Iphone pics from New Jersey

Just a random collection of pics from my phone since I didn't take my camera last week.

The Puerto Rican Schwinn Club showed up looking to hook Mondo up with honorary membership status but he was manning the office.

Spot to spot in da' Ranger...
Nick's dogs are rad but...

I should have warned you...

Adam icing and Sonia heckling.

Is there anything better than an summertime jam in the city???

Al's partner going off on the new quarter.

Any random corner of Adam's garage is a photo waiting to happen.

The Atomlab Tongue ramp I built ( before Al and his boy got to it...) that took Adam out during a tailwhip gone array. That's Adam's mom in the corner... Hi Mom!

After Al got done with it...

Justin Wyper Camp of Champions Edit...

Justin Wyper has been a busy man up in Canada with training for the Free Ride season and teaching at the Camp of Champions with Casey Groves... Here's a short edit of these 2 up and comer's throwin' down... Enjoy!

Justin throws a huge Super Seat over the Mulch Pit under a Canadian sky.

Another Sunset, another epic session at "The Compound"... the Private Dirt Jumps, Mulch Pit, 365 Sports Big Air Bag and skatepark at The Camp of Champions. Every night seems to be crazier than the night before. If this is the third day of camp, July is going to be scary! This time Justin Wyper and Casey Groves were pushing each other and going huge.

ThrashBike's... Street Coast Jam Results and Video

Thrash Bike Street Coast Jam 2010
Sponsored by Atomlab, Black Market Bikes, Dartmoor USA, and Bern Helmets

The 3rd Annual Thrash Bike Street Coast Jam was an enormous success once again, with riders in attendance from across the US and Europe. This year the jam was privileged to be partnered with the Bicycle Film Festival in celebrating their 10th anniversary. With this partnership, the jam was brought to the eyes of thousands of people from around the world. All gathered around their common love for bicycles for one day in New York City.

With the support of Atomlab, Black Market Bikes and a very generous Aaron Chase. The Thrash Bike course had the look and feel of 80's factory team on tour. A box Jump, a quarter pipe against the side of a U-haul and super technical on/off box. With the additional help of Post Bikes we had a number of grind boxes as well. Dartmoor USA generously provided prize money and hefty prize packages and Bern donated helmets for podium.

The riders took no time to attack the street course like a pack of hungry wolves. The dominance of a few quickly shined through. The jam, was a tight battle to the finish, ended with the following winners:

1st Place - Adam Hauck - Black Market Bikes
2nd Place - Billy Lewis - Diamond Back Bikes
3rd Place - David Holzer - Commencial
4th Place - Mike Demarzo - Privateer

Biggest Balls Award - David Wood

STREET COAST JAM 2010 from yoni arava on Vimeo.

Thrash bike would like to extend a very gracious Thank You to Atom Lab, Black Market Bikes, Dartmoor USA, Bern Helmets, The Bicycle Film Festival, Post Bikes, Brennan Mcarthey, Carter Holland, Christine Hauck, Aaron Chase Rocco, Billy, and All the Riders and Supporters of Thrash Bike. We look forward to jamming with all of you for years to come.

Weekend in Trzic - with Leo Gamboc and friends...

Weekend in Trzic - Report, photos, video

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! This is amazing.

Read more of our weekend in Trzic, Slovenia. It was awesome!
Report by Leo Gamboc (Blk Mrkt Bikes / Bajkmanija), translation by Yours truly.

Luka U., Goran (NS Bikes / Alanprim) and me decided it was time to visit the famous Red Shovel trails in Trzic. It was a Saturday, 8 in the morning when we left our hometown Umag heading towards the trails. We met with our friends from Rijeka (Jon and Luka S.) at the Voklo resting-place. Unfortunately, our friends had to be home by 4pm (that's why we actually left that early).

We arrived in Trzic at 11. Ther place is actually called Krize (a small town close to Trzic and Kranj). The Divjina Dirt Park is a 3 minute ride from the place where you can park your car. You really can't go wrong.

I was the first one to see the trails. Afterwards, Goran and both Luka's reached me. Jon was the last to arrive, but the first to actually ride because we "had" to do the pro walk: a walk through the trails to see what jumps we wanted to ride, what tricks to do on which jump and so forth. While we were busy with these formalities, Jon was already putting on his shin and kneepads and was stoked to shred the trails. He wanted to make the best of the time they had to ride.

