Emily Johnston in upcoming webseries... "Seasonaries"

A new film from the UK's Tom Grundy focuses on 5 athletes who migrate yearly to Whistler and their lives on the mountain. Here's the trailer... enjoy, looks like fun to me...

Here's the dirt...
Each summer a growing number of lads and lasses come from far and wide to Whistler to live the life of bikes and bikes and bikes. It’s the dream of riding bikes that brings them, but the reality is that there are deeper reasons that keep them here. Some people come for a visit and never leave. Some come to find something specific, but end up learning something entirely different. Some come alone, some come with friends, but everyone leaves with more.
People uproot from their lives elsewhere to be in Whistler. Some make giant life changes, others have had their lives changed by one short visit to Whistler. Some are here for just one summer, some will be here forever more, either as a permanent fixture or a seasonal migratory bird.

There are thousands of stories and tales to tell, but film-maker Tom Grundy, super shooter Mattias Fredriksson and WriterSeb Kemp grabbed just five of them to give you a brief glimpse of living the dream.

On the face of it this series is just about riding bikes in Whistler. However this series hopes to look beyond this and explore the motivations of people to radically alter their lives just to ride bikes as much as they can. We chose five people and used their particular experiences as a magnifying glass to be able to discover more about a few of the motivations for some people to make bikes their life.

The following is five short stories, five characters, five windows and five motivations.

Seasonaires is a five part series that will be aired weekly.

Seasonaires Trailer from Tom Grundy on Vimeo.

Justin Wyper: VOD on PinkBike + Biggest Frontie Off a Flat Drop Ever...

I was super pumped to wake up and find this in my inbox this morning!!! Peter Bailey and Justin Wyper Teamed up to film this new edit... I think you're gonna like it!!!

Awesome job Justin, Casey and Peter.... Thanks!

Brian Foster

Brian Foster is one of the best trail riders ever check him out in the awesome edit.

Frenchys Trail Trip - PART 1 - FOSTER from frenchys on Vimeo.

Webedit From Matt Jamieson In The Works...

I just got home from my 2nd XC ride today on the Roam proto and saw and e mail from Matt Jamieson informing me he's been filming for an upcoming webedit and sent me a screen capture of a sweet 180* air pivot that I wanted to share...

BTW... the Roam is performing exceedingly well and we're looking forward to revealing the production renderings of what the Roam will actually look like when released.

Jake and Josh Kern Team Up For POD

Jake Kinney By Joshua Kern

A few weeks ago Jake Kinney Went to the Folsom Bike Park Jump Jam where he rode well enough to win Best Style.

Joshua Kern was there shooting photos and got some really nice shots of everyone... Just so happens that his photo of Jake stretching a suicide no-hander at sunset is P.O.D. on PinkBike.com right now.

Here's a few others I found in Josh's Album of Jake from that day.


How many Elite 4X racers are tailwhipping hips???
Not many is the answer...
This moto whip helped net Jake the style cat title on this day.

Cartel... Japan part 3

More from Japan...

KNS.Lo Summer trip video from KNS.Lo on Vimeo.

Mega Train on "A Line"

Just copped this video off VitalMTB... looks like a regular day during Crank Worx.

Look for the Seb and Emily cameo at the end... Stoked!!!

Mega Train 2010 from Dom Wrapson on Vimeo.

Jake Kinney Finishes 3rd Overall At South Ridge

Jake Kinney has been putting in fast laps at Fontana all year on the rocky-ass 4X course and it's paid off with a Top 3 Finish for 2009 and a great way to start 2010.
Jake Follows Dale Holmes out of turn 2 at the Cal State Finals In Fontana, Ca.

So. Cal. Champs
1st Blake Karney 2nd Dale Holmes 3rd Jake Kinney
Pics by tonytarumoto.com

Jake helps get the show on the road... this ultimately turned into yet
another rubber band race...

Fright Night DH NIght...

Fontucky is holding a Halloween DH night race!!! It sounds awesome... I'm assuming that "Under the lights..." means under their lights and not your little AAA powered strap ons...

Get out the pedal friendly costumes and head to Fontana...


