Salty holds it down in Austin...

Just got an update from Jeremiah Work down in Austin, Tx. where the trail season is just ramping up as the weather cools down. Salty recently took place at the
1st annual Ride Indust Pumptrack Challenge...

Salty did us proud by winning the Fast Lap and the High Jump

Check out the pics.

Nice... Work.

Steezy Salt

H.O.L.T. Parts 1 & 2

Grab some popcorn and relax for 10 minutes...

Canada 2010...

OC to BC and back.. 2010

Canada has become an annual pilgrimage for 1000's of mountain bike riders from around the world including myself. My first few times up to Whistler were by plane and bus but I have found my truck to be the way to go...

I can load all the bikes & gear I want with no baggage fees... I get to see the country stopping along the way to ride if time allows while visiting dealers... Meet and ride with new people on new terrain and in some cases on a borrowed bike. But most importantly... I can take Zeus.

The night before I was leaving and I had all intentions of camping with Zeus for 10+ days... Until I suddenly remembered an offer Emily Johnston had extended a few months back... "we have room if you need it..."

No way!!! The biggest stroke of good luck... a place to stay that will allow Zeus not to mention the friends who were also staying there. Seb Kemp, Emily, Sven Martin and then getting to meet and ride with Ariel and Abby from the Santa Cruz Demo Tour... So, mainly this is to say thanks for the 10 days in Whistler to all of you!!!

I have been updating pics by way of this blog, facebook and now twitter so this is mainly to wrap things up and say thanks to everyone along the way by way of this little photo journal...


Zeus sporting my 2nd Dual Slalom Silver Medal...
Is 3 the charm???

I started the trip with at least one freshly broken rib... added a rolled ankle by day 2 and punched the pump track pretty hard when I washed out on my very first lap.
But I still had a great time and rode my ass off.
Some DH racing goin' down.
Early morning ride on River Runs Through with Zeus.

Stop one of my many stops on the way back south was to hang out with Guy Marsh a little and check out his spot... the Jungle Trails. This place is is sick and only getting better. Guy and his friends have learned a lot from the original NW BMX'ers and it shows...

How does 4 tight rollers to a small right hip into a steep trickable double into a large roller to a boosty left hand hip with a tall steep high speed landing to a 26' long & low into a 35' step-up with a 6' clay wall and massive downhill landing sound??? It sounds like this...

Guy Sends a huge moto whip across a large gap right as we got there... while I make moto sounds... it would seem I entertain easily .

Guy dumps a slow 3 across 35' of Washington Jungle at 8 AM

Super Guy

Thanks to Guy for letting me crash on the couch, the NW Breakfast and mostly for the pre-work trail sesh...

Stop #2 on my way home... Harvy's in Lynwood, Wa.

Hanny stands amid more stock than I've ever seen in one place... if you are looking for it... Harvy's has it... It's here somewhere buddy.

Stop #3... The Fat Tire Farm in Portland, Or.

A special thanks to all the cool folks I met in Portland and their hospitality...
Park, Pat, Patty, Nick, Kristen, Kahn the Cat and the Fat Tire Farm crew for a fun night of pumptrackin', PBR's and putting Zeus and I up for the night.

Zeus meets Kahn and has no idea what to think...

Stay Weird Portland...

Stop #4...

Bear Creek Bicycle... and the Ashland Super D

My next stop was to say the least epic... John from Bear Creek showed me around the well stocked store as well as his personal Killswitch build. This was my first time seeing a 23" frame built up and it's lonnng.

The Shop...
John says he loves the stability on the 30+ mph sections of the Super D course so I loaded my KS in trail-slay mode... X-Fusion Vengeance at 5" and 1x9 with a gravity dropper seat post into local trail rider Cliff Josey's truck and hit up the Ashland Super D course... 14 miles with some seriously fast sections some of which are almost highway smooth. Good times for sure!

The top of the Super D...
After passing this sign... suddenly all I could think about were "Tots"... What's up with that?
Mmmm, tots...
Random Bridge Pic

Lake Shasta actually has water this year...