...and we started riding the several lines made of an impressive number of 34 jumps!!!!! This dirt is fuken!!

Why is it so special, you may ask? Because it's really unique in this part of Europe - it was built by the locals in a period of 8 years (2002 - present day), all by hand (without any machinery). Sick!

I can't really explain you how good this actually was. I mean, not just me: anyone who rode it said it's amazing, an absoulte pleasure to ride. I don't think I'll be able to ride any other dirt jump track, without thinking how good the trails in Trzic are. This is way better than our hometown trails in Umag (but hey, we have a contest going on in Umag on the 31.07.2010. - you know you want to come - It's going to be crazy good!)

We tried to offer the locals a boit of our seaside in exchange for the trails, but they weren't interested. :P

The trails have a chill zone as well: about 15 car seats that are completely functional (heated, massaging, and so on). :D

So, basically these are a few highlights of our trip:

- The locals take some time everyday to do some fine tuning at the trails (usually, before riding)
- Luka Š.'s girlfreind works at the Radio in Rijeka (Radio Rijeka - Xtreeme Sova - Check it out), therefore Luka wanted to record a little interview with the builders of the trails.

- There was also a little crew from Austria: 7 riders from Klagenfurt and Graz. Some of them were there for the first time, while some had already ridden the trails before. We did some "trains" together on some of the most entertaining lines.
- When the Austrians left, some friends from Maribor came. ...and the riding continues! :D

- Goran made a "Visual how-to" 360 for you :)

- Me and Goran rode all the lines together - you can see them in this small video.

- During the day we also started doing some tricks. The jumps are perfect, so it was no big deal for us to try them. But there is one small "problem": the jumps make you want to do stylish stuff like motowhips and tables - they're great for relaxed riding.

- It's awesome that, even though the trails are located in the woods, you can still order a pizza and get it delivered to you there. They're organized! :)
Luka U. was filming the whole day. But he also made time to do some fine tuning with the broom and to chill in the tent a bit.

Trzic Lines from goran jurica on Vimeo.

- After we were too tired to ride, we were invited at a "rostilj" at the locals' place. We also had some beers, cokes and so on (I managed to swallow a fly). Hospitality at its best. Thanks guys!

- We slept in a tent that was placed on the landing of the second step-up. A rescue dog decided it was time to wake us at 6.30am. He kept poking the tent with his snout and barking at us. Fffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu. We had to get out of the tent. Fortunately, the chill zone was still there, so we decided to get some more sleep outside the tent.

- Nejc (local rider and one of the builders of the trails) arrived at 11 and we started the riding session.

- Day 2 was pretty much Nejc, Goran and myself riding alone. Some local MTBer joined us a few hours later. Once again, the atmosphere was great and we enjoyed every second of it.

I hope you're going to ride these trails at least once in your life, because they are really beautiful!

Last but not least, thanks again to all the locals - Nejc, Primoz, Jan, "Sektor", Jernej, Ziva, Niko - forgive me if I forgot anyone.

Thanks for reading,
Leo Gamboc (Blk Mrkt Bikes / Bajkmanija)

Yeah Durfee!!!

A few years back I met a guy who worked for the Path Bike shop here in So. Cal. Then recently he contacted me from Croatia while on a "Mission from God" (Just like the Blues Bros.) with info about a rider there we now help out... Leo Gamboc.

Well, Leo just sent me this video and e mail about Durfee and him getting loose on his first generation Mob. Durfee stomps a backflip 32 years in the making.

Enjoy the shenanigans.

Hey Carter,

you got to see this,

You know how Jon Dufree help me to get in contact with you...so now we are really good friends, love to ride with him, he is an inspiration to us all here, because he is still riding, working, he is all ready 32 year old, men that guy is awsome...so he filmed his first croatian edit at our dirt spot in Umag, so check this out :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwYIhF3tFdQ

P.S. we just made a trip to the best trails in our area, the little edit is comming, with the report, so i will let you now as soon as it will be online.


Justin Wyper Web Edit

Justin Wyper and Peter Bailey have started a series of web edits that will come out throughout the year as they are filming for Rockstar and few other projects... Here's a little background on the first one from Justin himself... enjoy!

"So basically our goal for the first episode was to go out the different some of the different types riding availaible in Whistler and not on the mountain itself. We headed out to the Alta pump track in the morning, pumped around for an hour or so untill my legs felt like jello. Once done there, we headed down to the river jumps to hang out and ride for the afternoon. After countless runs thru the jumps and too many spins and flips to count, we jumped in my car and headed down the highway towards one of the pump/jump spots out in the bush of Whistler for a little more pump track and jump action."