Brian Raphael Self Edit

I'm a big fan of the Nor Cal shredders like Brian and Trevor Perelson... they're always doing something original and fun to watch.

Roam Article on IH8Bikes.com

This link was just sent to me... it's a pretty good look at the Roam Proto.


Check It Out...

This is why the cycling community rocks and why I love bikes...

Awesome... I love the dude on the Log MX...

TJ Lavin Hurt at Vegas Dew Tour

Get Well Soon TJ

TJ Lavin took a hard slam during dirt prelims at the Las Vegas Dew Tour. He was knocked out, shattered his right wrist, and fractured his orbital bone in his face. He is currently in a medically induced coma. According to everyone who is at the hospital with him, things are looking positive and doctors will hopefully be able to wake him up tomorrow. This is a very scary situation, but TJ a tough dude and we're confident he'll pull through this.

Best wishes to TJ and all of his family and friends!

We'll post another update as soon as one is available.

Taken from VITALBMX.com

Midget Cory Fail

This did not turn out as planned I'm guessing... Hope you're OK Cory!!!

Hijinx—004 - Midget Corey from The Bank LA on Vimeo.

Just Because it's rad...

Letting all hang out with confidence, style and attitude.

Danny Caluag on an MTB!

Danny C on Course...
Danny takes the title.
Danny Caluag

Long time BMX'er and former ABA AA#1 Pro and #1 Pro Cruiser title holder, Danny Caluag as made the switch from BMX to the MTB race scene. Danny and his girlfriend have both moved from So. Cal. to Kentucky to race the NCAA race series and trading the use of their cycling skills for a higher education. Danny has always been one of the nicest kids at the races and in the cocky world of BMX that's saying something. So, when Danny called and asked if we could hook him and Stephanie up with frames, we said "Hell Yeah, we're all about it!"

Look for Danny C and Stephanie Barragan to be BlkMrkt mounted and killing the NCAA race circuit in 2011.

Taken from Lindsey Wilson's Athletics page.

COLUMBIA, Ky. -- The Lindsey Wilson College cycling team signed a pair of top pro BMX riders in Danny Caluag and Stephanie Barragan, head cycling coach Dave Grigsby announced on Thursday.

Both Caluag and Barragan are California natives who have enjoyed success as two of the top-rated BMX riders nationally.

In 2009, Caluag was the top ranked cruiser in the ABA, while he was also ranked No. 1 in 2008 and ranked second in the national ABA pro rankings. In 2007 Caluag was the first rider in history to be ranked No.1 in both the ABA Pro and Cruiser standings.

"I am very excited to join the Lindsey Wilson program," Caluag said. "I have had success in BMX riding and am very excited to use those skills in a new discipline like gravity. Lindsey Wilson was the perfect fit for me with their facilities and the opportunity to receive a great education."

Barragan finished third this season in the USA Cycling National Championship Elite Division, after finishing second in 2009 and third in 2008. In 2008, Barragan was ranked the National No. 1 Girl Pro by the NBL.

"It's going to be great to get an education while still being able to ride at the same time," Barragan said. "Lindsey Wilson is a perfect match for me."

Danny C's Mob is race ready.

Cartel... Germany


Happy Humpday!!! I just received a few pics from Martin Kesiewetter in Germany where they just rode the last day on the mountain in Winterberg, Germany. Kesi was able to get e few pics and sent them here for you to enjoy.

He also sent some pics from a recent rooftop jam at the shop he works for in Germany...
The Local Face... who is also a blkmrkt dealer.

Kesi whips a dub on Winterberg's SS course.
Winterberg flattie...
Kesi rails a Winterberg berm on his day off from his duties at the Local Face bike shop.
Martin with a end of summer rooftop whip... this thing will be covered in snow soon.

news from Croatia

Hi there guys,

I don't ride much lately due to a (knee) injury, but I'll be back soon - stronger than ever. Here's a little something for you just to let you know that I'm alive.


Flair in Osijek from Leo Gamboc on Vimeo.

Black Market Interbike Coverage

Chris Oliver from PlusSizeBMX.com just sent over a link to their InterBike coverage page and I've been finding some other coverage out there... Here's what I've found so far.