Stop #5... Calabazas Cyclery, San Jose, Ca.

Rob and John have been long time supporters of BMX and cycling in general in their community and it shows when you walk in the shop. They run a well stocked and up to date store with a little bit of everything. Fixie's to Dirt & Street MTB and 20's as well as the know how to keep your machine in working order. But they may need to update their brands on their website... hint.

And if you didn't know... Rob is O.G. and still rips.

Stop # 6... Santa Cruz/ Aptos...

I'm basically done by this point... I turn the keys to both of my bikes to Lisa and let her get her first real time on a Killswitch. She had no trouble adjusting to it at the Polo Grounds jumps and got through the line after 3 runs. Sorry, I was entertaining Zeus at the dog park so no photos.

The next morning, I slept while Lisa took my trail bike out for a ride and was super pumped on it when she got back. She was all smiles saying "It just wants to go fast..."
My feeling exactly.

Thanks Lisa for the couch and amazing breakfast burrito...

Lisa will soon be on the Contraband as well.

Zeus meets Winston in Santa Cruz.

Back on the Road....

380 miles to go...

Home at last...

Final Score:

Days on the road

Miles driven

Miles ridden
lots but not enough...

2nd place Dual Slalom placings

Rolled ankle

Epic Rides
No less than 10...
Plus 1 epic "Ride Don't Slide" run on Pablo's borrowed Crown...
this bike is amazing and saved my life more than once.

Once again... thank you to everyone who helped out, rode with, talked with, listened to, texted, called or hooked it up in any way and made my trip generally very cool.
Can't wait to do it again.


Cool Edit...

Matt Show

Matt White (Mutant Bikes) & Matt Jamieson (BLK MRKT) riding in london

Matt White & Matt Jamieson for from Tim Wilkey on Vimeo.

Causing a Ruckus


Causing a Ruckus !!

Check out this post on

First off don't start calling me a hater and dogging me for me being negative. I feel I have a complete right to call bullshit what it is...bullshit. That being said: It sickens me to see such a crap looking product (as the one below) coming out with such a great name as GT on it. I remember a day when you simply weren't considered cool if you didn't ride a GT. Those days are long gone. This attempt at a DJ/Urban bike is a sad reflection of GT's current status. This bike is horrible. Sure its got all the fashionable bits and pieces on it. As well as too big of a fork. But apparently the designers at GT can only steal ideas from that last few seasons of BLK MRKT (and others) product. No one would ride this bike the way it comes. Companies who actually care about riding are proud of having shreddable product right out of the box. If you want to go to a (lack of) Performance "bike shop" and get one of these beasts please feel free. Buying a bike is always a good thing. However your money would be much better spent on a bike that is designed by the same people who actually ride the things. PLEASE first check out the myriad of products from rider owned companies such as: BLK MRKT, Severed Alliance, Deity, Corsair, DMR, Dobermann, Dartmoor, NS Bikes, Atomlab and all the others. Your money will be much better spent!!! How does everyone else feel about this? Please add your comments. Thanks...

Your Dam Skippy Chris :)

Oldy But Goody

An Oldy But Goody edit from Rays Odd Couple Contest this year.

2010 Rays Odd Couple 2nd Place: Adam Hauck and... - More Mountain Bike Videos

Photos from the

Since Hauck is on the DL for a bit, He snapped some photos of me the other day riding his back yard. 

Table the BlkMrkt ramp with Mama Hauck.

Stall the trailer.

The Crack Pipe. 

Crankworx Finals!!! Zink Wins!!!

Holy shit Batman.... bring your A Game next year...You're gonna need it!!! Some serious shit here...

Zink killed it and took the win... Nice job Cam!!!
Winning it!

Whipping it!
Mike Montgomery earns a ballsy 2nd place with moves like tailwhiping this drop on a hardtail with one brake...Manly!!! This should give you an idea of how big Slope Style really is... see those rocks???
The Gnar!!!

