Toff's RideStreet.Net Bike Check


Check out Toof's Bike check from the UK. For those of you who don't know who Toff is... I met him last summer at the ThrashBike Jam in NYC. Toff is a tech rider from the other side of the pond who throws bars a lot when he's not 540 a flat bank or sticking a footjam whip into some unlikely terrain. He's a blogger and a regular contributor to the UK bike mags and really likes Redbull hats...


Our team rider Toff has finished building up his brand new Black Market Malice frame, laced with a bunch of Black Market components, along with Severed Alliance cranks, DMR tyres & Atomlab rims. See below for photos of the bike & a couple of shots of him testing out the bike for barspinability.

Frame: Black Market Malice
Forks: Rock Shox Revelation (Tricked out by TFTuned)
Headset: FSA
Stem: Black Market Underboss
Bars: Black Market Badaboom
Grips: Black Market Adam Hauck
Brake: Avid Elixr CR
Seat: Gusset pivotal combo
Cranks: Severed Alliance
Sprocket: Black Market
Pedals: Odyssey PC
Rims: Atomlab Pimplite
Front hub: Halo
Rear hub: KHE Geisha
Tyres: DMR Supermoto folding
Chain: KMC

Weight: 26lbs

180 bar

Looking forward to seeing more from Toff and the RideStreets guys.

Blk Mrkt Twitter up and running...

I tried this awhile ago and never posted and lost my account and had to start a new one...

Our new Twitter is now BlkMrktBikes. You will now be able to follow our riders, get news updates and other random postings from around the globe sent to your phone or whatever device you so choose. Since you don't have enough other BS to read during your daily grind.

Hopefully we can help keep you entertained and up to date.

Mountain Shot had their annual Airprentice contest a few weeks back. Jerry Willows got a super sick shot of my other Nsmb team member and I on the mountain. check it.

Check out the full photo recap of the contest here

Crankworx Colorado Practice

So there is little to show, but a lot to tell. The course that no one thought would work last night works. Every one was getting things diald in... the double wale tale works perfect (almost to perfect) here is a quick little helmet cam of the course.

the course eneded up taking a few people out... first it was Brian Miller who went down hard after casing out of the wale. He ended up with what has been said a compressed vertebrae and a pretty banged up face. second to go down was Logan Pete. Logan went down hard over rotating a flip and got a compressed right tib fib.... both are in good hands in the Denver hospital. (Healing vibes to both) last but not least, Ben Glassen took a dirt sample after he snapped the head tube of his bike little beat up but will ride if he gets a new bike.

now we are just waiting out the weather.

Highland Mountain HTC

Highland Mountain is quickly making a name for it self here on the east coast. With an amazing slope style course, and now a full on training center with another to follow. This is defiantly going to be the Winter Training ground for Hauck and the rest of the East Coast Riders.

Phase 1 of Highland Training Center (HTC) now open to the public

(Northfield, NH) Phase 1 of the Highland Training Center (HTC), a 9,100 square foot Super Structure nestled at the base of the Nations Premier Mountain Bike Playground, Highland Mountain is now opening its doors to the public. Highland opened the doors to top pros during the Claymore Challenge just last week. Cameron McCaul, Tyler McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Aaron Chase, Adam Hauck and George Ryan test rode the park and ensured that the HTC was ready for its debut. Phase 1 of the project includes a 14 foot roll in to a 16 by 26 foam pit, wallrides, and quarter pipes.

The HTC is the doorway to the future of Highland Mountain and if you know owner Mark Hayes, you know this is just the beginning. The Highland Training Center will offer riders unlimited opportunity to take their skill to higher levels. It was built to help riders progress safely while pushing limits in a controlled environment. We are catering to all riders from the first timer to the most advanced pro, were building a park for present and future generations. Our mission is to grow the industry and the HTC is our answer for helping us meet the challenge, explains Hayes

The HTC was built to support the Highland Camps programs by allowing riders to take a natural line of progression in learning how to ride. Designed by pro freerider Dave Smutok, the ramps in the HTC mimic the features on the mountain. We have multiple ramps that click in on the foam pit that are the same dimensions as a lot of the jumps of the Claymore course, explains Smutok. We just finished the infamous Cannon Log attachment, so riders can try riding off something big into the foam pit, then take it to the slopestyle course.

The HTC will be open daily through July and August with one session per day from 2:15-5pm. The cost is $10 per person with a 20 person session maximum. To reserve your spot email the highland team at, call Highland at 603-286-7677 ext. 111 or visit the front desk in person.

Construction of Phase 2 of the super structure is underway and will open Labor Day weekend and will include a foam and resi drop as well as a euro quarter and box jumps. Continue to check for the HTC schedule once Phase 2 opens

Cam Zink.... Super seat Indian Air Flip

Cam Zink pulls off a sick super seat indian air backflip on his Mob while on the Hold On Loosely Tour...

Stay tuned for more.