Justin Wyper June 11 2010 from peter bailey on Vimeo.

Craig Lange R.I.P.

“Young Colorado racer, Craig Lange, passed away from injuries sustained during a crash at the Angel Fire 4X race. He was only 17. Our condolences and thoughts go out to Craig’s family and friends.

“Sometimes the line between getting the most out of life and giving up life is narrower than we realize.”

Due to an accident on the 4x course at MSC #3 Chile Challenge @ Angel Fire, NM. Fellow racer & Mojo Wheels Rider 17yr old Craig Lange was severely injured. Injured so badly that he could not recover and died today from injuries sustained from the accident. My understanding is that he went OTB on the final Double in the last straight. Out of respect for his family and friends, The Mountain States Cup cancelled 4x racing at this event.”

Our Condolences go out to Craig's Family.

Ride On Brother...

Ride Street UK

Tim Wilkey from RideStreet.Co.UK announced today they have 2 new domains at their disposal...
RideStreet.Net and RideDirt.Net... Yup, a new dirt only related Blog... Nice...

Go Check'Em out when you get a chance... RideDirt.Net is under construction but RideStreet is up and running with all kinds of cool content.

Distilled Mag's New Site

Peter from DistilledMag.com just sent me over the link to their newly rebuilt site....
Check it out...

Vishnevy Wins the GaBa Session in Russia!!!

Vishneviy takes the win in Samara with style...

Moves like this brakeless flip bar put Visheviy on top, beating 20's as well...

Ghetto Park Sesh
Ruslan Kutlubaev A.K.A. Ham
All photo by Alex Bivoi... aka Cheese

Vishneviy flip table

Cross Coutry Travel Russian Style...

GaBaSession 2010 from Sergey Krivchikov on Vimeo.

Vishneviy's Samara Trip...

We knew about this contest in Samara city only the before the event. I called to my friends and sponsors and we decided to go. We had really big luck not be too late for the train to Samara. In the train, for sure, we had pretty nice party with a lot of adventures. Next day, when we came to Samara, we've met a lot of Moscow riders, with whom we decided to go to ghetto skatepark, whch was not far from the trainstation. After few hours of riding, we explored one of the biggest factories in Russia of the most popular beer, which was really close to the park. After that we understood that we would have some plans for the evening :) After ghetto park our company went to the place, where all the events must be. In the first day there must be a qualification runs and the next day - the finals. The park, built by the organizators of the contest (it was biggest Bank in Samara) was pretty cool, but some of the really good riders had few serious crashes and not of them got into the finals. After pretty awsome riding wedecided to go at first close to the factory and only then - somewhere to party. Next Day were the finals and the organization of the contest ws perfect! They made really good show and all the people outside were impressed. Afterparty was insane! Some of us even lost our memory in the morning

: )

Teva Mountain Games Speed Trials Results

Adam just texted the results from today's Speed Trial event at Teva...


1st Paul Basagoitia
2nd Peter Hanak
3rdAaron Chase

Adam just missed the podium, taking 4th.

Slopestyle tomorrow!!!

Teva Mountain Games This Weekend...

The Teva Mt. Games are back and Adam is there to attempt to regain his titles he won in 08 in both the Sobe Freeride and Slopestyle events.

Good luck Adam and Zink who is also out there rocking his blue Mob. Good luck to everyone and have a good time!!!

Malice's Here Now...

It's been a while since we discontinued the Riot to the dismay of many... but the new and improved version has taken it's place.

Allow me to properly introduce you to the Malice frame.

Malice Frame Features:
Handmade from Sanko heat treated, double butted chromoly
Integrated HS and seat collar
Laser cut bridges
Embossed head-tube gusset
135mm rear spacing
CS 15.5" /393.7mm
27.2mm seat tube
5.7 lbs (21.5")
21.5" or 22"
BB 12.25"
HA 69
SA 71

The Malice comes in either 21.5" or 22" toptube lengths.
Black or Bone

Yeah, you see lots of rear ends that look like ours these days... when something works.
New for 2010 is the integrated seat collar with replaceable nut and lower seat tube.

ThrashBike's... Street Coast Jam Reminder...

Check it yo!

River Rock