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Pics from a Woodward Winter

 Yeah... that's what I said.
Woodward Wildlife... 
The constant rain is taking it's toll on the slope-style course creating some mini-crevasses. 

Jake Kinney's Ride Get's A FaceLift

I drove up to Woodward yesterday for the start of the 2010 Winter Camp where Jake Kinney is running his first trial camp for the MTB program. If all goes well, Woodward West will have it's first vegan, straight-edge pro four-cross/ slope style/ camp director... I have confidence Jake will impress.

Anyway, Jake just repainted his Mob trail bike and it's got some sample graphics from my buddy Louie Alvarez. Louie is a graffiti artist from SD with some sick styles. Here's Jake's Mob...

Jake's ride...
I'm diggin' it... you? 

Woodward West, Black Market Style

So, as a last minute decision, Carter, Kevin Sorichetti, and myself headed up to Woodward West to meet Jake Kinney for the opening day of Winter Camp. We met up with Chad from Index Ink and headed out bright and early. After an autograph session during registration with some BMX pros, we headed down to the ramps to get ready to shred. Unfortunately, this was the week that a record 142 kids, just on bikes, decided to visit camp. We got a few sessions in before the kids had to do their evaluations. After everyone was let loose on the property, we all rode as much of the facility as we could, meeting the kids and helping them with some lines. After dinner we decided to call it a day and head home, but not without some good memories from the day. I have photos from my phone, and the ones off the cameras will be up very shortly.

This is how we do it baby!
Pit stop for Monsters and candy, i was good all day!
Some people just aren't cut out for life on the road hahahah
The boss, always working hard.

Christmas 2010...

Wow... another Christmas come and gone... goodbye. But the memories will last a lifetime. Over the course of my life my parents have contributed to my long BMX career that eventually lead me to starting Black Market and doing what I do now... 

Well, this Christmas I finally had a chance for the first time since I started this shindig to give my parents bikes. I was so stoked to see their reactions! My mom has been riding this pink and white thing to walk her dog for a couple of years that I wanted desperately to replace and destroy ( that will happen later... ) and I wasn't sure if Vince even wanted to ride a bike... he's all about horses. So, when I saw my mom stand and start to crank... I had a moment of panic... then she threw her right foot off and carved a turn around Vince laughing. Vince and my mom are both in leather soled cowboy-ish boots on plastic pedals... not very good riding shoes to say the least. Did that stop Vince from riding no handed while cruising around my block? Nope.

I have to say, seeing them riding around like the 200+ kids at Woodward this weekend was amazing and I'm glad i was finally able to do it.

Happy Holidays!!!

Adam Buried Alive... Details at 11

Well, kind of.
 As you all know, Adam calls New Jersey home. And, as you may or may not know the East Coast is currently getting pounded by snow storm after snow storm. And Adam's house and the "Back Gnar" are currently under about 25" of new snow with some drifts reaching the 7-8' mark... good times.

Check the pics Adam sent.

 The 6 AM walk to work.

 Adam's GTI is sitting behind that door waiting for a better day.

Looks like it's time for skis...

 I don't think it's gonna start...

Adam and his new toy... hopefully this turns into an 8' Ice Quarter.

Can't say I miss this at all.



Teva Mountain Games On Tv

Its not very often you turn on the TV and theres mountain bike footage on. But I happened to catch some footage from the teva mountain games of my self unexpectedly.

At the Gate

Winning a round

Climbing the stairs


Snow Day In the Netherlands with Martin Knorr

This edit is all about what riding bikes is all about: having a great time and hanging out with friends! If you want to see sick riding action than this video is not what you're searching for... I tried my best to get the good and fun atmosphere of this day into the video. It was a great day, we had a lot of fun, and that's what riding bikes is all about!!
Enjoy.... Martin

Martin's Snowride

Pics from the past...

The other day Ben Tobin sent me this pic of Jim Tharp killin' a simple wall ride set up outside the Motel 6 we stayed at in Austin during our Pita Beggo roadtrip that was featured in this year's Don Hampton film, "Here We Go Again".

Ben got me thinking about how many good pics there were from that trip and I wanted to share a few...

Quote from Jim 2 days ago...

DUDE! I love that shot! that was the best trip I have ever been on SO FUN! I've been doing good just same old same old... still slangin coffee to old rich dried up crusty house wife's. riding my bike as much as Ican, Lisa and I did a demo at this middle school a couple days ago and it was so fun, a little hectic but fun. diggin tryin to get sum stuff ready for spring, I'm gonnna redo the cliff jumps and make that place fun again, that spot is amazing to shoot, just tryin to motavate and get goin'...... ok all motavated gonig to dig, later alligator. Jimi
Steve Bafus T-whips the last set at Gavilan on day 1.

Thomas killin' Santa Fe, NM on his first ever Freeride trip... the man can ride anything.

This was my favorite jump of the entire trip... the 4th set at 9th St... So right ever time!

Jim sends a steezy 1 foot euro over the 9th st. dirt quarter/spline in the Austin heat.

is now available on itunes... pretty cool.

Yannick Granieri Dakine Edit

I had the pleasure of meeting Yannick at Crankworx Colorado this year, and he is one of the coolest, greatest riders I've met. He blew up on the scene and showed everyone how to throw down and still be totally positive. Dakine made an edit of him at his local French secret spot, and it does not disappoint! Enjoy!

DAKINE Yannick Granieri from DAKINE on Vimeo.

Tate Roskelley Drifter edit

The Edits from Dreamland Keep Rollin' In...

Kai Wendt sent me the link to this edit of Anthony Messere shredding Dreamland and learning flairs on his Riot... nice footage!!!

Anthony Messere Shorty Edit from Kai Wendt on Vimeo.

