New 2010 Products in the warehouse now...

Finally some the 2010 Black Market products have cleared the customs house and found their way to the Dirtec Direct warehouse in Valencia.

Who is Dirtec Direct??? Good question. Dirtec Direct is a new US distribution company started by Atomlab's Mike Flaherty designed to focus on smaller, rider owned brands that may not receive the representation the need and deserve.

Why Dirtec Direct??? A lot of the larger distributors and shops are locked into the large corporate brands who place demands on their shops to carry certain products with huge minimum quantities severely limiting the number and variety of products.

For me the one of the most exciting things in our new line is the Tech 9 fork... it's been a long time coming but worth the wait.
Finally in stock and ready to ship... the all new Tech 9 rigid fork features:

Tapered & butted legs
Internally fluted & CNC'D steer tube
Full heat treated chromoly construction
Available in either 395mm or 415mm axle to crown
CNC'D compression bolt with threaded steerer included
Limited lifetime warranty
Weight 2 lbs. 9 oz.

Black or clear coated raw

$119.99 USD

Tech 9
Tech 9 compression bolts...
Now if fork companies would start threading their steerers with a simple Universal fine thread... we could all get rid of star-nuts for good.
New colors for 2010 on the way too... Underboss, Revolver Lites, Grips and more
UB 31.8mm

Cartridge headsets in both 42mm & 44mm and multiple colors coming soon.

More new colors coming your way...

Killswitch print seats

Pile O C4 pedals in pretty colors...
$15.99 USD

End plugs and Adam Hauck grips in new colors...

The Collar seat clamp in 30mm or 34.9mm

Vertical option for the Killswitch...

More to come...


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