Official less exuberant results below:

Congratulations Cam Zink, Mike Montgomery and Casey Groves, the podium finishers. Great job to all the riders and to those injured a fast recovery.

1: Cam Zink
2. Mike Montgomery
3. Casey Groves

T-whipping the drop!
Casey has come a long way in a short time... nice work!

Just watch....


Justin Wyper at Crankworx

Justin sends it for his first time...
Justin Wyper and his Killswitch.

Yesterday was the open qualifier for the 2010 Crankworx Slope Style event anf the course is gnarly. Lots of big gaps and drops to contend with and full suspension is definitely a plus here.

Justin rode a conservative first run with some good tricks including a no foot can can off the Kokanee tractor trailer, a clicked un-turndown on the quarter, tuck no hander up the pink taco thing, straight air off into a big flip on the step-up... drop the monster drop... over vert ride on the death star thing... a few smaller hits then super man the last step-down kicker.

Justin's 2nd run was coming together nicely with an extended superman flip on the step-up but then he blew a pedal off the monster drop sending him sliding 50' on his back into the netting around the course. Justin got up and finished his run... shaken but not stirred. Better luck next time Justin.

Almost forgot... yesterday was also best trick and Justin was able to throw down some good runs and pick up a few bucks for his efforts. He pulled a tuck no hand frontie, a huge stylish frontie and a sick Indian air backflip.

Greg Watts won that session with a flip double whip on a full suspension bike... damn.
Check out the video...

one for the road...

Killswitch Bears Singapore's Youth Olympic Flame

Setting Singapore's East Coast Ablaze

08 Aug 2010
By Theodon Teo and Wong Yan Ting

Blazing strongly under the burning sun at East Coast Park Xtreme Skate Park today was the Youth Olympic Flame. The second day of the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame brought the torch to the South East district of the island.

Turning up the heat a notch were torch bearers Ian Krempl, 22, champion BMX and mountain bike rider, and Muhammad Firdaus, 23, Singapore’s number one skateboarder.

The two biggest names in the local extreme sports scene Ian Krempl and Muhammad Firdus bear Singapore's Youth Olympic Torch.

Guardians of the Youth Olympic torch getting the flame back into the safety lantern.

Ian’s supportive and bubbly mother, Rosalyn Chua (right), 62, beams as she witnesses her son’s glorious moment with the torch. She said, “It’s just wow! He’s my one and only son."

For brothers, Naylin Al, 10 and Dinesh Al, 12, seeing the Olympic Flame was a thrilling and unique experience for them. Naylin told WhyOhGee, “It is very exciting for me as it is my first time seeing the Olympic torch. I think it’s cool!”

Ummm... Don't even ask for a custom torch carrying bracket for your Killswitch... not gonna happen.


I love looking back at older work and watching it again. I haven't watched this since i posted it and i remembered how much i love this edit.


Thrashbike Mixtape from Nick Brandreth on Vimeo.

O.C. to B.C.

Pics from the Road.
Canada or Bust #2...

Thanks to my trusty iphone I have been able to photo document this year's Canada excursion from OC to BC... and thanks to Twitter and them Facebooks... I can update for the road with photos and silly stories like...

Trading lunch from this gourmet lunch wagon for mentioning how damn good the Korean BBQ tacos are from Kogi BBQ on the site... slick huh?

One whiff of the food on this plate was enough to drive Zeus nuts...

BUT!!! Thanks to ridiculous overage charges for using my fully connected and integrated iphone to upload pics beyond US borders... I have to wait and do it all as if I was using my regular camera... So, here's some pics from the drive and first day of 2010 Crankworx.

Zeus gets settled in...

Mt. Shasta looms.

5 hours of this BS in Washington and then.... nothing, just clears up like nothing was ever an issue.
Vancouver from a distance and...
up close.

Leaving Van via the Lions Gate Bridge.
Some Japenese hoodlums hanging out at the jumps in Whistler... apparently, the guy in the Famous shirt rides for our Japanese Distributor... TKC and is here on shredding on his 2010 Malice. Small world...

More Whistler and Canada to come.