Crankworx Colorado Part 1

Right now I am sitting in the back seat of jack Fogelquist's little ford ranger dring through Oregon with Brendan Howey sitting up front. We are on are way to Crankworx Colorado for another slopestyle contest. So far this drive has been way way better then past drives to Colorado. The three of us just finished up with coaching COC (Camp Of Cahmpions) in are last group of Campers there was a kid named Grant Schnell Who rode a Black Market Killswitch. Within a few days he got the nick name Mini Shred, He is only about four ft six inches and he shreds! During his time at camp he learned supermans and tuck to x up. Any ways long story short he lives in Seattle and he wanted us to stop by on are way to Colorado. We ended up meeting up with him and the rest of his family. Mini Shred (Grant) took us on some of his locale trails he rides all the time and they where a blast! Here is a liitle video of some helmet cam footy I got wile following on the trails.

After we we finished on the trails we drove Minishred back to his house where his mom and dad were nice enough to make us burgers and fries. They also hooked us up with great beer, some stories, and some beds for us to crash the night in. So a huge thanks gose out to the Schnell family.

Hold on Loosely Tour

Don't let it be you....


Black Markets Russian contingent Pasha aka Vishneviy, was featured in Smash Magazine. Follow the link to check out the photos. 

It's Official.... No more waiting!!! Killswitches Here Now!!!

Billy Kimhed 1 hour edit

Highland Wrap Up

This year's Claymore Challenge kicked ass. Simply put, it was one of the best events this summer thus far. If you didn't make it to the event or catch the live web cast, well then you missed out. The course was intense, the riding was out of control and the after party was something else. This was my third year attending the Claymore Challenge, and like a fine wine, this contest has and will continue to get better and better with age. It is amazing seeing the amount of progress this contest and the mountain has made. Big Up's to everyone at Highlands for making this event happen... 

The Results. 

1.       Brandon Semenuk – 89.25
2.       Cam McCaul – 89
3.       Logan Peat- 72
4.       Casey Groves – 71.5
5.       Darren Berrecloth – 70.75
6.       Aaron Chase – 69.25
7.       Paul Bass – 69
8.       Yannick Granieri – 68.5
9.       Adam Hauck - 68
10.   Eric Lawrenuk – 66.25
11.   Greg Watts – 66
12.   Mitch Chubey – 64.5
13.   Ryan Howard – 62.25
14.   Tyler McCaul – 59.75
15.   Paul Langlands – 59.5
16.   Andrew Taylor  - 55
17.   Geoff Gully – 52.25
18.   Kelly McGarry – 52
19.   Nick Simcik – 41.25
20.   Ben Glassen – 38.75
21.   Cam Zink – 26.5
        22.   Clint McMahon – 21.2 
Here is my take on the Event. 

Paul Bas 360 out of the 2nd Berm.

Logan Peat Tailwhip on the Go Pro Log.

Adam Hauck whip'n the Pink Bike Double. 

Aaron Chase back flip the Pink Bike Double. 

Hauck Whip'n out of the Top Berm. 

Cam McCaul Front flipping the Freebird.

T-mac using his head. 

Oh hey fire works!

On the count of three everyone go!

Cob in the line of fire.

This one time back in Nam....

Brandon Semenuk about to ruin someone. 


Photo Leftovers

Hi there,

I haven't posted any news of myself in quite a long time, so here's a little something for you guys.

The Umag Dirt Jump Jam and 4X contest is getting closer and me and some of my friends are busy with the setting up of the event. The course will feature two new ramps (quarter and step-up) and there will also be a photo exhibit of me and my riding buddy Goran Jurica (shot by a friend of mine) - all photos shot at our local dirt course, skatepark and street spots. We also organized a demo show in the city centre: we'll bring a box jump and we'll do what we do best. :D

This update is just the first one of many others and it's about the photo exhibit that is also going to be presented on the main square of our city. The photographer is from Zagreb (capital city of Croatia) - he shot about 30 great pictures in a week. Only the best ones will be selected for the exhibit. As of now, I can't post the ones that'll be featured in the exhibit, because we want to keep them exclusive. As soon as it's over, they will be online for you to enjoy them. However, you can still enjoy these leftovers. :D

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Highland Mountain.

The Claymore Challenge is underway here in New Hampshire at Highland Mountain. After a wild qualifying round, the already stacked riders list has been cut down to size. Saturday's final is shaping up to be a high flying, heavy hitting, main event chock full of some of the best riders from around the globe. 

