Pics from the past...

The other day Ben Tobin sent me this pic of Jim Tharp killin' a simple wall ride set up outside the Motel 6 we stayed at in Austin during our Pita Beggo roadtrip that was featured in this year's Don Hampton film, "Here We Go Again".

Ben got me thinking about how many good pics there were from that trip and I wanted to share a few...

Quote from Jim 2 days ago...

DUDE! I love that shot! that was the best trip I have ever been on SO FUN! I've been doing good just same old same old... still slangin coffee to old rich dried up crusty house wife's. riding my bike as much as Ican, Lisa and I did a demo at this middle school a couple days ago and it was so fun, a little hectic but fun. diggin tryin to get sum stuff ready for spring, I'm gonnna redo the cliff jumps and make that place fun again, that spot is amazing to shoot, just tryin to motavate and get goin'...... ok all motavated gonig to dig, later alligator. Jimi
Steve Bafus T-whips the last set at Gavilan on day 1.

Thomas killin' Santa Fe, NM on his first ever Freeride trip... the man can ride anything.

This was my favorite jump of the entire trip... the 4th set at 9th St... So right ever time!

Jim sends a steezy 1 foot euro over the 9th st. dirt quarter/spline in the Austin heat.

is now available on itunes... pretty cool.


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