Another Contraband Convert

A few months ago Lisa called informing me she was semi-retiring from Pro-MTB racing and just going to ride for fun... with that she asked if she could give the Contraband a go. She had a chance to play around on one at Woodward last year but wasn't ready to give up the big wheels yet...

Now she has a Contraband all built and has had a chance to shred it a bit and is fully in love...
Here's a few pics of Lisa ripping one of the Nor Cal backyard bowls Jim Tharp has been inspiring... Jim is always one to inspire!!!

I have a feeling this post will net Lisa at least 50 Facebook friends request...

The Contraband is a perfect ride for smaller riders who want the benefit of larger wheels and aggressive mtb geometry.

Lisa doesn't need to be asked to pick up a shovel...

Black Market Interbike Action on

The Roam is coming...

Follow this link to see pics from covering our booth at Interbike...

More Roam photos coming soon.

Badass Killswitch from the Far east

Kinji Takano out of Kumamoto Japan built this machine.

Teisuke Morimoto, our Japanese distributor just sent me this Far East Killswitch build for your enjoyment... hope you dig.

Cartel... Finland

It's been hectic around here lately with Crankworks, EuroBike and Interbike but it's all done now. I can try to get you caught up. Nick Brandreth of is also helping out in the posting duties from time to time... thanks Nick!

With the traveling I have missed some cool photos sent in by readers... here's some sent in to us from Jukka in Finland where winter is probably just about to start... Thanks Jukka!

S&M Era Mobs Sold-Out

The Mob will make it's return in 2011...

As most of you may know already, S&M was the original maker of our trademark frame... The Mob. As such, since our departure from "the Building" we have been selling thru the remainder of the S&M era of Mobs and seeking a new manufacturer for the new era Mob.

Two things have recently happened...

1. the S&M era Mob's have officially sold-out

2. Aaron Huff and the crew at Solid Bikes in Sacramento, Ca. will take on the
construction duties of the Mob for the foreseeable future and are currently building samples.
Rest assured, the Mob will remain American Made.
More details soon.

A Little Rasta...

So my Mob frame was looking a little beat up after almost a year of being abused. So I got a sick local painter Andy Fenwick to put a little paint on it. I have been into red yellow green as of late, I let her know what colors I wanted and gave her a logo and let her do her thing. I think it turned out awesome! check it.

Vishneviy makes the move to 26"...

Vishneviy spins all Euro.
Tuck no 3

Vishneviy has been riding his new 26" Mob for a few a while now and is
starting to get the hang of it I think...

Can't wait to see more...

It's that time again!!!!


Time for the last HooRah in Vegas for InterBike as it's moving back to Anaheim next year...

Come see us at booth # 2659 with Atomlab & Dirtec Direct...

We'll be debuting the new Roam 5.7" travel all-mountain frame as well as a slew of new products and colors for 2011 including the Contraband 24" rigid complete, Molly Hatchet Chromoly bar and 22.2mm Underboss stem and the "Way Low" DH bar... 787mm wide
with .75" rise and our comfortable bends.

See you in Vegas Baby....


Got the skills? Submit to the Black Market facebook and try to win!

Folsom Fam Jam

Jake Kinney just got back from a quick Nor Cal roadtrip to the Folsom Fam Jam dirt jump contest. Jake said the jumps were dialed and he must have been telling the truth...
He won the style/DJ comp and 2nd in the high jump.

Here's a few pics of Jake from the event shot by Josh Kern.

T-Whip at Dusk...

Jake throws it sideways in Folsom.

Sunday Funday

Here's a couple shots from last Sunday, with east coast BLKMRKT family members Marko and Demarzo. We've been building these little trails for a while now, nothing crazy but they provide endless amount of fun in the fall.

Table's and 3's

My rat rod

Train City

Marko is off to europe for a while and Demarzo is on the war path... Expect a dope edit from Demarzo soon!

Gregg Hansel wraps up NBL Cruiser Title on .357

Gregg Hansel pictured here on his way to a National NBL #1 title aboard his almost stock Black Market .357 at the NBL Grands in Louisville, KY.

Nice work Gregg!!!

Yo welli LOL jam

I think this is the newest olympic sport.

Highland Mountain bike park

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BroDown Showdown Jump Jam and Trek Owner Appreciation Day- Set for this Saturday September 11
Highland Mountain Bike Park’s trail crew has been working diligently in the jump park, gearing up for this weekend’s BroDown Showdown on Saturday September 11. This is the most laid back event of the year, no pressure…just jumps, music and good times.

It’s simple, sign up for the jam and come ride the jump park with everyone. Between 2pm and 5pm show off your skills and be eligible to win prizes including a Trek Ticket dirt jump frame and product from Oakley, 661, Skullcandy and more…
In addition to the jump jam- it’s also Trek Owner Appreciation Day! Trek owners bring your Trek bike, no matter how old, new, road or mountain to the Trek booth and receive a FREE ticket* to ride Highland for the day. The trek crew will be on hand with plenty of demo bikes for everyone to try as well as offering free intro clinics.

Trek pro riders Cam McCaul and Ryan Howard will be on hand, hanging out and emceeing the event.

The cost of the jump jam is $10 for season pass and day ticket holders and $15 for jump park only access (no lift access).

9am – 5pm – Trek Appreciation Day and Demo
10am, 12pm & 2pm – Find Your Ride Clinics @ the Trek Demo Truck
2pm – 5pm – Dirt Jump Jam in Jump Park
5pm – Live Music by Highly Suspect in the backyard

New Jump Line... from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

For more information on the Browdown Showdown visit or follow us at Twitter @highland_mtn.
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New Jump Line... from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

Another one bites the dust.

Paxton trails in California were recently plowed. I've seen some amazing footage come out of this place in recent years. Although I've never been privileged to riding here, it's sad to see any set of trails get flattened.


Crankworx... What Now?

Living in whistler it gets a little slow after the week crankworx things get a little slow around town, no one is there, not to mention that the mountain is so beat. so what is there to do during the dead season in whistler, but? Ride trails that are not on the mtn all day!

Justin Wyper Rides Blackcomb from Fault Line TV on Vimeo.

Quick Pics from Matt Jamieson in the UK

So thanks... this could hurt!
Matt J's ride.

Matt Jamieson just sent over a couple of pics of his new ride and a gnarly "Thread the Needle" shot... I don't know if I would try this and definitely not with the 29" bars on my bike...
Death is mere millimeters away.