As it stands Black Markets very own Adam Hauck is currently sitting in 4th Place. if You can't make it to Highland to watch the madness first hand, You can watch it live at,,, and Pinkbike.Com

  1. Cameron McCaul
  2. Brandon Semenuk
  3. Darren Berrecloth
  4. Adam Hauck
  5. Ryan Howard
  6. Geoff Gullevich
  7. Tyler McCaul
  8. Yannik Granieri
  9. Kelly McGarry
  10. Cam Zink
  11. Aaron Chase
  12. Paul Langlands
  13. Casey Groves
  14. Logan Peat
  15. Ben Glassen
  16. Alex Pro
  17. Mitch Chubey
  18. Eric Lawrenuk
  19. Nick Simcik
  20. Paul Basagoitia- Prequalified, no score
  21. Greg Watts- Prequalified, no score
  22. Andrew Taylor- Prequalified, no score

    Here is my take from the qualifying round. 
    R-dog tuck No hander thru the Twin Lens

    Adam Hauck Shredddding the Kill Switch

    geoff gulevich

    Cam Zink 360 on the New Drop

    No Foot Can on the Hip 

    Start Gate.

    T-mac - Bee Catcher.

    Web Master Mark D at the Campsite.

    Claymore Qualifying Results Are In!!!

    This just in...

    (Northfield, NH) – Qualifying for the Claymore Challenge went down today at Highland Mountain Bike Park in Northfield, NH and the riders definitely threw down on the Dave Smutok designed course.

    6 riders went into the event pre-qualified, as they have podiumed in the past 2 years at the Claymore. Those riders include: Brandon Semenuk, Cameron McCaul, Aaron Chase, Andrew Taylor, Greg Watts, and Paul Basagoitia. There were 16 spots to fill and a stacked field of contenders.

    The results are:

    Cameron McCaul
    Brandon Semenuk
    Darren Berrecloth
    Adam Hauck
    Ryan Howard
    Geoff Gullevich
    Tyler McCaul
    Yannik Granieri
    Kelly McGarry
    Cam Zink
    Aaron Chase
    Paul Langlands
    Casey Groves
    Logan Peat
    Ben Glassen
    Alex Pro
    Mitch Chubey
    Eric Lawrenuk
    Nick Simcik
    Paul Basagoitia- Prequalified, no score
    Greg Watts- Prequalified, no score
    Andrew Taylor- Prequalified, no score

    And from Aaron Chase...

    Aaron Chase blogging from Claymore - Part 2

    Jul 15, 2010

    The sound of the day was tires exploding. BOOM! Another tire blows as the riders looks up the hill at what just happened. The slopestyle course is running so good and getting faster and faster.

    The riders are tossing more spins and tricks and the course keeps getting better.

    This is the course riders dream about, big landings, curved dirt lips and a moto ramp that never got a break from all the riders hitting it. Yeah, that Red Bull moto ramp was on fire! It took half the day for most of us to man up and trick it, but the 30ft beast was more fun then we all thought.

    Qualies came and went with a few lumps, but everyone got to take their riding up a level. I think riders were more excited to up their game because they were comfortable with what they are riding. I know that’s how it works for me. I am in the finals qualifying 11th and have more to bring to the table. The only problem is I know that everyone else does too! Wish me luck...

    And now, enjoy these photos by Chris Vanderyajt.

    Cam McCaul

    Brandon Semenuk...

    Stay Tuned for more!!!

    Adam Hauck and Aaron Chase Preview the Claymore Course for you...

    With the 3rd Annual Claymore Challenge starting in mere days... the activity on the Claymore Course and the rest Highlands Mountain Bike Park is just heating up.

    Check out the video sneak peak of the park and contest course... it's going to be amazing. Good luck Adam as he rides his Killswitch against the best freeriders in the world.

    Can't wait to see who will earn the SWORD this year.

    Below are the live viewing times for the Claymore Challenge on

    (Northfield, NH) - Highland Mountain Bike Park is proud to bring to you the LIVE webcast of the 3rd Annual Claymore Challenge on

    Starting at 12:45 (EST) pm on Saturday July 17th tune in to to watch to madness unfold as the top professional freeriders from all over the world compete on the Dave Smutok designed course for the coveted Claymore sword. Past champions Brandon Semenuk and Cameron McCaul will take on top ranked FMBA riders Darren Berrecloth, Paul Basagoitia, Greg Watts, and more.

    The webcast will be broadcast by Emmy award winning producer Don Hampton of DH-Productions, the creator of the Chain Reaction Series of videos and most recently “Here We Go Again”.

    Stay tuned to for constant updates and contest results. For more information on the Claymore Challenge

    For all you time zone illiterates:
    BC/Washington/California 9:45am
    Alberta/MidWest USA 10:45am
    Quebec/Ontario/East US 12:45pm
    UK/Portugal 17:45
    Rest of Europe 18:45

    Cartel... New Zealand

    I just received a few photos from our shredder down in New Zealand, Brett Frew. They are starting their Winter right now believe it or not but here's a taste of the New Zealand Summer and Dirt.

    Brett spins a table 3... by Grieg Howell
    Classic table by Howell
    This 180 is after a 60KPH tow in...
    By Miles Holden
    Op'O 3 by Grieg Howell
    Bank to bank barspin gap by Miles Holden

    New Summer Tee's in Stock Now...

    More T's for Summer including our first woman's design in the web store and shops now...