The Edits from Dreamland Keep Rollin' In...

Adam Hauck Interview from the Rise

TR exclusive: the Adam Hauck interview

The first time I met Adam was a couple years back at a contest at UAB and he was simply too good. We went on a little roadtrip with Adam and Nick@thrashbike last spring and they are really good people. Adam recently dropped an excellent webedit so I thought it would be the right time for a little interview to see what he's up to. Hit the read more link for more!

Photo above shot by Nick Brandreth

Name: Adam Thomas Hauck
D.O.B: May 1st 1988
Hometown: Good Old Bloomfield NJ
Current location: On my couch
Years riding: well I started out riding bmx. I road that for 4 years and mountain bikes for about 5 years now
Sponsors: Black Market Bikes, Diety components, Giro, Native eye wear, Index Ink.

Q: That might be a wierd question, but in a few words, who is Adam Hauck?
A: Just another weirdo like the rest of us who likes to ride bikes

Q:What got you into riding bikes at first?
A:I was just a kid who messed around on bike and there was a big BMX scene happenig around where I grew up. So there were a lot of influences Joe Tiseo , George dosantos, Ralph sinisi and on.

Q: For how long have you been riding bikes now?
A: It seems nuts but for 9 -10 years

Photo Nick Brandreth

Q:How would you describe your local riding scene?
A: Its sweet, I have ramps in my yard so people are always down to come by and ride, I drive 45 min to ride dirt and and down hill, and I can take the train into the city from a couple blocks from my town. so I have the woods and the city.

Q: Are you into any other sports aside from biking?
A: no

Q: I know you are into VWs a lot, how would you explain your passion for these german cars?
A: With Bmx and Vw in my area were hand in hand. I always loves the was Vw looked. My Dad owns an auto repair buisness. so I was raised in the garage. My dad wasnt excited on the Vw at first. But he got used to it. For my first car I found a mk3 Vr6 that the guy said it didnt run. I went over bought it got it runing in the guys drive way and drove it home. Ive had that motor in all my monsters

Q: As a native American as you are, what is your favorite food and beer?
A: I eat so much pizza its insane at time. They opened a pizza place by my house that sells entire pizza for 5 dollars. For beer Id gave to say PBR

Q: I remember a few years back when I first heard about you, you were doing tailwhip and lots of stuff that no one did back then on big wheels. How did it feel to influence the sport the way you did?
A: I didnt even know I was influenceing any one. Im pumped to hear I made an impression. But I just ride for fun everything else is a bonus

Q:What would be a perfect day for you?
A: Wake up it cold enough where you just wear a hoodie, call up the bros and ride all day. come back home hang out in the yard and ride while every one gets loose.

Q: How was the 2010 year for you so far? Travelling a lot?
A: This year has been interesting I was riding pretty well for the most part until the middle of the contest seasion I found out my hand was broken. so think have been slow since.

Q: Where would you like to travel and why?
A: Im interested in going to spain with The Rise crew , Its sounds like its going to be an awesome time

Q: What is your bike setup like at the moment?
A: I run it simple mob 22 inch tt 29 inch bars, 28-13 gear 51/2 rotor

Q: Where do you ride the most, and where is your favorite place to ride?
A: I enjoy riding all types of riding. I like the option of riding all different types of things

Q: Your recent web video was really good, and I saw somewhere that those clips were supposed to be for an eventual video part. Is there any video in the works with Black Market or Atomlab?
A: Not a Dvd but Nick and I with THRASHBIKE are always trying to film and put out web edits, its a cheap and easy was for people to see your stuff

Q: What are your plans for the next couple years?
A: To ride, Build my truck, live, be happy, see the world

Q: Do you have a job at all?
A: At the moment I work for bmw Driving cars, since my wrist is broken so I was just sitting at home. so I might as well make some extra cash

Q: Tell us something about you that would be surprising.
A: I didnt know my hand was broken for a mounth and a half and i broke it two times in that period

Q: How do you like the way internet influences the biking scene? Would you change something about it?
A: The internet is Awesome its pumping up the sport so hard. But the internet just lets every one do what they do best..... HATE.

Q: Any advice you would give to kids starting bike riding?
A: Have fun

Q: Anything you would like to add?
A: Push it to the limit

Heres Adam's latest webedit in case you didnt see it yet:

Jake Kinney.... POD on PinkBike

Jake pulls POD on Pinkbike today with Indian Air at Miracle...

Jake Kinney Doesn't Stop

Jake is constantly putting in work everywhere he goes. The local trails are no exception, especially when they have been shut down for over a year. Jake shows that snapping gate starts and ripping corners is fun, but letting a few limbs off is always more entertaining!
Photos by Joey Wendorf

Me and Mini Shred.

Back in the summer wile coaching COC "camp of champions" I had met a kid named Grant, aka Mini Shred. He was one of the smallest little ripers I have ever met and reminded me of my self when I was young, just hucking and having a great time doing it. Any ways he rides a black market and got me stoked to ride every day at camp, thanks Grant.

Gotta Love Caveman!!!

Carter & Kevin's Lost Shots

Just found these shots from our last trip to the Black Market testing grounds. I remember shooting them but totally forgot about using them, so here they are to enjoy. -Kalin

Just found these shots from our last trip to the Black Market testing grounds. I remember shooting them but totally forgot about using them, so here they are to enjoy.

2011 Black Market Catalog Available For Download...

It's almost 2011 and we're getting ready... here's the download link to our new full catalog featuring a full list of specs and weights so you'll know what's up...

We expect to see the new gear arriving around Mid-March.

On Any Monday Edit From PlusSizeBMX

Chris Olivier from sent over this edit from his visit 2 weeks ago when we went to
Woodward West... enjoy.

On any Monday - Cali Edition from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.