Christmas 2010...

Wow... another Christmas come and gone... goodbye. But the memories will last a lifetime. Over the course of my life my parents have contributed to my long BMX career that eventually lead me to starting Black Market and doing what I do now... 

Well, this Christmas I finally had a chance for the first time since I started this shindig to give my parents bikes. I was so stoked to see their reactions! My mom has been riding this pink and white thing to walk her dog for a couple of years that I wanted desperately to replace and destroy ( that will happen later... ) and I wasn't sure if Vince even wanted to ride a bike... he's all about horses. So, when I saw my mom stand and start to crank... I had a moment of panic... then she threw her right foot off and carved a turn around Vince laughing. Vince and my mom are both in leather soled cowboy-ish boots on plastic pedals... not very good riding shoes to say the least. Did that stop Vince from riding no handed while cruising around my block? Nope.

I have to say, seeing them riding around like the 200+ kids at Woodward this weekend was amazing and I'm glad i was finally able to do it.

Happy Holidays!!!


Blogger Christina said...

It's great to be riding a Blk Mrkt Bike :-) Thanks for the Christmas Gift of family, fun and Merriment..Love Mom and Vince

December 30, 2010 at 11:35 AM  

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