Adam Hauck
Seat: blkmrkt Killswitch
Post: Proto
Cranks: Saint 175mm
Sprocket: e13 32t
Pedals: Shimano DX
Chain: Shimano IG
Brake: Saint
Rims: Atomlab Pimp Lite 32h
Hubs: Atomlab Pimp Lite
Tires: Intense MKII Micro

Weight: 23 lbs.

Killswitch on

I'm packing my bag right now and getting ready to take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Taipei for a 13 hour redeye home... luckily Mike Levy at just posted a killer article on the Killswitch, giving me a little extra motivation after a very long week to put a smile on my face even with the promise of a crowded seat in the back of the bus!

Go check it out... 2 vids and lots of pics.

Can't wait to get home so I can ride my bike and eat some Mexican food!!!



Bad Day For Armstrong...

Lance Armstrong being helped to his feet after one of the worse crashes in his career taking him out of the Tour of California while en route to Bakerfield.

Looking for some new threads???

Get on your scooter & head for Index Ink's Summer Kick Off Sale...

Vishnevy's Barcelona Edit

Vishnevy takes his antics and maneuvers to the streets... dirt and parks of Barcelona and knocks out banger after banger....


Vishnevy in Barcelona. Spring 2010 from on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Mike Flaherty!!!

Yesterday was Mike from Atomlab's birthday and the
crew at DerHawk in Taichung got together to send Mike a birthday wish...

Adam Wins River Rock!!!

I just found out that Adam won the River Rock event for his 2nd consecutive year... Congrats Adam... He also got 2nd in the Best Trick contest which was won by Clint McMahon...

Sorry no pics yet for this one...


I'm more stoked than you can imagine to say we are finally on the final straight and pinned when it comes to not only the Killswitch's long awaited debut but the Malice & Soldier will beat the 'Switch to the punch.

2010 Soldier lands this week...
The boat with the Malice's and Soldier's will pulled into the the port today... and will clear customs and be delivered to our U.S. distributor, Dirtec Direct by mid week.

2010 Malice's here at last...

I'm in Taiwan right now... I just finished to inspecting the Killswitches which finished assembly on Friday... I'm expecting them to be delivered in the US by the end of the week too because they are shipping by air.

Fair warning though... we ordered a limited number of frames for this first run and we are already sold-out of some sizes and colors before they even arrive.

Late night shooting in my makeshift dining room photo studio...

So, if you're considering a Killswitch anytime soon... I would get to your local BlkMrkt pusher and slap some coin down for yours before they are gone for now...

More updates soon...

Web Edit Sweden

Mats over at Active8 Distribution sent over a web edit from their BlkMrkt mounted rider named
Robin Gunnarsson.

Robin is another up and comer from Sweden with lots of moves... and he's only been into riding for 3 years and he's only getting better. Sweden is definitely producing some good riders these days.

What's wrong with this pic?

Nada a Damn thing!!!

Dan Scott making the best of things... I don't know who he is but this is dope,
just don't slip a pedal Dan.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Where would we be without you???

Chase Life 14 (April Fool's Day)

Aaron Chase, George Ryan and Adam do some Spring shreddin'...

ChaseLife 14 (April Fools Day) from Aaron Chase on Vimeo.

IHATEBIKES.COM Killswitch Web Article

I just received an e mail from Jason Van Horne who writes for and also a web editor over at Mountain Bike Action (MBA)... with it was a link to cool article
about the Killswitch.

Check it out if you've got a few minutes to kill...

What is up with Russia???

More and more talented riders are coming from that part of the world... Check it...

AlexanderBelevskiy from LSMaxx on Vimeo.

Here We Go Again Premiere In Orange County!!!

Orange County's turn is here for DH Productions 25th DVD release...

Here We Go Again...

Featuring some of the world's best freeriders and racers shredding the sickest spots on earth...

Come get a pitcher and a pizza and enjoy the show!!!

Admission is free!!!

See you at the Tustin Brewery...

ThrashBike's... Street Coast Jam!!!

It's coming...


I headed down to the Snake Pit to get in a late afternoon session with Chad Carothers and Jason Peters snappin' pics for a future ad.

While we were there are met another dude who happened to be on a murdered
Contraband, set-up with i think was a lowered 831. Not sure... I'll have to wait for the pics.

By the way... I'm riding the actual production bike with stock X-Fusion 02 RCX and I cannot wait until people get a chance to ride this bike.
It never fails to put a huge smile on my face!!! I hope it works for you too... it does for me.

Jason sent these over as a tease I think... more to come.

Happy Birthday Adam!!!

Adam shreads the Back Gnar... not quite sure about the skateafarian or the confidence inspiring message but it sure is a kick ass photo.
Photo Nick Brandreth

Cover/Birthday Boy Adam Hauck or at least his likeness...
Photo Nick Brandreth

I meant to post this Saturday but I've been totally slammed... not a bad thing!!! Things are definitely on the rise with Spring fast approaching.

But, Saturday was Adam's 23rd birthday and what better gift than to get the cover of the June issue of Decline magazine??? How about the cover, a 2 page How-To-Foot Jam Whip sequence, a 2 page spread of your new back yard ghetto ramp set-up complete with a skateafarian and a full page Atomlab ad... that's what!!!

Holy shit!!! That's a serious amount of coverage... nice work Adam and Nick B.

on a more serious note.

I have to tell you Adam has been through it all and put it on the line for us and we appreciate everything he does for us though he would be doing it even if it wasn't for the million dollar contract and glamourous life of an MTB professional. Adam and I travel together more than any other person in my life and I'm grateful for that...

Happy Birthday Adam.