Woodward West, Black Market Style

So, as a last minute decision, Carter, Kevin Sorichetti, and myself headed up to Woodward West to meet Jake Kinney for the opening day of Winter Camp. We met up with Chad from Index Ink and headed out bright and early. After an autograph session during registration with some BMX pros, we headed down to the ramps to get ready to shred. Unfortunately, this was the week that a record 142 kids, just on bikes, decided to visit camp. We got a few sessions in before the kids had to do their evaluations. After everyone was let loose on the property, we all rode as much of the facility as we could, meeting the kids and helping them with some lines. After dinner we decided to call it a day and head home, but not without some good memories from the day. I have photos from my phone, and the ones off the cameras will be up very shortly.

This is how we do it baby!
Pit stop for Monsters and candy, i was good all day!
Some people just aren't cut out for life on the road hahahah
The boss, always working hard.


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