Happy reading...

Roam Update

The Roam is Coming...

As you know we have been working on a new All Mountain frame called the Roam.
Our first prototypes arrived on the 2nd day of Interbike direct from Taiwan and drawing lots of attention... but being that it was Interbike week there was no way to find the time to (A) Build it or (B) Shoot pics of it.

So, one of the first things I did when we got settled from IBike was start getting the parts together to build our new toy. After a few run-ins with shocks not fitting properly due to the lower shock box being bit narrow... Pablo was able to fit an O2 RCX but only with the controls reversed to avoid clipping the air valve... but at least we can ride it now.
But, like I said... "PROTOTYPE."

Our first impressions of the bike... Ecstatic!!! I can't believe how plush and deep the travel feels. Other than the proto's really being too small for either Mondo or I to climb on comfortably... (I only had time to make one size PROTO before IBike and I chose the XS (14") because I wanted to see if we could produce a 5.75" bike for smaller riders first. I'm happy to say my girlfriend can stand over and ride the Roam comfortably and she's 4'11".) we're totally stoked with them so far. I love the way the travel feels while descending and the 17" chainstays feel good even on my cuttie course.
We have a few revisions we plan to implement immediately starting with getting rid of the "whale hump" toptube shape. We'll also be going to a larger diameter top headtube bearing.

Our newest toy at the office that likes to ascend & descend... not just fly.
The Roam's Hammer Link at rest.
The Hammer Link in motion. Plush 5.7" of bump eating travel perfect for Super "D" and shralpin' your daily trails.

Finally, Mondo and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the support... We're trying to become a real bicycle company making products that have a purpose and promote cycling and having fun...

That's it...

New Dylan Stark Edit

Project NSF

Project NSF...

We have been getting a lot of responses to our new project... the NSF. Mostly great feedback and people stoked we're branching into other areas of cycling besides dirt and street. But then there's always the other side of the coin with the haters hating. Whatever.... haters gonna hate.

The trusted BlkMrkt headbadge serves as the only decoration for the first generation NSF.

I guess mainly the reason for this post is to give you an update on this project and my reasoning behind it's development. If you've listened to me terribly fumble thru the interview with Sven in Dirt Magazine's Interbike coverage you've heard some of this already.

First and foremost... I'm a bike fan. I love bikes of all types... I own bikes of all types. Road, BMX, MTB dirt, MTB street and MTB trail. Bike guy... got it...

Secondly... I'm behind anything that gets more people on bikes of any kind... what's not to like about that?

So... why the Fixie??? Because they... like your dirt jumper, street thrasher or DH rig have character and serve a purpose.
SS Road with 1 brake and hoods...

Fixies can have a very distinct stance and that's what I'm attracted to... it's the Hot Rod appeal of building a mean, purpose built bike with attitude and stance. Now, I don't have to stand up and sprint to the post office... as a matter a fact I ride more than ever due to the fact we have our own commuter without that goofy city bike look and feel.

What I've come up with is a Single Speed road bike with attitude and character that will stand up to abuse... so put away the lycra and come for a ride.
Production NSF's come with Taper Lock Drops standard.
Taper Lock drop outs eliminate the need for tensioners with this simple angled washer/dropout combo.

Details for the NSF are as follows:

Material: Sanko Japanese Chromoly, Full Heat Treated


CS/15.75" - 4oomm

Sizes and TT lengths:

47cm/22"- 559mm
50cm/22.625" - 575mm
53cm/23.25" - 590mm
55cm/23.625" - 635mm
58cm/ 24.2" - 615mm

Seat tube O.D. 29.8mm
Seat tube ID 27.2mm
73mm Euro BB
Hub spacing 120mm
Wheel size 700c x 40c
Weight: 5lbs. 10oz.

Color: Clear Coat Polished

M.S.R.P. $399.99 USD

Look forward to an early 2011 release of the NSF.

FYI... This is the kid who inspired the messenger bike.

Nasty getting Nasty

check out Nasty killing it on his own turf. That roll looks nuts and he kills it

How I'm Livin' 2010 from ISSUEZ INC on Vimeo.